Hire Magento Developers to Set New Goals for your e-Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hire Magento Developers to Set New Goals for your e-Business


For ability to control descriptive product listings and the easy use for the customers especially for the beginners and amateurs, Magento Developers implement certain unique features as per the client’s requirements, that give Magento an edge over other platforms. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hire Magento Developers to Set New Goals for your e-Business

Call On 1300 760 363
Hire Magento Developers to Set New Goals for
your e-Business
Call On 1300 760 363
  • The rapidly increasing competition in online
    sector makes the data driven decisions more
    important than ever.
  • This decision making is not only important for an
    eStore owner but also the developer operating
    behind the scenes.
  • So basically, the developers overall knowledge
    and capability to adopt changes is what it takes
    to develop a full-fledged website for business
  • In order to operate on a platform that gives
    flexibility to the developer for incrementing
    long lasting improvements, Magento was introduced.

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Why Choose Magento Over Others?
  • For ability to control descriptive product
    listings and the easy use for the customers
    especially for the beginners and amateurs,
    Magento Developers implement certain unique
    features as per the clients requirements, that
    give Magento an edge over other platforms

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Ease for Flexibility
  • Magento is considered to be one of the most
    feature-rich open-source eCommerce platforms it
    was acquired by eBay somewhere around 4 years
    back. To control an online channel, Magento Web
    Development can be carried out on three different
  • Magento Community Edition
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Magento Go

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  • With Magento Go not in the scene any more,
    merchants and online store owners may go along
    with the Magento Community Edition which is an
    open-source platform that provides a great room
    to focus on the big picture instead of pixels.
  • For those who are already worried about Magento
    Go, make sure to communicate with your Magento
    Web Developer to preserve your database, customer
    base and search engine indexing before migrating
    to the community edition.

Call On 1300 760 363
  • For those who are looking to migrate from any
    other platform to Magento, a developer will carry
    out a seamless transition so that there is no
    room for errors and poor shopping experience for
  • And for those looking to downgrade from the
    expensive Enterprise edition to the Community,
    yes it is possible!
  • The experts can help you with the right technical
    choices to adopt and not to worry about the PCI
    compliance in the Community version, and it is
    also possible to stay integrated with existing
    payment gateways.

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Why Hire A Magento Website Developer?
  • The developer can create a customisable layout
    which will support the use of multiple languages
    and currencies to reach out the global customers.
  • You may also ask them to develop an eStore where
    the correct taxes are implemented automatically
    for a certain product, and also providing buyers
    with shipping options.
  • Managing customer accounts is not easy however,
    a developer can end the ordeal by ensuring that
    your customers get to check out the recently
    ordered items and can re-order, they have the
    ability to create a wish list, and can do a lot
    more through an easy-to-use account dashboard.

Call On 1300 760 363
  • Unable to get your Magento store upgraded? In
    order to save time and focus more on the core
    business, the Magento Developers will get it done
    for you. For improving the business bottom line,
    they can also carry out troubleshooting and bug
    fixing for your website. Usually, it is hectic to
    be more inclined towards the usual complications
    which keeps occur, these may be
  • Indexing problems
  • Front-End And Admin Issues
  • Shipping Payment related issues
  • System Integration
  • Assistance regarding the Control Panel

Call On 1300 760 363
  • So, it is important to address the complex
    database structure.  You can also ask the
    developer for Magento Code Audit Report, which
    allows you to have an inside look on how the
    developer worked on the site. By this, you may
    also know which Magento version is being used?
    Also, what are the third part extensions you have

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  • With customer accounts, comes the responsibility
    of customer service, well, on this platform it is
    possible for the developer to control multiple
    websites/stores from the administration panel,
    and provides a room for sharing information, as
    the designs are customisable.
  • A feature-rich customer account can be created by
    which the order can be tracked, it also has many
    useful features like a password reset facility
    from both admin panel and front-end, and a
    contact us form.
  • Customer service gets easier if there is a
    possibility for customising transactional emails
    and sending notifications for order and account

