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Sharepoint 2013 App


Apps for SharePoint are easy-to-use, lightweight web applications.An app for SharePoint is a stand-alone, self-contained piece of functionality that extends the features and capabilities of a SharePoint site.App model is mainly designed for cloud hosting. It will not use server side code. It will use only client script like java script or jQuery, and will work on top of share point framework. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sharepoint 2013 App

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SharePoint 2013 App
What is App?
  • Apps for SharePoint are easy-to-use, lightweight
    web applications.
  • An app for SharePoint is a stand-alone,
    self-contained piece of functionality that
    extends the features and capabilities of a
    SharePoint site.
  • App model is mainly designed for cloud hosting.
    It will not use server side code. It will use
    only client script like java script or jQuery,
    and will work on top of share point framework.

Why App Model?
App Isolation
Why to build App?
  • Familiar Programming Model
  • Flexible Life Cycle
  • Access SharePoint data and services
  • Flexible Architecture

Map SharePoint Component to App
  • Web part
  • Event and feature receiver
  • Api
  • Solution and package deployment
  • External content type
  • Application page/Site Page

What we can do with App?
  • Custom list, content type, list template ,
  • Deploy new fields based on existing field types
  • We can have custom application pages to work
  • Can consume custom web services.
  • Custom web part(App part),Silverlight web part
  • http//

What we cant do with App?
  • Custom Site Definitions
  • Delegate Controls
  • Custom Themes, Branding
  • Custom Action groups and Custom Hidings
  • Custom User Controls
  • Timer Jobs
  • Custom field type

Type of App
  • Two Types of app
  • SharePoint Hosted App
  • Cloud Hosted App
  • Mobile App
  • Office App
  • Task pane app, content app, mail app

Task pane App
Content Apps
Design your App
  • Choose right hosting model for app
  • Choose right data access technology for app
  • Choose UX design for app
  • Design with update in mind
  • Develop app
  • Publish app

SharePoint Hosted Apps
Sharepoint Hosted App
  • Hosted on sharepoint farm(on-premises or office
  • Installed on a SharePoint 2013 website, called
    the host web, and that have their resources
    hosted on an isolated sub site of a host web,
    called the app web.
  • Any SharePoint-Hosted App will try to create a
    Subweb which will be executed in a separate
    AppDomain apart from SharePoint Farm(DNS
  • SharePoint Server-Side Code in Apps is not
    allowed. SharepointHosed - JavaScript (with the
    SharePoint 2013 JSOM library) HTML

  • Work with and provision new SharePoint entities
    exclusively. Ex-An app that includes a people
    picker control and that stores information about
    SharePoint users in a SharePoint list.
  • Full page experience and App-part
  • App scope
  • Site scope - App is installed and launched within
    the same scope of
    the SharePoint site.
  • Tenancy scope - App catalog, Users from
    different sites can choose to connect and consume
    this App.
  • Hosting option App catalog and Office store
  • App catalog

  • Office store seller dashboard account ,upload
    app(.app file , personal info ,company info ,
    privacy statement , other issues , free or paid)
  • App with SharePoint list and with app list.

Cloud Hosted Apps
  • 1.Provider Hosted App
  • 2.Auto Hosted app

Cloud Hosted App
  • Cloud-hosted apps are apps that are hosted
    remotely from SharePoint and can contains some
    sort of server-side logic.
  • Hosted outside SharePoint farm.
  • These apps can be hosted on any platform like
    Microsoft Azure, Internet Information Services
    (IIS), or even a PHP server running on Linux.
  • This approach offers the flexibility to choose
    hosting and technology options. The use of
    cloud-hosted apps may require management of
    hosting, app permissions, and multitenancy.

Provider Hosted App
  • It can be used in both on-premises or cloud
  • Provider-hosted apps are deployed and hosted
    outside SharePoint farm.
  • Host the app on Microsoft Azure or any remote web
    platform, including non-Microsoft platforms.
  • Run on the cloud SharePoint online or on the
    own server on-premises depends on where you
    hosted them.
  • Gain authorization to SharePoint data either by
    OAuth or JavaScript cross-domain library.

Publish Provider Hosted app on Windows Azure
  • Client Id and Client Secret is required for
    publish app
  • To generate client Id and secret, we can generate
    this using specific site url /_layouts/15/appregne

Auto Hosted App
  • Auto hosted apps are currently available only on
    Office 365.
  • Deployed fully to cloud.
  • You do not need to provide a packaging,
    installation, and configuration system.
    Configuring is done automatically.
  • Office store not support to host this type of app.

Comparison of hosting options for apps for
SharePoint-hosted Cloud (provider-hosted or autohosted)
App scope SharePoint site Site or tenancy
Architecture Website Multitenant app
Developer skill set SharePoint HTML or JavaScript Full stack
User interface technologies SharePoint HTML or JavaScript Any web stack
Server code None Any (none on SharePoint)
Storage Lists and document libraries Any
Key limitations No server code Hosting expertise required
App based on business scenario
SharePoint Hosted Provider Hosted
Individual or team productivity app Large, robust internet/enterprise-scale application
Reuse common SharePoint artifacts Can be use for server side code
Automatic hosting in SharePoint Work with any existing web/on-premises servers
Runs anywhere on-premises or cloud Runs anywhere on-premises or cloud
Uses full power of Azure
About the SharePoint and Provider App
SharePoint Hosted Provider Hosted
Host SharePoint 2013 any host (Microsoft/non-microsoft)
Deployment of Components All components deployed to SharePoint Wrapper deployed to SharePoint manually deployment of components to host
Code/logic Only client-side code Server and client-side code, any language or script
Data Storage Lists, fields, and content types sql, mysql, oracle, csv, SQLite,etc.
Authentication authorization Automatic Developers responsibility Oauth/cross-domain library
App Permissions Inherent Developers responsibility
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