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Antibiotics kills Bacterial Infections


Antibiotics kills Bacterial Infections. Antibiotics are the preferred medicine to treat bacteria. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Antibiotics kills Bacterial Infections

Antibiotics kills Bacterial Infections
What are antibiotics?
  • Antibiotics agents are solid prescriptions used
    to treat contaminations, including
    life-debilitating infectious illnesses. However,
    antibiotics agents can bring about more damage
    than great when they aren't utilized the right
    way. You can secure yourself and your family by
    knowing when you ought to utilize antibiotics and
    when you ought not.

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Do antibiotics work against all infections?
  • No. Antibiotics agents just conflict with
    contaminations brought on by microorganisms,
    growths and certain parasites. They don't
    conflict with any contaminations brought on by
    infections. Infections reason colds, this
    season's flu virus and most hacks and sore

What is "antibiotic resistance?"
  • "Antibiotics resistance" and "bacterial
    resistance" are two methods for depicting the
    same thing. More often than not, antibiotics
    eliminate microscopic organisms or prevent them
    from developing. Be that as it may, some
    microorganisms have get to be impervious to a few
    sorts of antibiotics agents. This implies that
    the anti-toxins no more conflict with them.
    Microscopic organisms get to be safe all the more
    immediately when antibiotics are utilized over
    and over again or are not utilized accurately,
    (for example, not taking a full course of
    antibiotics as recommended by your specialist).
  • Microscopic organisms that are impervious to one
    antibiotics can at times be treated with
    different anti-infection agents. These different
    drugs may must be given intravenously (through a
    vein) in a healing center. A couple of sorts of
    microscopic organisms are impervious to all
    antibiotics and are presently untreatable.

How do I know when I need antibiotics?
  • The answer depends on what is causing your
    infection. The following are some basic
  • Colds and flu- Viruses cause these illnesses.
    They can't be cured with antibiotics.
  • Cough or bronchitis- Viruses almost always cause
    these. However, if you have a problem with your
    lungs or an illness that lasts a long time,
    bacteria may actually be the cause. Your doctor
    may decide to try using an antibiotic.
  • Sore throat- Most sore throats are caused by
    viruses and don't need antibiotics.
    However, strep throat is caused by bacteria. Your
    doctor can determine if you have strep throat and
    can prescribe an antibiotic.
  • Ear infections- There are several types of ear
    infections. Antibiotics are used for some (but
    not all) ear infections.
  • Sinus infections- Antibiotics are often used to
    treat sinus infections. However, a runny nose and
    yellow or green mucus do not necessarily mean you
    need an antibiotic.
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