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10 Money Saving Tips


Saving money is important especially when you have to plan for your retirement or your children college. This pdf file will explain 10 Money Saving Tips you should be using in order to make saving not only less painful but also worth while. Saving money should be painful but should be something enjoyable. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 10 Money Saving Tips

  • 10 Money Saving Tips
  • By
  • Coach Alexander
  • TopTier4You.Com

  • Over the years, people have become more aware of
    the need to Save money. Money as we know it is
    today is pretty much very important and that is
    why we spend time and energy making ends meet in
    order to acquire that extra buck. For most people
    it is very difficult to earn money but yet, it is
    very easy to spend all of it or even lose it.
    Poor judgment coupled with error in thinking can
    lead to losses amounting to millions of dollars.
    We are not just saying this but we have facts to
    prove it.
  • According to Business Insider it mentions 14 rich
    people who lost all their money within a short
    time (www.businessinsider.com.au/rich-people-who-l
    ost-their-money-2015-1). Hard to believe but its
    totally, totally true and it even gets more
    interesting, most of them we even know them. All
    of them famous and people well known across the
    world. But if there is anything I have come to
    learn in life, Money can disappear anytime if we
    do not use it the right way. But before we get
    into understanding the 10 ways you can save your
    Money, what is saving and why is it even
    important anyway?

What is Saving?
  • Most people would like to believe they have an
    accurate definition of the word savings. I
    actually thought so too until I did a bit of
    Googling on the Internet and found a spun of
    surprises. Most people when asked if they are
    saving, for those who actually say yes they are
    going to tell you that they are saving for a Car,
    a Vacation or anything in the short term. While
    its true that it may sound like Savings, that is
    actually what is called planned spending. Why do
    we say so? Well according to MoneySense.com
    saving only qualifies if you are storing up money
    in the long term to have money for another
    chapter in your life. See the link here
  • So it actually does make perfect sense doesnt
    it? You are actually putting money aside in order
    to take care of your needs in another phase of
    your life. In a sense, if you are going to retire
    in 25 years, what do you do knowing fully well
    that during your retirement years you wont be
    productive anymore? You put money aside to take
    care of your needs after you leave the workforce.
    Easy? Well to be fair especially to all those
    about to retire and havent even started saving
    yet, it is actually far from easy.

  • To start with, nobody really wants to save. I
    mean think of it this way, why would anybody want
    to save at all when they know they can spend
    their hard earned money today. A lot of us want
    to enjoy life today and thats what makes it
    really fun when you can actually spend your money
    while you are still young and healthy. Why would
    anybody look forward to growing old right? But
    reality stinks doesnt it?
  • We all have to embrace the fact that one day we
    are going to grow old and we certainly will need
    to fall back to our bank account for money. Sad
    Eh but true. In a nutshell, we all need to save
    money at some point in our lives. Whatever
    reasons a person saves, saving continues to be a
    challenge because there isnt any money to save
    in the first place sometimes. With the constant
    rise in the cost of living and low salaries, it
    does present a challenge. Even people who have a
    good salary, they still need to maintain their
    high lifestyle. Well, here are 10 tips you can do
    to make sure you have something to save.

10 Tips to Saving Money
1. Start Small
  • Saving money is more like learning to ride a
    bike. No matter how many times you fall down,
    there comes a time when you crack the code of
    getting it right. The same goes with saving money
    out of the Salary you have. You do not need to
    start big but you can always commence saving by
    saving a few dollars every month in your bank
    account. If you dont prefer a bank account, try
    a piggy bank or something similar. You can start
    with 50 then after some time you can bounce
    over to 100 until it becomes a good routine.
  • When you do this, firstly you are giving yourself
    time to adjust to a routine that will probably
    become easy to do as time goes on. Secondly,
    starting small also lifts the burden off you
    making you actually enjoy this routine until such
    time you really get to Love it to the point of
    even saving more money.

