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Erpisto CRM,ERP Solution


ERPISTO provides a single, affordable solution for managing the entire business, including financials, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, Human Resources, customer relationships and operations. It streamlines end-to-end operations, gain instant access to complete information via Mobile & Web based Alerts, Notifications & Dashboards, and accelerate profitable growth and ensure quality customer relationship. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Erpisto CRM,ERP Solution

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Bilytica An Introduction
Services Vertical
Corporate Summary
Application Solutions 40 Enterprises
110 Technology Consultants
75 Associates from BI DWH Background
DWH BI Solutions to 50 Enterprises
Company With 150 Staff
ERP Product Erpisto ERP (with Alerting and
complete Analytics)
CRM Product Erpisto CRM ( Cloud CRM on Web and
Modern Mobile Application )
Top Clients and Partners
Erpisto ERP- Smart Alerting and complete Analytics
Erpisto ERP Suite Erpisto ERP Simplify Your
Business Operations through its built-in best
business practices. Erpisto ERP Suite is
facilitating companies to take full advantage of
the new market opportunities to increase the
revenue in a highly competitive business
environments. . Erpisto ERP is a global business
solution that offers agility and flexibility
needed to support strategic decisions and lean
out the wasted processes. Erpisto ERP Suite
minimizes the complexities of traditional ERP
solutions and can be implemented in a shorter
time span. Erpisto can be easily customized to
meet the customer specific needs that emphasize
on collaboration, responsiveness and complete
ease of use. Erpisto gives comprehensive sets of
functionality with its user friendly interface
and flexibility to run in the cloud which enables
clients to inspire innovation and give quick
response to challenging business environment.
Company Focus in Dynamic Business
  • As companies continue to search for new ways to
    grow revenue, reach new customers, and better
    serve existing customers, they must focus the
    sales function to deliver on these strategic
  • Firms that successfully meet this challenge often
    do so by aligning winning strategies with the
    right internal and customer facing sales
    processes. This alignment drives proper
    governance, it utilizes technology as a
    differentiator, and it enables the
    cross-functional coordination required to act
    fast and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Companies should focus on improving their Sales
    Processes to create
  • Standardization of activities in how products
    and services are delivered
  • Leverage of existing technologies and tools for
  • Faster go-to-market capability for new products
  • Improved cycle-time from Lead generation to
    collections thru to commissions
  • Significant reduction in the Cost of Sales

Re-designing the sales process ensures
consistency in how customers and partners
experience a firms brand and its people
Implication of Sales Process
Strategy decisions to capitalize on market
opportunities often cannot translate fast enough
into the tactics needed to reorient business
processes because sales models are complex.
Simple Sales Model
Complex Sales Model
The Sales process describes the What and How
in fulfilling demand and delivering a customer
experience for a firm.
Illustrative Sales Process
Processes are the Nerve Center of a sales
model and stand in the gap between opportunity
and stagnation
Erpisto CRM Cloud CRM on Web and Modern Mobile
Erpisto CRM Erpisto CRM is a fully integrated
world-class customer relationship management
solution that enable growing businesses to
improve the way they record, track, and access
key marketing and sales information so they can
achieve new levels of business success. Erpisto
CRM provides detailed view of the entire
supplier, customer or partner relationship
irrespective of position in the customer
lifecycle. Erpisto CRM solution helps in
maximizing the customer information and broadens
scope of the data to everyone within the
organization and to stake holders through the
complete delivery of essential customer data to
workers wherever necessary.
Erpisto CRM Sales Process
A Sales Process is a model or framework to
improve pipeline visibility, performance
management, drive sales execution, and form the
foundation for selling discipline.
Sales Process Phases
Opportunity Management
Quote to Order
Close to Cash
Service Relationship Extension
Lead Generation
The set of activities an organization uses to
find potential buyers with a qualified interest
in a certain product or service generally
following Demand Generation Activities conducted
jointly by the Marketing and Sales Organization.
The set of activities that relate to the tracking
and monitoring of sales opportunities and sales
prospect information. Each sales lead can be
tracked with information such as source, type,
worth, status, likelihood of closure etc.
The set of activities that describe the
individual seller or selling teams sub-process
activities that move opportunities and sales
prospects further to closing. The classic
elements of a sales process.
The set of activities that capture all of the
steps necessary to handle a closed sale, billing
a customer, delivering a product or service, and
administering the commission payout process.
The set of activities that describe the post-sale
activities from ensuring fulfillment to the
customer to planning and assessing for the next
Classic sales processes such as objective
handling closing should be thought of as
workflow level
Erpisto CRM Sales Process Optimization
Companies need to take an end-to-end approach in
re-aligning processes to support a strategic
Cross-Functional Involvement Across Sales
Lead Generation
Opportunity Management
Quote to Order
Close to Cash
Service Relationship Extension
Marketing, Sales, Partners
Sales, Sales Ops, Partners, Legal
Sales, Partners, Legal, Finance
Sales, Sales Ops, Finance
Sales, Marketing, Finance, Services
Develop Proposal
Sign Contract
Assess Performance
Finalize Contract
Product Service Plan Development
Invoice / Commission
  • Research target customers strategy and target
  • Estimate budget
  • Qualify opportunity
  • Determine sales approach
  • Design solution/product
  • Enter opportunity into forecasting system
  • Approve proposal price, Terms Conditions
  • Sign contract
  • Close out opportunity in forecasting system
  • Book the order in the order entry system
  • Enter billing/invoicing order in sales system
  • Develop Terms Conditions for proposal
  • Present proposal to target customers
  • Negotiate price and agree on Terms Conditions
  • Update opportunity in forecasting system
  • Specify objectives for Sales
  • Identify marketing and lead generation
  • Conduct campaigns and events
  • Capture potential customers information
  • Follow-up on solution/product delivery
  • Execute marketing and POS plans (where
  • Invoice, bill and collect
  • Meet with buying team (and identify / meet with
    other key stakeholders) to discuss changing
    needs, product turn, forecast, etc.
  • Cross sell, up sell
  • Planning sessions

