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12 Ideas to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Growing & attracting the right traffic to your website takes time. So here are some tried and tested ideas to increase your website traffic. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 12 Ideas to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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12 Ideas to Increase Traffic to Your Website
  • Are you struggling to generate traffic for your
    website? Many big and small business owners
    complain that they are not getting enough traffic
    from their website. Here is post giving 12 ways
    to increase your website traffic thereby
    increasing your sales.

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Good Content
  • You should write customer engaging content to
    make the customers talk about your blog post.
    Write eye-catching headlines.
  • Make the content that solves users query,
    problems and offers a genuine value to the
    readers, use link bait techniques to write
    content that promotes massive sharing.
  • The main thing is to have a specific idea of who
    will share and find your content, and how youll
    get them to share / find it before you start
    writing. Post steadily to maintain the blog
    frequency. Work on your headlines.

Post regular content
  • It is important to be consistent with posting new
    and fresh content.
  • There is no magic number but Neil Patel of
    Quicksprout said posting high quality posts 6 per
    week (instead of 5 per week) increased his blog
    traffic by 18.6.

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Focus on keywords(especially long-tail keywords)
  • Whether you own an ecommerce site, run a digital
    marketing agency, sell software, or are a full
    time blogger, you need content that brings in
    targeted traffic. Keywords help to generate this
    traffic that converts into leads and sales.
    Choosing the Right Keywords is Key to a
    Successful SEO and Link Building Campaign. To
    choose the right keywords for your website you
    should know who is your targeted audience,
    research where is the most traffic, find out the
    keywords that are least competitive profitable.
    Test Your Keywords with Google AdWords before You
    Invest in Them. Doing this research can save you
    thousands of dollars.
  • So, find out how much it will cost you and how
    many links youll need to outrank your

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Visually Appealing
  • Focus on visual content. Any information you want
    to communicate is better communicated in the form
    of an image, take clear, high-quality
    photographs. Build a cohesive, modern design for
    your site. Visuals express ideas quickly in a
    snapshot. Posts with visual appeal receive 94
    more page visits and engagement than those

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Get Social
  • Use social networks to expand your reach. Social
    networking is hugely important, and ensuring that
    you have a solid presence will have a large
    impact on your views. Create a face book page,
    post new articles on twitter, use tumblr to gain
    followers, set up a Google page, pin your
    articles on pinterest, and take photos with
    Instagram. Post compelling content, join groups
    and communities and participate regularly and
    youll soon build a loyal following.

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  • Optimize content, images for search. Optimize
    your URL structure, so that the URL clearly
    communicates what the post is about. Get your SEO
    to a good standard, and youll have a constant
    stream of high quality, relevant and converting

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Link Building
  • Build links gradually and steadily. Give links in
    your blogs to other articles or website that will
    be useful to your users. Submit your blogs on
    sites like Stumbleupon. Post helpful articles on
    sites like Hubpages  with links back to your

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Answers Questions
  • Answer questions posted on sites like Yahoo
    Answers or Quora. Be helpful and genuine. Give
    link back to a relevant article on your blog
    where ever possible.

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Guest Posting
  • You can have the best content in the world on
    your site, but its of no use if nobody knows
    about it. Thats why you need to reach out beyond
    your site to pull people in. A great way to do
    this is by guest posting. List your blog in as
    many free blog directories as you can find. Take
    part in link parties and blog carnivals. It puts
    you in front of the right audience. A good,
    evergreen, guest post can keep driving traffic
    back to you indefinitely. Read this Ultimate Step
    by Step Guide to Guest Blogging by Jayson DeMers

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Start a Podcast
  • Podcasts are a popular way to share your thoughts
    and views with your readers. Podcasting is
    becoming more popular as many bloggers turn to
    internet radio shows to get their music/message
    out. All you need is yourself, some recording
    equipment, internet access, and an interesting
    topic to talk about! They can listen to your
    podcasts on the go and share it with others. Use
    websites like Soundcloud and Podomatic.

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Responsive site in Wordpress
  • Make your website responsive and always prefer
    Word Press overall blogging platforms. Word Press
    is well known for its ability to drive more
    traffic to the website, thereby increasing the
    rank of the website.

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Respond To Blog Comments
  • Respond thoughtfully to all comments on your
    blog. This is great for building relationships,
    as well as for driving commenters back to your
  • What other tips you would like add to this list?
    Let me know by commenting below

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