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Web Designing Training Institute in Hyderabad - Ikya Global Education


Ikya Global Education provides the best Web designing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance. Industry endorsed program with 100% job assistance. Program Coverage: • Adobe photoshop • Flash • Dreamweaver • Front page / Tag Media • HTML / DHTML - 4.01 & 5.0 • CSS 2.0 & 3.0 • Javascript • Jquery (Basic) • Xml (Basic) Certification: • Certificate from national accredited organization AIITA (All India Information Technology Association) (or) • Certificate from internationally accredited organization IIML (International Informatics Mauritius Ltd) Course : Web designing Tenure : 45 days Eligibility : BSc (Comps)/ Bcom (Comps)/ Any BE or Btech Location : Ameerpet , Hyderabad. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Designing Training Institute in Hyderabad - Ikya Global Education

Paving a Career in Web Design
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Designing Training in Hyderabad
  • According to the FICCI-KPMG Report (2013), the
    web design and graphics industry is predicted to
    grow to Rs. 45,470 crores by the year 2017. This
    prediction means that the high demand for web
    design will amplify now that almost every shop
    and every business, or say, every individual
    wants a website of his own, it is touted that the
    demand for jobs in the sector will explode.
    However, the shortage for trained and skilled web
    designers already exists and there is currently a
    huge demand for well qualified professionals in
    the field. Web design courses are therefore
    currently in high demand.

The Beginning of Web Design
  • The website era began in 1996 when Microsoft
    released its first browser that had its own
    features, tags and supported style sheets. HTML
    markup was initially used for creating tabular
    data but later on, designers realized that HTML
    tables could also be used for the creation of
    multi-column, complex layouts that was not
    possible or not thought to be conceivable
    earlier. During those times, aesthetics were
    given more importance than mark-up structure and
    not much attention was directed to web
    accessibility and semantics. Websites had very
    limited design options and for the creation of
    complex designs, complicated table structures had
    to be used. GIF images had to be used to keep
    empty cells of the tables from collapsing.

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Designing Course in Hyderabad
The Beginning of Web Design
  • Subsequently, CSS was developed by W3C for
    supporting the layout and presentation of
    websites. Using this, HTML coding language became
    semantic rather than both presentational and
    semantic, making it possible to have a table less
    web design and improved web accessibility. At
    this time, web design courses were not yet
    initiated or were in nascent stage.
  • During these times, Flash or Future Splash was
    developed which was fairly simple as compared to
    the present Flash content development tools. This
    used basic tools for drawing and layout but
    enabled designers to go beyond the limitations
    posed by JavaScript, GIFs and HTML. However, the
    limitation with Flash was that it needed a
    plug-in and had compatibility issues.

The Beginning of Web Design
  • Web developers were therefore avoiding its use
    out of fear of losing site visitors because of
    incompatibility of the website with their
    browsers. Therefore, as an alternative, designers
    went back to animated GIFs and JavaScript
    widgets. Flash however grew in popularity because
    of its functionality in specific markets and
    therefore worked its way into a large number of
    browsers. This also led to the demand for web
    design courses.
  • The best web designing courses in Hyderabad cover
    various disciplines and skills that are required
    for the production as well as maintenance of a
    website. The various components of web design
    courses include interface design, web graphic
    design, user experience design, authoring and
    search engine optimization.

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Designing Course in Hyderabad
The Beginning of Web Design
  • Web designing is often not a one-individual
    affair and often requires a number of individuals
    collaborating in teams to cover various aspects
    of the website production process. However, some
    web designers are capable of handling all the
    functions of web designing single handedly. The
    term web design refers to the process of
    designing the client-interaction front-end design
    of the website which includes writing the mark up
    coding. A web designer needs to be skilled in web
    engineering as well as a broader aspect of web
    development and should also have knowledge of
    usability and web accessibility to be able to
    design a website with a flawless user experience.

The Beginning of Web Design
  • Overall, web design course implies the planning,
    creation, production and updation of a website
    including its information architecture, user
    interface, website structure, navigation
    ergonomics, colors, fonts, website layout,
    contrasts, imagery, icons and accessibility.
    Although the word design may be assumed to just
    refer to the visual aspect of a website, this is
    not true. Web designing is more than just visual
    designing but also the usability, layout,
    navigation logic, ergonomics, user habits and
    presentation of information. Some of the best web
    designing institutes in Hyderabad run courses
    covering all these aspects.

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Designing Institutes in Hyderabad
Web Designing Course Syllabus
  • The syllabus for most web designing courses
    includes Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash,
    HTML/DHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML and Jquery.
    Courses at web designing institutes in Hyderabad
    introduce students to the basic principles of
    computer science as well as the tenets, tricks
    and methodologies of web design. Students are
    trained in graphics tools as well as various
    other software in addition to hardware/software
    basics, history of computers and internet
    architecture. The best web designing course in
    Hyderabad is aimed teaching students how to use
    digital media tools on the internet and use
    multimedia, publishing and web development tools
    for structuring, conceptualizing and creating a

Web Designing Course Syllabus
  • Those who complete a web designing course should
    at the end of their course be able to demonstrate
    advanced skills and knowledge of web design,
    should be able to develop effective websites with
    web pages, should be able to design navigation
    within the website using tooltips, animations and
    other elements. Web design courses equip students
    to be able to use advanced features of Photoshop
    and other photo editing software, link pictures
    using hyperlinks, create animations in Macromedia
    Flash, scripting and validation. The best web
    designing course in Hyderabad will train students
    well enough so they are able to design web pages
    in Macromedia Dreamweaver, create GIFs and
    understand the complex architecture of websites
    complete with interwoven links, site map, site
    navigation, and validation.

Web Designing Course Details
  • A credible Web Design Training Institute in
    Hyderabad will most likely offer training with
    live projects so that the students can design and
    create a website to demonstrate his skills after
    the completion of his training. Web design
    institutes are supposed to teach students to
    create websites from scratch with a combination
    of several advanced techniques such as
    Javascript, HTML and CSS in addition to being
    able to use advanced software like Photoshop and
    Dreamweaver. It will be possible for a trained
    web designer to create web pages using HTML
    himself. Apart from HTML, Javascript and CSS,
    students also need to know ajax and Jquery and
    the conceptualization of a great user interface.

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Designing Institute in Hyderabad
Web Designing Course Details
  • Those who are well trained in web designing not
    only get good jobs as web designers but can also
    exploit freelance opportunities by working for
    different clients on an individual basis. Those
    who are creative, well organized, and proficient
    in graphics and web designing will find a great
    future and money in this field. Students should
    choose the right training institute and course. A
    good training institute will provide students
    with live projects and project completion

Ikya Global offers the best web design training
in Hyderabad at corporate level with live project
and placement assistance.
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Designing Course in Ameerpet Hyderabad
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