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Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs


The concept of Zero Gravity was born out of the NASA space program to deal with the problems of large compression forces felt by Astronauts as they launch into space. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs
What is Zero Gravity?
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The concept of Zero Gravity was born out of the
NASA space program to deal with the problems of
large compression forces felt by Astronauts as
they launch into space. Astronauts were plagued
with fatigue during the launch process because of
Gravity's natural compression on the human body,
most notably the human spine. After extensive
research, NASA perfected the "Neutral Body
Posture" which is ideal for evenly distributing
pressures on the human body. This position
benefits the whole body instead of just the spine
and subsequently puts the human body into a
heightened state of relaxation. This breakthrough
in combating gravitational forces has been
applied to many facets of wellness therapy.
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The "Neutral Body Posture" is the optimal posture
for someone looking to become fully relaxed. The
human body takes a reclined position elevating
the feet above the heart and creating a
torso-to-leg angle of roughly 128 degrees with a
variation of /- 7 degrees. This position has
also been referred to as the "Anti-Gravity" and
"90/90" position. In new breakthroughs
surrounding this optimal posture, our zero
gravity massage chair takes advantage of the
comfortability the body enjoys in this position
and adds massage for even more benefits. Here
are the benefits of Zero Gravity
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Zero Gravity Massage
Body Shape Detection
Massage Functions
Spine Focus Design
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Zero Gravity Massage Chairs have taken full
advantage of the relief and relaxation made
possible when the body assumes the Neutral Body
Posture position. Through these advances, it has
been discovered that many other relaxation and
health benefits occur during this position. The
human body experiences less pressure on the spine
because of the distribution of forces across the
body, reduced muscle tension because of the
natural relaxation effect of the posture, less
pressure on the heart as it has to work less to
pump blood through the body, increased lung
capacity because of the expanded lungs in the
neutral position, and increased circulation and
blood oxygen levels because of the ripple effect
of greater lung capacity and decreased stress on
the heart.
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Relaxation to the Back and Neck
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One of the
benefits offered by our zero gravity massage
chairs is
relaxation to the back and neck. The spine is
designed to
naturally have an S shaped curve, but when
people sit for
long periods of time, the natural curve of
the spine is often
turned into an unnatural C shape.
Gravity places a lot of
pressure on the spine, but by
eliminating the effects of
gravity on it, the spine is able to
relax into its natural
curve, reducing the pressure on the
spine and relaxing the
lower back, upper back and the
neck. Many people find that
this position helps to
alleviate pain in the spine as well.
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Muscle Relief and Relaxation
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The benefits
of a zero gravity position when using our
massage chairs also
help to offer muscle relief and
relaxation. Many positions we
sit or stand in throughout
the day actually put pressure on
the muscles of the body.
When the body relaxes in a zero
gravity position, it helps
to release the pressure from the
muscles, and the
muscles begin getting the oxygen they need
and full
relaxation is achieved.
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Reduce Pressure on Your Heart
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Even your
heart benefits from the zero gravity position,
since this
position helps to reduce the pressure on your
heart. In this
position, the blood flow changes, allowing
blood to flow into
the heart more easily so the heart can
more effortlessly
distribute blood throughout the body.
Normally, the heart has
to pump blood up from your legs,
working hard against
gravity. Not only is the pressure on
the heart reduced, but
it helps to improve overall
circulation throughout your body.
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Improved Lung Expansion
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Using the
zero gravity massage chair allows you to enjoy
improved lung
expansion. The position takes pressure off
the spine and
opens up more space for the lungs,
allowing them to expand
fully. Since the lungs are able to
fully expand, the body
enjoys an increase in oxygen
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Of course, along with all the benefits of zero
gravity, our massage chairs also bring the
benefits of massage as well. Combining the
benefits of massage and the zero gravity position
makes our massage chairs an excellent investment
for overall wellness and health.
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