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Fencing Wires


A chain link fence is known by different names such as wire-mesh fence, wire netting, diamond-mesh fence, chain-wire fence, hurricane fence and even cyclone – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fencing Wires

Armstrong Wires
  • You may think that any chain link fence is just
    like the next one - not so fast because there are
    different kinds of metals you can get. Some
    people totally transform their fence due to the
    small things they buy that are attached to the

  • Concertina Coils
  • Razor Wire
  • Punched Tape Concertina Coils
  • Concertina Wire
  • Barbed Wire
  • Chain Link Fence

Razor Wire
  • These wires are used both in residential areas
    and military pockets. This is a specialized kind
    of barbed or Razor Wire which usually possesses a
    large coil like structure. This can often be
    expanded into a concertina like shape. In tandem
    with regular barbed wire and pickets made of
    steel, concertina wires are used for forming
    obstacles in military pockets.

Concertina Coils
  • Concertina Coils also known as CC are one of the
    most reliable forms of fencing that are used in
    domestic and industrial places. They are spiral
    in shape and made by coiling reinforced barbed
    wires. They make up a sharp spiral turn with more
    than 500 barbs around them. They can be placed on
    the ground with several grouting spikes or on a
    boundary wall with a V angle. The barbs can be
    placed around fences, walls and ditches. Now,
    here are some applications of Punch Tape
    Concertina Coils

Punched Tape Concertina Coils
  • Punch Tape Concertina Coils have become one of
    the most commonly used types of fencing because
    of the numerous benefits that they offer. They
    are strong, durable, corrosion resistant, and
    offer high level of protection. Some of their
    benefits are explained below in detail.

Concertina Wire
  • The Concertina Wire is used as the most
    unswerving fortification boundaries suggested as
    an amalgamation of barriers by means of
    widespread connected or wicker metal network
    fences. The Concertina curls are anticipated to
    generate an extremely efficient blockade and used
    as an impermanent manufacturing or everlasting
    grille for setting up on ground or on previously
    accessible fence. 

Barbed Wire
  • The concealed fence for canines was featured in
    the news recently after a Greyhound was found to
    be fighting for its life after stumbling into a
    hidden fence made of Barbed Wires. The lesson
    here is that dog fences should not disregard the
    safety of canines. Aside from achieving its basic
    goal of containment, the fence is an implement
    that can help you in training your dogs. The
    safety of the pet should be your primary
    consideration in acquiring this device. Why a
    radio fence is safer and better.

Chain Link Fence
  • One thing to try and do if you think of it is
    inspect the fence and be sure there are no
    defects in any coatings you may have ordered. A
    simple Chain Link Fence can go for many decades
    although it can begin to show signs of oxidation.
    For the best results, use a power washer
    attachment on your hose, then you'll be sure to
    remove any accumulated dirt at the bottom of it.
    Plus, just being outside will cause dirt and dust
    to build up on the fence, and all in all, a chain
    link fence provides you with excellent value.
    Buying off the net is possible, just make sure
    you are not paying too much to have it shipped to

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