Call On 1300 760 363
  • If you are seeking higher ranking for your
    eCommerce store, the developer can make it
    possible for you by creating search engine
    friendly URLs and making use of Google Content
    API for shopping. They can make an absolute
    search engine friendly website with auto
    generated site maps and search terms pages as
  • Apart from SEO operations, a Magento Developer
    has expertise in providing base for
    up-selling/cross-selling, catalogue promotional
    pricing, flexible coupon generation, newsletter
    management, and other marketing and promotional
  • If the developer is good at making the most of
    Magentos marketing tools, you can expect a
    persistent shopping cart and minimum advertised
    price (MAP), and offer free shipping options to
    your customers.

Call On 1300 760 363
  • With SEO advancements, it will be possible for
    you to manage search advertising and also keep a
    vigil not only on ROI and PPC strategies but also
    your campaign performance metrics.

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  • Using Magento it is easier for you to manage
    catalogues by creating unlimited product
    attributes by setting different price points for
    wholesalers and retailers. Customers can be
    notified with stock availability and they can add
    a product to their wish list too. Downloading
    samples and viewing it from different angles,
    sharing the shopping list by email and Facebook
    also gets really accessible.
  • Dont forget to ask the developer how you can
    take full advantage of Magentos layered/faceted
    navigation and other features like configurable
    search, which is integral to catalogue browsing.
  • Are your customers not able to check out the
    recently viewed products or take a look at the
    product listing in grid format? Well, Magento can
    easily address this problem and even facilitate
    product comparisons with history.

Call On 1300 760 363
  • The payment procedures are safe and sound using a
    Magento Website, as for the customer it gets
    really convenient, not only by the option for
    account creation at the beginning of checking
    out, but also they may take a look at the taxes
    and shipping rates being implied, which are added
    to the shopping cart itself.
  • A Magento Website is also integrated to Amazon,
    PayPal, Authorise.net, etc. which is quite
    comforting. The developers also make use of
    Magento features that allows the customers to use
    different payment modes.
  • SSL security for both front-end and back-end

Call On 1300 760 363
  • It is important for the store owner to know the
    referral source of traffic and the customer
    details. So, for every page of your Magento store
    it is possible to meet these needs.
  • A Magento Website his highly compatible with
    Google Analytics, It is pretty helpful for
    creating reports for tax, sales, best
    viewed/purchased products and their reviews, low
    stock, tags etc.
  • Moreover, a Magento Developer can make an online
    store where it is possible for you to track
    eCommerce (especially visitors data) using the
    Google Analytics. Accessing the unique Cross
    Device Reports, accessing the quantity of user,
    their behaviour and purchasing habits by the
    means of a unique user ID is perhaps one of the
    main advantages of Google Analytics to run an

Call On 1300 760 363
  • Operating on Mobile commerce gets easier for
    customers as well as the one running an eStore.
    While the latter can get support for native apps
    for iOS, Android, Windows etc., the former can
    expect a user friendly search and a clear view of
    the product along with product description.
  • In fact, the customers can drag and drop products
    to the shopping cart and enjoy a lot more
    features including zoom capabilities and image
  • The business owner can avail the best with real
    time customisation feature, which includes
    updates for promotional activities and

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What Is the Scope of Magento?
  • Look for certified Magento Developers in Sydney
    who are familiar with these features and are able
    to implement them online, of course you wouldnt
    want a technologically challenged developer to be
    messing around with your eStore. For being in the
    limelight, an online business needs to take care
    of these small things provided there is a
    platform like Magento to work on.

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  • Talking about Magento, well, it is efficiently
    being used by major brands like GANT, NIKE, TOMS,
    VIZIO, Mens Health, ZUMIEZ, Rosetta Stone etc.
    It is the most popular shopping cart software,
    according to the April 2014 survey 42.7 (33.8
    Community Edition 8.7 Enterprise Edition)
    websites are operating on Magento i.e. 1/3rd of
    the websites. Hence, it wont be wrong to say
    that it is a showcase for your innovation no
    matter the business is big or small.

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