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The Waterless Pro Zone with Josh Dominguez from Xtreme Clean in PA


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Waterless Pro Zone with Josh Dominguez from Xtreme Clean in PA

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WPZ10 The Waterless Pro Zone with Josh Dominguez
from Xtreme Clean in PA
Hey Everyone, Welcome to Episode 10 of the
Waterless Pro Zone, We made it to 10My name is
David Elliott and this podcast is dedicated
to helping you create, grow and monetize your
waterless car wash car care business. We talk
about business tactics and marketing advice, plus
I interview some of the top detailers and car
care professionals in the business. My focus is
on helping people like you, succeed in this
Quick update about our new Waterless Pro
Mastermind Group. It is going well. We had
Josh, who you will hear from today and Dwayne
Hazelwood and Igor from Pearl Croatia on a few of
our meetings and I am looking forward to hosting
more people in the future.
If you are interested in hanging out with
like-minded people with the purpose of helping
each other work out business problems and find
solutions, but most importantly, holding each
other accountable and pushing for more success
then this is the group for you, Please head over
to and read all about
it. If you can commit to an hour per week, then
please apply for a spot in the group. Thanks
Last Episode of the Waterless Pro Zone, we talked
to Jimmy Santos of Auto Sparkle Detail, in
Atlanta, Georgia. Today we are talking with Josh
Dominguez from Xreme Clean in Pennsylvania.
Josh and his business partners are crushing
this business in his area. I actually have 2
interviews with him. We talked for about 20
minutes and 2 weeks later he wanted to add to his
interview and we bring you a few more minutes of
what is happening now.
We will bring you Joshs interview in a
momentRight after the Tactics, Tools and
Resources. Here are todays short list of
Marketing Tactics, Tech Tools, Books and
Podcasts. 1. Marketing Tactic Frequently Asked
Questions Yes, FAQs are great marketing
tactics. Think about it. How many times have you
had to explain how your products, systems or
services work? Are you spending 5 minutes to an
hour educating people about your business? If you
had every imaginable question outlined in painful
detail on your website or even youtube videos,
you can educate people well in advance of contact
you. When they do contact you, they will already
be 100 sold and will only need to make the
FAQs are vital to everyones business. Take the
time to put your FAQs together. It is worth
it. 2. The Book of the week Youtiity by Jay
Baer In Jays book, he goes over some of the
tactics I just mentioned about FAQs and other
things you can do ahead of time to save time and
effort. Jay is a Master Content marketer and his
book is for the everyday business owner.
Youtility is all about you being the utility and
doing what it takes to maximize your time. It is
simple and quick to read and makes total
sense. Head on over to to
find the link to this book. Thanks
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3. Technology   Most of the Technology links I
recommend are tools that gain you more SEO
Search Engine Optimization. You may have heard
about Google latest attempt to force the owners
of business websites to be mobile ready
Meaning, Google is going to weigh your website if
it is or is not mobile ready. If it is not,
Google is going to drop the search ranking
instantly. It is an attempt to reward high
quality mobile ready websites that can be
viewed well on mobile devices. With more phones
in the world than people and 68 of web traffic
is done on a mobile device, it makes sense to
have your website mobile ready. If your site is
not mobile ready, and you need help with making
it mobile ready, I have a team of developers that
can hook you up.
4. Podcast of the week. The Timm Ferriss
Podcast  Timm is the author of the four hour
work week His blog is in the top 1000 blogs in
the world and his podcast is up there as well.
He interviews amazing people like Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Rock Stars, Health Nuts
Futurists. This is a podcast you be listening to
every week.
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5. Now for todays guest Josh Dominguez from
Xtreme Clean in Pennsylvania. We have 2 back to
back interviews. I am sure you are going to enjoy
them. I am thrilled to have Josh on the
show. Please welcome my friend Josh Dominguez
and we will see you on the other side. Awesome
interview with Josh. Next week we will have
Adrian from Earth Car Wash. Adrian is totally
killing in LA, Orange Country, San Diego and San
Fransico. Dont miss the next episode
of Waterless Pro Zone Podcast.
Until then, please be sure to check out out
sponsor, Pearl Car Care. Spring is here and you
need new waterless car wash and detailing
products. Pearl has both high speed buffing
products like cutting polishes and luxury nano
waxes, plus a great line of waterless car wash
products. Check them out at andPearlW My Name is David
Elliott, Thank you for listening to the show and
we will see you next time on the Waterless Pro