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Breast Cancer Treatment in India-Breast Cancer Surgery in India


List of Best Cancer Doctors and Surgeons in India for Breast Cancer Surgery, Pancreatic Cancer Surgery, Oral Cancer Surgery, Prostate Cancer Surgery, Liver Cancer Surgery, Kidney Cancer Surgery. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Breast Cancer Treatment in India-Breast Cancer Surgery in India

Breast Cancer Treatment in India-Breast Cancer
Surgery in India
Breast Cancer  
With advancement in technology, breast cancer is
no longer an incurable disease. With the latest
technology available at best cancer hospitals in
India, breast cancer can now be detected at very
early stages and can be completely treated. The
approach used for cancer treatment in India is
multidisciplinary, which involves Surgical
Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology
and rehabilitation after cancer surgery. The top
cancer specialists in India use the latest
international protocols for the treatment of
cancer which includes the following depending
upon the patients
 Breast Cancer Guidelines for the Care and
Breast cancer is not one single disease. There
are several types of breast cancer. It can be
diagnosed at different stages of development and
can grow at different rates. . You may need help
to get the facts straight and to ask the
questions that are important to you. If you have
any questions, please remember that we offer a
range of services for people affected by breast
cancer. From diagnosis, through treatment and
beyond, our services are here every step of the
The most common sign of breast cancer is a new
lump or a mass. A lump that is painless hard and
has uneven edges is likely to be cancer. But some
cancer are soft, tender and rounded. All Breast
lump are not cancerous, in fact most are benign.
Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
With the increased number of breast cancer there
has also been increase in the diagnostic tool
that can help in identifying the onset of the
disease. The diagnostic tools have been listed
below Mammogram The first diagnostic tool to
identify breast cancer is Mammogram. It is an
X-ray of the breast that can show the presence of
abnormal growth lumps in the breast
area Ultra-Sonography Use of high frequency
sound waves often identifies whether the lump is
filled with liquid or solid for further
investigation. Aspiration Fine needle is
inserted in the lump to take the tissue or liquid
out from the lump and then a biopsy is performed
to test for carcinoma. Surgical Biopsy Surgical
biopsy removes a small part of lump by surgery
and then the lump is tested for further
Breast Cancer Treatment at World Best Hospitals
in India
  • Doctor determines your breast cancer treatment
    options based on your type of breast cancer, its
    stage, whether the cancer cells are sensitive to
    hormones, your overall health and your own
  • Six types of standard breast cancer treatment
    used are
  • Surgery
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy followed by surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Targeted Therapy

Low Cost Breast Cancer Treatment and Surgery in
India has been recognized as a new medical
destination for Breast Cancer Treatment and
Surgery. Thousands of global patients from all
across the world fly to India for various medical
treatments and surgeries of high quality
delivered as practiced in the developed nations
and that too within their budget costs. India
offers incredible cost saving in various
procedures of Breast Cancer Treatment and
Surgery, which goes to around 80 less than
prevailing USA or UK rates. Even with travel
expenses taken into account, the comprehensive
medical tourism packages still provide a savings
measured in the thousands of dollars for major
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