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School and Tuition Management System


The School and Tuition Management Software offered by SBS Consulting Group is developed using cutting edge technology. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: School and Tuition Management System

  • An automation tool by SBS Consulting

The Best School and Tuition Management system
- An automation tool by SBS Consulting
School and Tuition Management System Software is
a web-based tool that brings efficiency to the
following tasks,
  • Students Management
  • Parents Management
  • Teachers Management

The School and Tuition Management System Software
is an advanced management tool that lets
educational institutes manage their multiple
branches effectively.
  • It uses powerful search engines to take care of
    the complicated tasks like classes and exams
  • It helps the schools in maximizing their cash
    flow by providing reminder service.
  • The tool provides the parents with an integrated
    and secure Payment Gateway.

Student Management
  • The tool provides user-friendly interfaces to
    capture student details.
  • The tool uses a centralized database to store
    students details like address, sibling names,
    grades, parent information, and other contact
  • The data, once captured, is available to the
    authorized school staff.
  • There is no duplication of efforts, which also
    helps in avoiding data redundancy.

Teacher Management
  • The tool provides for the capturing of teachers
    details like professional qualifications,
    educational qualifications, achievement, past
    experience, and their present job title.
  • It also captures details like address and contact
  • The parents can access this information.
  • The teachers can login on the system to check
    their own schedule.

Parent Management
  • Parents are provided with their username and
  • They can access the system to check on the
    progress of their child, grades, homework,
    health, and ask study related question to the
  • They can also browse for the activities like
    sports, summer camps, science fairs, and the
    extracurricular activities conducted by the
  • There is no need for the parents to visit the
    school. They can use the chat and emails to
    interact with the teachers about their childs

School Administrator
  • The School and Tuition Management System Software
    allows the school administrators to have complete
    control over the data access policy.
  • They define the data access levels.
  • They, based on the need-to-know basis, allow the
    schools staff access to data.
  • The software enables them remote supervision of
    the schools day-to-day activities.
  • The software provides them with various reports
    regarding functioning of the different
  • The software presents data in the form of
    graphics-based Dashboard reports.
  • Dashboard reports fit on a screen and depict live
    data that leads to effective decisions.

Attendance and Payroll Data
  • The software uses biometric finger scanners to
    record the students and the staffs attendance.
  • The staffs attendance data is very useful to the
    schools account department at the time of
    payroll processing.
  • The students attendance data is useful to the

Reminders and Alerts
  • The school management software uses Emails and
    SMSs to communicate with the parents.
  • It also sends alerts to inform the parents about
    the due payments. It is an invaluable help to the
    schools in improving their Returns-on-Investment
  • It goes a long way in ensuring the profitability
    of the school.

Fees Management
  • The software assists the school administrators in
    fixing the ideal mix of the non-peak and peak
    pricing policies for the courses on offer
  • It uses the search engines to analyze the data
    and to judge the demands for the courses and the
    appropriate pricing policy.
  • The software capably handles the Flat pricing,
    Group pricing, and the Graded pricing for the
    courses on offer.

Course Management and Class Administration
The school management software offers dependable
scheduling capacity to take care of the
streamline the offering of Single classes, Group
classes, Course-based classes, the teacher or the
tutor-based classes, etc.
Library Management
  • The software allows the school librarians to
    issue books, magazines, newspapers, reference
    materials to the students and teachers in a
    professional manner.
  • It allows the librarian to maintain a database of
  • The software keeps the track of the
    books-on-the-loan and sets the records straight
    when they are returned.

Payment Gateway
  • A secure, integrated online payment gateway
    provided by the software enables the parents to
    pay their dues.
  • They can use it wherever they are and at the time
    that is convenient for them.
  • They can use their debit or credit cards or the
    net banking.

Students Access
  • The students can use their login ID to access a
    central place like a bulletin board.
  • They can download the assignments, tutorials, or
    tests posted by their teachers.
  • They can post their homework to their teachers
    using this place.
  • They can also access this place to know their
    grades, suggestions, and remarks.
  • They can also get to know any changes in their
    schedule, holidays, etc., by visiting this place.

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