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Marble Exporters - Popular Varieties in the Catalogue


What are the top popular types of marbles in India. Marble exports also export these varieties more than any other marble. For details read the presentation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Marble Exporters - Popular Varieties in the Catalogue

Marble Exporters Popular Varieties in the
  • By- Elegant Granites

Marble - Popular Varieties in the Catalogue
  • International market relies on the supply of
    marbles from the Indian exporters. The supplies
    fulfil the demands raised by the home developers,
    interior designers, studio artists, renovators,
    sculptors and temple trusts. Indian marble is
    relatively consistent in terms of its gradient
    and texture. Moreover, it is customized in size
    and shape as per the requirements of the client.
    They are increasingly being used in domestic
    flooring, wall cladding, and kitchen countertops.
    There was a time when marble was considered as a
    regale and exotic stone finish. It was hard to
    excavate and supply to the market. It took years
    to cut it into desired forms.

Heres a list of the most popular marble
varieties exported by the Indian suppliers.
  • Ornate Green Marble

It has a web of black hue twined with green
network spread uniformly across the surface. The
base of the slab is algae green. It is popularly
known as JP Green or NH Ornate in the market. It
is exclusively mined from the quarries of Udaipur
in Rajasthan.
Forest Green Marble
  • Plain green with tree like appearance, this
    marble has beautiful vein structure in white and
    black hues. It has a dark green base which gives
    it the look of a deep forest. It is sold in
    Britain, USA, Egypt, Dubai and Italy as
    Serpentine Green Indian marble. Fantasy green and
    crocodile green are other colloquial brand names.
    This is mined from the quarries of Keshariyaji in
    Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Onyx White Marble
  • One of the most enticing marble stones exported
    to the international clients is the dazzling
    blend of Onyx white. It is inflicted with Oxides
    of metals giving it varying colour hues like
    pink, orange, red, green, topaz, azure and grey.
    The base is white and the other colours play
    intermittently over the surface. It is known as
    crystal white, aravali white and Indian onyx. The
    Indian marble exporters supply it to the
    international market from the quarries of

Chocolate Rain Forest Marble
  • Imagine the playful world of chocolate and fruity
    ambience. Chocolate rain forest brown marble is a
    gleeful stone slab featuring colours like black,
    gold, amber, orange and scarlet with dotted
    texture. The gradient is ambiguous and often
    gives a surreal touch to the interiors. Ideal for
    use in countertops, it is called Bidasar brown
    considering its place of origin in India.

Bidasar Yellow and Bidasar Brown Marble
  • Both are excavated from the quarries of Bidasar
    in Rajasthan. They are exported to the Middle
    West where they are used in hotels, airports and
    malls.They feature a complex criss-cross network
    of yellow, orange and brown colours which gives
    them a royal look.

  • The Indian marble exporters ensure that the
    stones meet the standards of international
    finishing and polishing. The marble forms are
    available as
  • Blocks
  • Slabs
  • Tiles
  • Prefabricated marble tiles
  • Pre-cut marble slabs

  • They feature polishing quality with Honed marble
    tiles, grooved tiles and chamfered marble blocks
    and slabs. With Indian marble exporters bringing
    the technology to your doorstep, use of marbles
    is as easy as eating popcorn.

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