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Best Way to Improve Eyesight Naturally without Glasses


This power point presentation describes about the best way to improve eyesight naturally without glasses. These ways are safe and natural. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Way to Improve Eyesight Naturally without Glasses

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Improve Eyesight Naturally
Is that possible to improve eyesight naturally?
What it takes to enhance it and how much time
will it take to get healthy vision without
wearing the glasses?
Improve Eyesight Naturally
Yes, it is absolutely possible to improve the
eyesight naturally and that too without wearing
the glasses.
Improve Eyesight Naturally
In order to achieve this, one needs to be strict
in following the lifestyle schedules that we are
going to discuss in this session. In brief, these
cover certain methods including the habit of
nutritious foods and a routine of mild to
moderate exercise to improve the blood flow.
Natural Ways to Improve Eyesight
Now we are going to reveal the top 10 natural
ways to improve eyesight naturally without
glasses. These steps will greatly help you in
getting rid of the problem without facing any
harmful impacts ever.
Walk Barefoot on Grass
Walking daily in the morning without footwear can
improve ones eyes drastically. This is because
there are certain points of acupressure at the
base of foot which stimulate the eyes.
Eye Exercise
Take 2 pens or 2 pencils, whichever is available
to you. You may also take 1 pen and 1 pencil any
combination, no hard and fast rule. Hold both of
them with each of your hands with their tips
facing each other.
Eye Exercise
Slowly move both of them with the intention of
touching their tips. Once their tips are touched,
move them away steadily. Repeat the process 10
times every day. This is the eye exercise that
also helps in improving the headaches.
Eye Wash
Once you wake up, go to the washbasin, take some
water into your mouth and let it be held for a
while. Now splash your eyes with the tap water.
Make sure your eyes are widely opened. Do this
for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Also make sure the
water you use is clean else use mineral water
instead of tap water.
Avoid Junk Foods
Foods like pizza, cheese or burger offer no help
in supplying nutrition to anyones body. They are
just meant to degrade you in some way. Poor eye
vision is one of such thing.
Exercising enhances blood flow and its nutrient
supplying abilities to all body parts, hence
contributing in the better eye health of an
individual as eyes too need proper blood
circulation to work optimally.
Avoid Cigarettes, Drugs, Alcohol and Coffee
Following such kinds of habits in excess enhance
the growth of free radicals that damage every
cell and tissue of the human body. This has a
negative impact on the eyes as well.
Sometimes problems like extreme stress or anxiety
may hinder the proper vision. So to overcome
this, meditation would be the best to relax the
mind. Psychologically it is a proven fact that
breathing techniques calm down the mind.
Breaks between Works
If you have computer related work then it is
advised to divert your eyes somewhere else for 5
minutes at least after every 45 to 60 minutes. It
is not a good sign to stare the screen
consistently for the whole day.
Eye Foods
Feed on foods like broccoli, kale, spinach, eggs,
oranges, grapefruits, Indian gooseberries, nuts,
bell peppers, avocado, carrots and fish like
salmon and tuna for optimum eye health. The
vegetables and fruits can be consumed on daily
basis without any worry.
It is recommended to take at least 7 to 8 hours
of sleep in a day. Lack of this affects
everything from psychological issues to tiredness
to poor eyesight.
17, the worlds finest health
website, strongly recommends the use of ayurvedic
herbs to improve or maintain the eyesight. Herbal
remedies are not only safe and effective but
these types of treatments also help in keeping
your body in harmony as well.
I-Lite Capsules
I-Lite capsules are one of such remedy that
improves eyesight naturally without wearing any
glasses. Its regular intake would surely help you
in getting the desired results with no side
effects if they are used strictly as per
Key Features of I-Lite Capsules
Improves eyesight Prevents eyes from
deteriorating Increases blood flow Stops cell
aging by supplying antioxidants Tones eye muscles
Key Features of I-Lite Capsules
Improves immunity system Supplements necessary
nutrients Prevents free radical
damage Maintains tear film Improves focus and
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