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(MTP KIT) Save solution for Surprise Pregnancy


MTP kit is used by women safely to jilt from surprise pregnancy. MTP kit contains 5 tablet,one tablet of Mifepristone(200mg) and 4 tablet of Misoprostol(200mcg). – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: (MTP KIT) Save solution for Surprise Pregnancy

MTP KIT Save solution for Surprise Pregnancy
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(Mifepristone and Misoprostol) online, Order
Mifepristone Misoprostol (MTP) kit online
Looking for safe method of abortion?
  • Earlier the women was choosing the surgical
    method for the termination of the pregnancy but
    nowadays the termination of the pregnancy is done
    with the by using cheap MTP KIT.
  • How to get the MTP KIT?
  • The MTP Kit is easily available on the chemist
    shop and also on online sites from where you can
    order for it. Buying the MTP Kit from the website
    is an easy process. Simply search for the MTP kit
    online. You will get the various sites make the
    order for affordable MTP kit.
  • MTP Kit is meant to help the women to lessen
    their tension from their life and make them
    comfort from the various scared things of the
    surgical method like the use of surgical
    instruments, anaesthetics, and pain. The use of
    medical abortion involves the proper and timely
    consumption of the pills.

How to take the pills of the MTP Kit?
  • You can buy MTP kit online from USmedicinecare.com
     if you are looking to have safe and successful

MTP Kit A complete kit to terminate pregnancy
  • The pregnancy which is decided to abort that may
    be undesirable or unintended as it may be due to
    braking of the contraceptive method, not prepared
    for this responsibility or due to rape. Even it
    is also possible that the foetus has been
    diagnosed with some abnormalities and serious
    disorder and it is quite possible that mother has
    danger to her life due to foetus.
  • This kit is provided with five pills inside its
    pack. These five pills are the combination of two
    types of medicines, one is mifepristone and the
    other is misoprostol. MTP Kit is a superb
    combination of the drugs that works concurrently
    to bring the effects. There is a one pill of
    mifepristone with the strength of 200 mg and four
    pills of misoprostol with the strength of 200 mcg
    of each pills.
  • The use of MTP Kit is intended to be use only in
    the women with pregnancy duration up to 63 days
    or 9 weeks.
  • How to begin the dosing of the MTP kit?
  • The beginning of the dose is started only after
    the confirmation of the pregnancy. The dosing is
    initiated with mifepristone. This pill is to be
    taken with water on the very first day of the
    medication. After 48 to 72 hours the pills of the
    misoprostol is consumed. The route of
    administration of the misoprostol pill is either
    via the mouth or via the vaginal route.

What is successful abortion? How would you come
to know about it?
  • A successful abortion means the pregnancy will
    stop to continue and there are no remains of
    foetus in the body. Also after the abortion
    process there should not be any need of the
    medical attention. Research shows that 99 of
    woman have successful abortion with the use of
    MTP Kit. Justify your successful abortion with
    medical tests like ultrasound scan.
  • How to take care while using MTP kit?
  • Take full rest.
  • The use of the pill should be done with light
    food or on empty stomach.
  • Sexual act is to be avoided for few days.
  • Avoid using tampons for few days.
  • Lifting heavy objects should be avoided.
  • The use of MTP Kit is made only after the
    pregnancy confirmation.

Buy MTP KIT (Mifepristone and Misoprostol)
Abortion Pills to make the proper utilization of
the pills to conclude the pregnancy that you do
not want to continue without permitting others to
Why to pick MTP Kit Mifepristone and Misoprostol?
  • Medical abortion is carried out with the help of
    pills. These pills are available in kit and known
    as MTP KIT or ABORTION PILLS. This kit or
    abortion kit involves the use of five pills which
    are compromised within the kit. Among the five
    pills there is one pill of mifepristone and the
    other four pills are of misoprostol.
  • The mechanism of abortion through the help of kit
    is entirely different from the complicated
    surgical method. The abortion process with the
    help of pills is carried out in a same manner as
    in miscarriage. Women feel like natural
    miscarriage. These pills has high rate of
    successful outcome. MTP kits have to use in the
    early stages to as it the most persuasive and
    protected method to end unexpected pregnancies
  • Procedure how to take the pills of MTP KIT?
  • Before taking the abortion pills it is necessary
    to get confirm of the pregnancy otherwise in
    absence of pregnancy it can cause the harmful
    effects on the health of women. The confirmation
    of the pregnancy can be done through the use of
    pregnancy test kit or via some medical tests like
    ultrasound scan.

Why it is better to use MTP kit for abortion?
  • Safe and easy method.
  • Success rate is 98.
  • Can be employed for pregnancy up to 9 weeks.
  • Non-surgical method without the use of
    anaesthesia and surgical equipment
  • The abortion process takes place in natural way.
  • It can be done at home
  • Keep your abortion confidential.
  • Keep in mind
  • In case you get fever while using the abortion
    pill then have anti-pyretic medicines.
  • In case you suffer unbearable pain then use the
    pain killer like NSAIDs.

To get free of unexpected pregnancy safely buy
MTP Kit  Mifepristone and  Misoprostol online.
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