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Motorcycle Accessories for Beginner Riders


Beginners cannot often be expected to know everything about a motorcycle and the ways and means to maintain them. There are certain tips that they might have to keep in mind to get the best biking experience. In this presentation, you will come across a few accessories that every biker should invest in to make sure that he enjoys every moment with his bike. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Motorcycle Accessories for Beginner Riders

Motorcycle Accessories to Boost Your Riding
  • Motorcycle Accessories
  • Why Need Accessories?
  • Motorcycle Accessory List
  • Benefits of Motorcycle Accessory

Motorcycle Accessories
  • Motorcycle accessories act as additional features
    of motorcycles to enhance safety, performance, or
  • These accessories may be added at the factory by
    the original equipment manufacturer(OEM) or
    purchased and then installed by the owner post
    sale as aftermarket goods.
  • The most popular motorcycle accessories are
    exhausts, rims and air cleaners, fairings and
  • In terms of riding gear the most popular
    accessories include helmets, riding leathers,
    boots, and gloves.

Why Need Accessories?
  • Motorcycle accessories allow you to personalize
    your bike.
  • The number of accessories are as endless as your
  • There are now several companies that will take
    your design for a custom part and turn it into a
    custom piece for your bike.
  • These services cost more, but you get a custom
    made piece that is one of a kind.

Motorcycle Accessory List
  • Bike Exhausts
  • Helmets
  • Motorcycle Fairings
  • Leather Vests - A Stylish Accessory

Bike Exhausts
  • Bike exhausts are one of the first things that
    most people change.
  • There are a lot of manufacturers that produce
    quality exhausts.
  • These exhausts are all well-built and come in a
    variety of styles and finishes.

  • Helmets are a personal choice.
  • Some bikers like tiny skull caps and sunglasses
    for cruising while the sport bike crowd prefers
    full face helmets with chromed shields.
  • It doesn't matter which type you prefer, it is
    important that you get a comfortable, lightweight
    helmet that provides protection and an
    unobstructed field of view.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, make sure you
    have those on when trying a new helmet.

Motorcycle Fairings
  • If you have spent good money on the motorcycle
    of your dreams then you should spend a little
    more to ensure it is maintained well.
  • One thing that all experts will urge you to do
    is invest in fairings for your bike.
  • There are many aftermarket fairings available to
    choose from and the right one will improve the
    appearance of your bike whilst protecting.
  • Your bike will also be a lot more comfortable to
    ride than before.

Leather Vests
  • The choice of leathers and other riding
    accessories are more important for personal
    safety than any bike accessories.
  • Gloves and boots are basic safety items that
    will help you keep your hands and feet protected.
  • Gloves that have padding in the palm section and
    on top of your fingers offer the best protection.
  • Look for boots that have a thick sole and cover
    your ankles.
  • The choice of motorcycle accessories allows all
    of us to customize our look.

Benefits of Accessory
  • Enhance your riding experience.
  • Safe as well as comfortable
  • Looks Stylish
  • Keep yourself protected from dust and pollution.
  • Fairing kit is mainly designed for keeping bikes
    in a good condition

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