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Induction Melting Machines


We are the manufacturer representative of Induction Melting Machine which has many applications including melting, metal hardening, brazing, soldering and heating to fit. Induction heating has best effect on iron and its alloys, as they have ferromagnetic nature. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Induction Melting Machines

Induction melting machines
Computer Simulation for Induction Processes and
Coil Design
INDUCTION MELTING- These furnaces have the
advances of rapid melt capability and user
comfort, there are many varieties of induction
heating furnaces available, high and medium
frequency, temperature controllable with
immersion thermocouple and inert atmosphere
protection, and complete units in both vacuum and
centrifugal form. In case of Jewelry casting ,we
use medium frequency melting for the best control
of metal properties where melting. Temperatures
are controllable using an thermocouple and a
reducing atmosphere of inert gas, i.e. nitrogen,
hydrogen, argon or forming gas, capacity and cost
will varies with specific needs and options,
Induction melting is the preferred method for
state of the art casting.. Alloys -Further Metals
are the basic components in alloys, Any metal
product is typically a variation of one of the
metals known as Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Iron,
Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Tin, Zinc, Alloys offer
greater strength, and a wide variety of other
properties usually not found in a base metal.
Here are some common alloys, their parent metals
  • Brass-- Copper/Zinc
  • Bronze-- Copper/Tin,
  • Steel-- Iron/Carbon
  • ChromolyChromium
  • Stainless Steel-- Steel/Chromium
  • Tool Steel-- Carbon/Tungsten/Manganese
  • Titanium-- Iron/Aluminum
Medium Frequency Solid State Melting Unit Inside
Get Full Power From Start to Finish at pouring
  • We Supply solid state melting unit which melts
    metal scrap at full power or optimum power as per
    panel capacity from starting to finishing at
    pouring time.(Condition with hot lining).
  • In this design you will get full power from start
    and get more metal for melting in short time from
    other designed.
Section of Panel Protection
We are using fast acting MCCB and ACB with
microprocessor base tripping system. It will
help by tripping fast and save power
components. We provide Current Limiting Reactor
(CLR) with low DC resistance for protecting while
creates any problem from malfunctioning by
component. With low dc resistance it consumes
low power and increase panel efficiency and helps
to decrease power consumption in some percentages
during panel working condition.
Advantages Fast tripping saves your costly
components with low power losses design.
Separately Card/Modules section
In panel we provide separate cards and modules
section from the power circuit and cooling
piping. Which are totally isolated from high
voltage area, this area makes panel descent and
Advantages For long life of cards/modules,
Totally safety (like in safe zone).
Separate Piping Section
  • In Panel we create separate piping section in
    this section manifold of input and output of
    panel sets at back section of power circuit and
  • Power components save by water leakages in panel.

Advantages Easy to operate every path of
cooling, Save power components, make your unit
Coreless Melting Furnace
Coreless Induction Melting Unit
1). High strength, rain forced refractory top and
bottom connecting with aluminum cast able wall
for coil support Available in desk and flush type.
2) Proper matching coil fitted in crucible for
getting optimum power continuously of your unit
with wooden support with proper utilization of
panel power and its efficiency. 
Advantages Proper coil matching with your
Induction panel to get optimum power and panel
runs at full power continuously.
3) Easy, all-around access and free breather coil
simplified designed 
4) Rear or Side exit Lead facility available.
5) Hoist tilt is stander Steering tilting system
(in small crucibles) and Hydraulic tilting system
are available
Special Features of Induction Heating Computer
  • The induction heating market is small compared to
    other industrial sectors and there are only a few
    specialized simulation packages on the market
    that can be used for induction process and coil
  • Induction heating simulation involves a set of
    mutually coupled non- linear phenomena.
  • Many induction applications are unique and may
    require different program modules .
  • In addition to computer simulation software an
    extensive database is necessary for accurate
Process Design Coil Design
  • Coil Design
  • Coil style selection.
  • Copper cross-section.
  • Magnetic flux controller.
  • Coil matching.
  • This is something we can change to improve the
  • Process Design
  • Optimal Frequency, Power and Time.
  • Heating style (Static, Scanning, Single-Shot).
  • In many cases we have limited control due to
    existing machines, dictating frequency and power
    range and heating style.
Interrelated Processes in Induction Heating
Computer Simulation
Process Control
Machine Operating Mode
Power Supply Circuits
Thermal Process (Heading)
Electromagnetic Process
Structural Transformations
Types of Programs for Induction Heating Computer
Simulation at Fluxtrol Inc.
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