Erpisto Re-design Closes the Sales Process Gaps
New Responsibilities Address Process Needs
Typical Drivers
  • Complex solutions selling demands new skill
    sets and talent pools
  • New procurement processes are lengthening sales
    cycles across industries
  • Increased diversification of go-to-market
    channels (web, direct, telesales, distributor
  • Consolidation of customers increases pressure to
    discount pricing
  • Multi-influencer purchasing in an organization
    requires wider sales engagement strategy focus

Sales process re-design closes the gap at lower
level work details for sales customer facing
End-to-End Sales Process current state assessment
Future state process design
Re-designed metrics, roles responsibilities
Erpisto CRM Sales Model Components
Sales Processes have touch-points and
dependencies to other key business processes in
and out of the Sales organization
Erpisto Sales Force Effectiveness Framework
Skill Building and Development
Channel Optimization
Sales Strategy/ Go-To-Market
  • Outputs
  • Analytics
  • Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Strategic Inputs
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Marketing

Performance and Incentives
Sales Process
Tools and Enablement
Sales Adoption
  • Planning what you sell, who you sell to, and how
    you reach them
  • Determining the right mix of routes to market in
    the combined entity
  • Outlining selling activities, roles, and
  • Motivating behaviors and driving desired outcomes
    through rewards
  • Automating processes to maximize customer facing
  • Gaining performance insight with timely and
    accurate information

Erpisto CRM Modules, Architecture and Deployment
CRM Deployment Methods
On Cloud
CRM Architecture
On Premises
CRM Modules
  • Erpisto CRM Sales
  • Erpisto CRM Marketing
  • Erpisto CRM Inventory
  • Erpisto CRM Analytics
  • Erpisto CRM Mobile

Erpisto CRM - Sales Module
  • Erpisto CRM provides your sales force,
    executives, and management with sophisticated
    sales management functions including 
  • Leads generation and management
  • Sales pipeline analysis and management
  • Sales stage and probability analysis
  • Quotes, Orders, Invoices
  • Competitor analysis
  • Real time sales forecasting
  • Convert Contacts to Leads and Opportunities
  • Sales Results
  • These features offer your business an opportunity
    to completely focus on customer
    life-cycle including lead generation,
    acquisition, conversion, retention, loyalty which
    finally increase sales revenue.

Erpisto CRM - Marketing Module
  • Erpisto CRM Marketing module offers
  • Campaign management
  • Telemarketing
  • Both these features are used to generate leads,
    contacts, and cases which are useful for
    integrating your organization's sales and
    marketing activities.
  • In addition, Erpisto CRM campaign management
    feature let you effectively plan marketing
    expenditures and improve the quality of lead
    generation process. Campaign management
    integrated with leads and opportunities helps
    your organization in measuring the campaign
    performance and effectiveness.

Erpisto CRM - Inventory Module
  • Erpisto CRM extends beyond the traditional CRM
    functions and supports complete sales cycle
    management by integrating Inventory Management
    features including 
  • Products
  • Price Books
  • Vendors
  • Sales Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Erpisto CRM Inventory Management features let
    you achieve seamless integration between
    pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities in
    a single application. They also let you procure
    goods or services from the selected list of

Erpisto CRM - Analytics Module
  • Erpisto CRM gives you in-depth insights on
  • Customer Information and Progress
  • Product Sales
  • Store Operations Analysis
  • Customer Enrolment and Engagement
  • Marketing and Growth Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Workforce Development and Management

Erpisto CRM Mobile
  • Erpisto CRM works best everywhere through the
    Erpisto CRM Mobile Module as we have designed
    Mobile Access to work across as many devices as
  • Contacts
  • Quotations
  • Active alerts and notifications
  • Work offline compatibility
  • Rich User Experience
  • Rapid, Easy Deployment
  • Web Administration
  • Mobile users can use their preferred device which
    lets them work with a familiar interface that
    provides a rich and satisfying user experience.

Benefits of Erpisto CRM
  • Application Strengths CRM Strengths
  • Client Server Architecture 100 Customizable
  • Middle Ware Manager Real time Reports
  • Load Balancer Business Intelligence
  • Cache Manager Mobile Application
  • Service Oriented Architecture Active Alerts
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Location
    Intelligence Mapping
  • Responsive Layouts Nearby Contact
  • Analytical Layer For Dashboards Group Chat via
    Mobile App
  • MVC Based Architecture Transactional Services
    for Field Sales Reps.
  • ORACLE Database

How Does Erpisto CRM Help You?
  • Complete information at your fingertips from
    anywhere and at anytime
  • Sales Pipeline Management Automation
  • Streamlining of your sales activities
  • Enhanced interactions and reduced
  • Completely agile approach in your customer
  • Better Customer Relations with informed

Why Erpisto CRM?
  • CRM on Cloud OR On Premises Deployment
  • No Need to invest in IT Infrastructure
  • Customizable Cloud CRM
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Sales Force Marketing Automation
  • Mobile CRM Access from Anytime ,Anywhere

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