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Liquid Bottle Filling Machine | Vial Liquid Filling Machine | Powder Bottle Filling Machine | Water Bottle Filling Machine


Gayatri Machinery is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Filling Machine, Washing Machine, Capping Machine and Bottle Labelling Machine in all over in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Liquid Bottle Filling Machine | Vial Liquid Filling Machine | Powder Bottle Filling Machine | Water Bottle Filling Machine

Welcome toGayatri Machinery
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About us
Having journeyed through more than twenty years
in manufacturing machines for industrial liquid
filling, we are proud of enjoying the fruits of
customer satisfaction through our commitment for
providing complete solutions to our customers in
liquid filling across various industrial sectors.
Our mission is to deliver value based products
that are designed uniquely to meet all specific
requirements of our clients. We are the leading
Ampoule filling machine manufacturer and exporter
and bottle labeling machine manufacturer and
exporter, delivering the best to various
industries which include Food and Beverage,
Cosmetics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other
industries engaged in filling of industrial
liquid. Having a state of art manufacturing
process in Ahmedabad and a team of qualified and
skilled technical staff, we always aim at
delivering unique products that are designed with
innovative technology which include a range of
liquid filling machines.
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Bottle Washing Machine
The Rotary Bottle Washing Machine, manufactured
by Gayatri Machinery offers custom solutions in
washing bottles made of both plastic and glass
through a state of the art way. High efficiency,
compact design and elegant look are some the
unique features of this bottle washing machine.
This Rotary Bottle Washing Machine is designed to
meet all GMP Standards and works in a rotary
system with mechanism of the GENEVA type.
These nozzles also help in preventing the
bottlenecks to be chipped. The output capacity of
this machine is 64 to a maximum 100 bottles per
minute. For easy operation, pumps and tanks can
be mounted on portable stand and for washing
bottles that are light in weight, there is a
system for bottle guide.
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liquid bottle filling machine
Gayatri Liquid Bottle Filling Machine is yet
another featured product that is made from high
quality stainless steel, making it
durable. Being a noted Manufacturer, Supplier
and Exporter, Gayatri Machinery has designed this
Liquid Bottle Filling Machine with unique system
for filling liquids like syrup, oil, shampoo,
pesticides, liquid detergent, milk and juice.
Working on the volumetric system, the Liquid
Bottle Filling Machine is designed with a
conveyor belt system, where the bottle for
filling comes just under the nozzle with a sensor
stopping the bottle to be filled at the right
spot. The nozzles for filling grips the mouth
of the bottle and slowly lifts upwards after
filling the bottle to the exact volume as
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Powder Bottle Filling Machine
Here is yet another machine innovatively designed
by well known Manufacturer, Supplier and
Exporter, Gayatri Machinery, the Automatic Powder
Bottle Filling Machine which is compact in design
and user friendly. The design of this powder
bottle filling machine helps in filling bottles,
jars and containers with any form of powder
The Automatic Powder Bottle Filling Machine has a
Turn Table for feeding bottles at the right speed
set as required which are guided suitably on the
conveyor belt. This powder bottle filling
machine is designed with a single/double filling
head which is mounted at the top of the Automatic
Powder Bottle Filling Machine.
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Bottle Capping Machine
The Automatic Bottle Capping Machine from Gayatri
Machinery, a leading Supplier, Manufacturer and
Exporter is a high efficiency Bottle Capping
Machine which has unique features. This
Automatic Bottle Capping Machine is in use in
various industries like chemicals,
pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics and
other industries where capping of bottles is
Other unique features of the Automatic Bottle
Capping Machine include a single unit motor which
synchronizes the Turret, conveyor and star wheel,
sensor controlled capping, where if there is no
bottle under the capping head, no capping will be
arranged and in case caps are exhausted, the
machine will automatically stop.
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Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine
The Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine,
manufactured by the leading exporter, supplier
and manufacturer, Gayatri Machinery is designed
with some extra ordinary features which make the
machine unique of its kind. This Automatic
Bottle Labeling Machine complies with the GMP
Standards and can be used for any round shaped
containers which include round shaped bottles and
vials, without having to change any part.
If it is a continuous process of filling, capping
and labeling, bottles are fed by the conveyor
belt by the Turn Table after capping and then
separated by a system where a roller is in action
for feeding the bottles, after which one by one
container goes for labeling.
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vial liquid filling machine
This machine is easy to operate and handle for
user friendly switches and in case there is no
stopper, the machine will stop. It is easy to
change from one Filling size to a different one
with minimum time being wasted and one of the
striking features of the Vial Liquid Filling
Machine is that the parts are made of quality
stainless steel.
  • Input Loading Table of 24 Output Un Loading
    Table 24 ( Optional)
  • Ideal to Fill 2ml to 100ml vials ( with the help
    of change parts)
  • No vial no filling , so saving in wastage of
    costly pharmaceutical liquid.
  • Ideal filler machine for pharmaceutical companies
  • No stopper machine will stop

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Vial Powder Filling Machine
The Gayatri Automatic Injectable Vial Powder
Filling Rubber Plugging Machine is suitable for
Round Vials with maximum speed of 220 Vials per
minute. We have 2 Models, Single Wheel Double
Wheel, all Machine Powder Contact Parts Made in
SS316 Material. 
Salient features
  • No Vial - No Filling of Powder
  • Other Machine construction in SS304 material
  • less wastage of  powder
  • Tool Less change over for Powder Hopper and
  • Built in Rubber Plugging System
  • Multi dosing system for various filling sizes
    with the help of change parts

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Ampoule Filling Machine
The Automatic Ampoule Filling Machine from
Gayatri Machinery, the leading manufacturer,
supplier and exporter of various types of filling
machines is designed to fill and seal any size
and thickness of ampoules, both Indian and
International. This machine complies with the
GMP standards and runs silently while Filling and
sealing of ampoules.
The Automatic Ampoule Filling Machine is designed
with quality stainless steel with a matt finish
with doors of large size for easy cleaning from
the sides. The start and stop switches of this
machine are easy to operate and incorporated with
a variable AC drive for adjustment of speed.
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Water Bottle Filling Machine
Well known manufacturer, supplier and exporter,
Gayatri Machinery introduces the Water Bottle
Filling Machine which is designed with exclusive
features to make it a highly efficient
product. This Water Filling Machine can fill
bottles of any size with the operational system
being user friendly.
The Water Bottle Filling Machine is designed with
unique features like system of loading and
collection of tray for both in feed and out
feed. The bottles are filled as and when each
bottle comes under the hopper with a mechanical
system for holding while filling. A bottle
sensor is incorporated which stops each bottle at
the right spot and signals to be filled at the
right time.
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