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Digital Marketing Strategy Guide 2015.


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Title: Digital Marketing Strategy Guide 2015.

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Inbound marketing delivers 54 more leads
than traditional outbound marketing.
Of all marketers have found a customer through
Facebook in 2013.
Of all marketers have found a customer though
Videos on landing pages increase conversions
by 86
At 89,customer testimonials have the highest
effectiveness rating for content marketing.
B2B companies that blog gain 67 more leads than
those that dont.
Globally, mobile
By 2017, there will be 8.6bn mobile ready devices
in use and global data traffic will have
increased 13 fold.
The UK downloaded approximately 275m apps in
February 2013 alone.
penetration at 93
Organic search traffic produces 35 higher
conversion rates than traffic driven by
equivalent paid search traffic.
75 of search users are not clicking past the
first page of search results.
20 of searches on Google are related to location
and 56 of mobile phone users use their browser
for local searches.
S.E.O is the acronym for search engine
Once you have an understanding of your current
situation and have used that information to
inform SMART objectives you can begin planning
your strategy. At this point you should identify

New target markets your business could benefit
from reaching

Areas were you can improve your existing strategy
e.g. working to improve landing pages with higher
than average bounce rates.

The relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
you need to monitor in order to understand any
progress you make
Search Social
Identifying areas where your existing
marketing strategy and content can be improved
AND identifying new target markets to engage with
are two distinct strands of any good digital
marketing strategy.
Streamlining your conversion funnel by improving
your content and strategy can take effect quickly
where as engaging new audiences can take more
time and effort.
These two strategies are most effective when they
are implemented together.
Successful Conversion
Increasing the effectiveness of the conversion
funnel by improving any existing marketing
strategy and content.
Fastest growth occurs when these two improvements
Increasing traffic to the website by engaging new
target markets
If you think of your initial strategy as a
skeleton, developing your tactics is where you
start adding flesh on to those bones. Your
strategy tells you generally how youre going to
achieve your objectives, your tactics tells you
exactly how.
At this
point you should be focusing on content

What content you will produce and when plan and
schedule When you will broadcast content time of
day, weekends etc. Where you will share content
social and mobile platforms How you will tailor
content to suit different audiences
It is here that your initial situation analysis
and broad strategy planning will begin to pay off.
Planning your actions is the point when you
decide who will be responsible for which aspect
of your strategy and when they will
be implemented.
You should outline the systems, processes and
tools you will use throughout the duration of
your marketing.
Identify your internal capabilities and strategy
and tactics and if necessary with relevant
external agencies.
capacity for handling your set up working
Keeping control is essential for keeping your
digital marketing strategy streamlined and
efficient, ensuring it generates the
highest return on investment.
It is important to decide when and how reports
will be generated and assign responsibility for
doing so to avoid gaps in data collection.
Processes and tools you will use to collect data
should also be specified to make data sets
reliably comparable.
Different measurement tools can differ in their
results, to handle collect data from several
different analytics tools and take an average.
Things you should include in your performance

Consistently and constantly measure all the KPIs
relevant to your objectives. That means taking
data snapshots at regular intervals to allow data
comparisons as well as tracking over
time. Regularly run user testing on your website
and content to ensure it is providing the best
user experience possible. Monitor your conversion
rates (these should be tied to your objectives)
and make sure this is linked to dates, allowing
you to map cause and effect. This will inform
your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) efforts.

One of the best tools available to help keep
control of your digital marketing strategy is
Google Analytics.
This is a completely free resource that only
requires the simple addition of a tracking code
to your website in order to enable data
This platform offers real time tracking, constant
tracking and as recommended, enables data
comparison over time.
The amount of data available in Google Analytics
is vast so its worth taking the time to ensure
you set up your campaign properly. You can find
some useful tips, advice and links on how to use
Google Analytics right here on our blog.
The Met Office needed a way to monitor vast
amounts of online data in order to demonstrate
ROI which they measure in terms of reach, revenue
and reputation.
Gathering analytics and data enabled the Met
Office to transform its content marketing
strategy through data driven insight, allowing
them to create digital personas and better
understand their audience behaviour and content
With this insight, the Met Office can invest in
marketing resources and provide relevant content
that is better aligned with customer interests,
and can syndicate the content to other authority
newswires and syndication partners to attract
more relevant traffic to the Met Office website.
We provide data doses for our retainer clients
and when requested can deliver bespoke digital
marketing strategy audits, tailored to providing
the relevant analytics our clients need based on
their chosen objectives.
In one case, by providing this tailored digital
marketing strategy audit
and identifying key actions points, our client
to their
site by 60 in
a single year.