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Corporate Training in Hyderabad at Ikyaglobaledu


Ikyaglobaledu provides the best Corporate Training in Hyderabad with 100% placement assistance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Corporate Training in Hyderabad at Ikyaglobaledu

Corporate Training
  • Indispensible for an International Workplace

Essential Skills
  • For students seeking employment at a workplace
    that has a sophisticated work culture and
    international branding, it is important to
    develop their communication skills, English
    language skills and personality. Good
    communication skills are essential because
    individuals in an organization need to work
    effectively in teams, and collaborate with
    colleagues as well as clients. In order to meet
    the demand for good communication skills, various
    institutions are now offering corporate training
    services to students as well as working
    employees. These training classes often include
    business English, personality development,
    communication skills training and English
    language training.

What Corporate Training Offers
  • A great corporate training course is the one
    that not just trains students in English language
    and communication but also equips students
    through confidence building, team management,
    cooperation and professionalism. Some of the best
    corporate training centers in Hyderabad, such as
    ours, impart corporate training and grooming for
    specific sectors, helping students in staying
    ahead of competition. Institutes offering such
    training are a step ahead of finishing schools
    that merely cater to interview preparation and

What Corporate Training Offers
  • Institutes offering corporate training in
    Hyderabad optionally offer placement assistance
    in companies like LG, ANZ, Oracle Corp, Wells
    Fargo, VMware, Deloitte, HSBC, HP, JP Morgan, GE,
    CSC, Honeywell, TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Verizon,
    Wipro, and HCL. Corporate training basically
    readies students for the professional
    requirements and expectations of the corporate
    world. Students are taught about communication,
    collaboration, professionalism, etiquettes, and
    tricks of managing themselves in their
    professional environment. The aim of corporate
    training is to ensure that the professional
    development and productivity of students is not
    hampered because of limitations imposed by their
    lack of professionalism, knowledge of etiquettes,
    business manners, language, communication and

What Corporate Training Offers
  • Some employers also offer corporate training at
    their organization itself for preexisting
    employees to improve their skills and enhance
    their productivity for professional growth. They
    also provide training to their new employees to
    help them gain a solid grounding in what is
    expected from them in their new job roles.
    Corporate training is also offered to improve
    skills of current employs for the same job or for
    a different job that requires different skill
    sets. The training could either be specific to
    the particular job or company or could be a
    general one directed at personality improvement.
    Some large corporations have separate departments
    for training employees, replete with in-house
    skill development executives, trainers and
    special instructors. They even have technical
    writers to create instructional material for the
    job roles of that particular corporation.

What Corporate Training Offers
  • In case of small and mid-scale organizations
    however, who cannot afford to have their own
    separate department for corporate training
    purposes, the services of corporate training
    institutes can be sought. These services go a
    long way in increasing the productivity and
    enhancing business skills of employees in a very
    cost-effective manner.

Industrial Trainers
  • Corporate training centers in Hyderabad offer
    diplomas or certificates to verify the
    participation and training completion of students
    or employees. Some employers make it mandatory
    for employees to complete such certification
    courses as part of their human resources
    development goals and to make sure their
    employees can confirm to certain corporate
    expectations. This kind of training is also used
    as a form of incentive to retain employees within
    an organization. In addition, students who are
    not yet employed find innumerable benefits after
    seeking such training from a reputed institute.
    There are several reputed institutes offering
    corporate training course in Hyderabad. While
    choosing the right fit, students should keep in
    mind that it is not just the institute but also
    the trainers that should be on par with industry

Industrial Trainers
  • People may sometimes mistake corporate education
    with corporate training. While on the one hand,
    corporate training programs are based on
    enhancing competencies and are aimed at training
    employees in carrying out certain skills-based
    tasks, operating certain equipment, or
    communicating in a certain way, corporate
    education is a different matter altogether.
    Corporate training primarily revolves around
    knowledge transfer while corporate education
    involves equipping the student to evolve his
    skill sets to generate new knowledge and help the
    organization develop. While in corporate
    training, there is the presence of a trainer or
    instructor, in corporate education, there is a
    facilitator who engages the students as
    participants and encourages them to analyze,
    assess and challenge the status quo of an

Industrial Trainers
  • In a study by the Carnegie Foundation for the
    Advancement of Teaching, it was found that the
    spending of American companies on their own
    learning and training programs for employees is
    equal to the national spending on all
    universities and colleges, combined! In return,
    organizations expect increase in their profits,
    revenues and organizational productivity through
    engaged or motivated employees who stay loyal to
    the organization. Corporate training is also
    termed as human resource development or employee
    development or training and development.

On Job Training
  • Corporate training is achievable through several
    means. As on-job training where employees are
    taught to perform their duties with full
    responsibility, to employ their classroom-style
    training in developing their general skill levels
    and applying them for organizational
    productivity. Interested students can learn
    externally as well through seminars, formal
    courses, etc. as offered by corporate training
    institutes. Companies that are small or mid-sized
    often operate on a limited number of staff and
    employee attrition.

Efficient Corporate Training
  • Corporate training centers in Hyderabad are very
    popular because of their coverage of economic and
    operational training techniques. Some of the USPs
    of such courses that result in a more efficient
    training are responsible use of technology and
    positive reinforcement. Corporate training
    utilizes psychology and motivation in a more
    scientific approach to create opportunities for
    work and enhance skill sets. The aim of corporate
    training is to work with the employee or student
    and create opportunities to work with them on
    personal goals or tasks of individual interest.
    This drop-down process is known to be very
    efficient. Certain corporate training programs
    also use gamification techniques that apply
    gaming principles to ordinary real-life
    situations so as to make the training fun and
    challenge the student to learn through

Ikya Global
  • Ikya Global Education is one of the best
    institutes offering corporate training in
    Hyderabad. This training is based on live
    projects and is industry-oriented with
    scientifically prepared training modules that are
    delivered to students in an efficient learning