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Dog Toilet Training Tips


Dog Toilet Training Tips – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dog Toilet Training Tips

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Dog Toilet Training Tips
Unless you have a sixth sense you can't predict
when and where your dog is going to do the
toilet, that is why dog toilet training is
necessary. Dogs need to learn to hold it and go
where he is supposed to as they dont know any
different. In the wild dogs can go when and where
they please, but this is not the wild and they
need to be taught the difference.
Dog toilet training can be something of a
difficult task. Every day needs to be the same
and you need to give him constant attention when
you can this will make the toilet training
procedure a lot easier. Your training process
will take longer if you are working out of the
house quite often as your dog will need to go and
the house is the only place that he can.
When you start out dog toilet training you need
to give him a place of his own, maybe a corner of
your back room. That should be where you put his
food and his bed and his toys and cover the whole
floor in newspaper. When you leave the house make
sure he is in that room and can't get out.
When you are gone he will obviously need the
toilet and will go where he is standing, but over
time he will pick a place and start to do his
business in the one place, when he starts to do
that you can then start to remove the paper from
the area furthest away from his chosen spot.
Gradually continue this until it is only a small
space available for him to go, if he misses the
paper then you are moving a little bit too fast
and need to go back a step or two until you get
to as little papers as possible. When he gets
older he will be able to control his bladder
movements a lot easier.
When you are at home spend as much time with your
dog as possible. Dog toilet training will be
much easier if you do. Every 45 minutes
or so take your dog outside and whenever he
does the toilet outside make sure he is praised
very happily and excitedly with lots of
enthusiasm, and do this everytime that he goes
outside. He will realise that this is where he
needs to go to the toilet and when he can control
his bladder a little better he will wait until
you come to let him out. It does take a lot of
time and patience though.
Never scold your dog for doing the toilet in the
house as he does not know any better. We did the
toilet in our nappies until we were potty trained
because there was nothing else we could do about
it, when we needed we went, well dogs are the
same. No dog is properly toilet trained until he
is about 6 months old so it is a lengthy
procedure but a great one when the end results
start to show!
To Learn More About Dog Training, go to
http// htt
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