2. Cut Spending
  • Sometimes putting aside money means you have to
    sacrifice something else. There is one thing you
    have to understand when it comes to saving, if
    you are going to save money, that part would have
    to come from somewhere and in most cases your own
    income. Therefore, if one end of your income base
    is going to suffer, then that would be a gain to
    your saving. But look at the bright side, at
    least you know you are doing the right thing.
    Imagine you are saving for your childs college
    education, wouldnt it be a good thing to know
    that your savings will certainly benefit your
    children? Thats a question you have to think

3. Exercise Self Discipline
  • You can hide your money under the pillow, or put
    it in a safe or even put it in a bank account but
    if you are not self disciplined, that money could
    disappear. As people who plan to save, when money
    is put wherever, you need to fine-tune your mind
    to refrain from ever even putting your hands near
    it. It all starts from there. Self-discipline is
    also required when you are actually putting
    certain amounts of money aside as savings. If
    your goal is to save 50/ month let it be just

4. Leave your Credit Card Home
  • You know how easy it is to buy something you want
    using your credit card? Yep! It is so easy. Here
    is something you must always remember, once you
    get into debt chances are, you are going to fall
    onto your savings in order to rectify that
    problem. So whats the advice here, if you are
    going shopping just carry the cash you really
    need and leave the credit card at home. Easier
    said than done but still needs to happen.

5. Strictly Follow Your Budget
  • We all have a monthly budget right? If you dont
    you probably need one if you are going to make
    the saving a success. A budget will always act as
    a guide when spending that hard earned money.
    This is the kind of guide, which must be
    followed, and if you notice you have over spent
    during one month, you have to offset that deficit
    in the next month. But whatever you do, never
    fall back on your savings, that is purely a
    mistake, which some people make.
  • If you are married, it does help to discuss your
    budget with your spouse so that both of you can
    collectively have a say on how expenses should be

6. Caution when Borrowing
  • While borrowing is not such a bad idea, when it
    comes to the world of savings you have to
    exercise caution. Remember that, whatever you
    save is a sacrifice from part of your income. Now
    imagine when you take a loan that becomes an
    added sacrifice. It is true that we borrow for a
    variety of reasons, but you have to make sure you
    are borrowing for the right reasons. It is
    usually advisable to borrow money when you really
    need to compared to putting yourself in a
    unredeemable situation whereby you only have your
    savings to fall to in order to offset the loan.

7.Grow your Savings
  • Investing money is certainly a good option to
    grow your savings. Saving money in a bank will
    attract some interest that sees your money
    multiply, but there may be better options to. But
    the tricky part of investing money into something
    while hoping to receive something in return is
    this, you can never be certain if you will
    receive a return on your investment. Therefore it
    always pays to exercise caution when planning an
    investment. I personally wouldnt recommend using
    your own savings for an investment hoping that
    you will recover what you lost, but find money
    from other sources in order multiply it further.
  • But there are also online options too. I
    personally like the idea of earning money online
    for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you can do it
    at home and secondly, you dont need a lot of
    investment attached especially if you are a
    newbie. I would like you to watch this Free Video
    and once you are done you can also download my
    Free Ebook How to Earn money Online for the
    first time by filling in the form below.
  • http//www.toptier4you.com/10-money-saving-tips/

8. Always Check your Savings
  • Constantly make regular checks on the amount of
    savings you have. This really helps in a lot of
    ways firstly it renews your determination to see
    your money grow. Secondly, you will ensure that
    your cash is actually there and nobody has
    actually touched it at any point of time.

9. Learn from Others
  • Circumstances and situations differ from place to
    place. Therefore, if you have a friend, relative
    or anybody who is close to you and shares the
    same challenges as you,..you can learn from them
    on how they save money. Learning from others, may
    help you see things in a whole different light.
    If you never thought saving was possible, after
    learning from somebody else that will actually
    give you the motivation you need to save.

10. Enjoy What you Do
  • There is absolutely no point in getting into
    something if you cant learns to enjoy it. Of
    course, you might argue that you have to. Well,
    you may have a point but here is an example.
    Imagine you were promoted at work as supervisor
    for a section in your company. The job is really
    frustrating and people know you hate it because
    it shows in your face. How do you think
    subordinate employees will perform knowing that
    their supervisors performance is also low? Dont
    expect them to do any better. But heres the
    point, would it make sense for the company to
    keep you as supervisor? Therefore what was the
    point of accepting that responsibility if you
    knew you wouldnt enjoy it? Similarly, why save
    if you wont enjoy it? You are likely to stop

Thank You!A presentation by www.toptier4you.com
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