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Hands On Health And Wellness


The existence of chiropractic treatment dates back to the 18th century, but its popularity is catching up very fast throughout the world, especially in the US. Many people are making their way to the chiropractor to treat and diagnose their muscular disorders. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hands On Health And Wellness

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Discover the Treasure of Health Inside of You
  • Dr. Stephanie Canada, D.C. is a 1987 summa cum
    laude graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College
    in Kansas City, MO. She started Hands on Health
    Wellness Center in 1990 and since then has
    completed a diplomate in Chiropractic
    Orthopedics. She has spent the last 20 years
    studying nutrition and works with the functional
    assessment of the body to address nutritional

Prompt Appointments Personalized Adjustments
  • At Hands on Health Wellness Clinic, we pride
    ourselves on providing prompt service for our
    valued patients. While sometimes delays cant be
    avoided, in most circumstances were ready for
    you at your exact appointment time. Of course, if
    you are running late, wed appreciate a phone

Monday, Wednesday Friday 830 12 and 130
530 PM Tuesday 200 630 PM Thursday 100
500 PM
Chiropractic Therapies For Your Health
  • Most patients come to Dr. Canada with back or
    neck pain, or an acute condition. This can
    require seeing Dr. Canada on a regular basis for
    a while. Once the condition has been resolved,
    chiropractic care can continue on a wellness
    basis, or resume as needed.

Soft Tissue (Muscle) Therapy
  • Soft Tissue (Muscle) Therapy is designed to
    restore full function to muscles and ligament.
    Dr. Canada uses a variety of Soft Tissue
    Therapies, including NIMMO, PIR and more. NIMMO
    or Receptor Tonus, is a specific chiropractic
    technique that address muscular problems by
    applying pressure on trigger points, allowing the
    muscle to relax and restore proper joint
    function. Postisometric relaxation (PIR) is a
    technique that is often used for patients in
    acute distress to restore full function to
    muscles and ligaments.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound is often used to relax
    muscles that are too tight around a joint, in
    order to allow effective manipulation. It
    provides a deep heating effect beneath the skin,
    to encourage blood circulation and relaxation. It
    is completely painless.

Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation is used to reduce
    pain, decrease swelling, increase blood flow into
    an injured joint or muscle and increase healing.

Dr. Canada places pads on or around the injured
area and then sends electrical pulses.
Cold Laser
  • Cold Laser is the use of a low level energy
    (light) source that matches the frequency of
    cells, which enhances the bodys natural healing
    processes. It can increase cellular
    communication, so nerves can talk to muscles
    better. This process does not break the skin like
    surgical lasers.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) measures
    the speed of a slight current as it passes
    through body tissue, which enables Dr. Canada to
    determine lean muscle mass, fat mass, water
    inside cells (an indicator of toxicity) and basal
    metabolic rate. (BMR) BMR is the rate of energy
    expenditure by your body at rest. The information
    gathered can be used to help people who are in
    training (sports) or trying to lose weight.

Rehab Exercise
  • Rehab Exercise consists of stretching and
    strengthening exercises specific to an area of
    complaint, using low tech rehab tools like foam
    rollers and gym balls. Dr. Canada will provide
    demonstrations and guidance, so you are able to
    do these rehab exercises at home.

Nutritional Counseling
  • Nutritional Counseling is also available. Dr
    Canada is certified by the Loomis Institute of
    Enzyme Nutrition, the art and science of using
    nutrition to maintain homeostasis and health in
    the body. It can help you achieve optimal health
    using whole foods that contain protein,
    carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and
    enzymes, without chemical compounds.

Massage Therapy
  • Massage Therapy is also available.

The Dangers of Stress
  • There are three kinds of stress that can wreak
    havoc on your health physical, chemical and
  • Physical What is your body structure? Do you
    have scoliosis? Do you sit in front
    of a computer all day? Are you an
    extreme athlete? Do you suffer from injuries
    caused by an accident?
  • Chemical What do you eat? How do you fuel
    your body? What environment do you
    live in? Are you exposed to toxic
    air or water? What does your body eliminate, and
    what doesnt it?
  • Emotional Have you had a death in the family?
    Do you have a healthy relationship
    with others? How do you view your
    self? Your job?
  • All three kinds of stress can cause inflammation
    that can result in varying levels of pain. They
    can cause stiffness, lack of motion, mild and
    acute pain and discomfort.

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