Choose Right Mobile Platform for your App - Android Mobile App Vs Windows Mobile App - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choose Right Mobile Platform for your App - Android Mobile App Vs Windows Mobile App


Choose Right Mobile Platform for your App - Android Mobile App Vs Windows Mobile App – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Choose Right Mobile Platform for your App - Android Mobile App Vs Windows Mobile App

Android Vs. Windows Phone Tips to Choose Right
Mobile App Development Platform
In the recent past Smartphone was a high-end
gadget, but in todays mobile technology it is
the most common companion for people irrespective
of their age and demographics. More and more
people are using Smartphone for their routine
tasks apart from calling and messaging. As per
available statistical data, till 2013 there were
1.75 billion Smartphone users approximately.
Todays Smartphone are capable of high end tasks
like Mobile banking, M-Commerce, M-Governance,
ERPs CRMs. So the Smartphone are not just
limited for gaming and social media
communications. The point is clear that the
Smartphone are capable enough to manage your
day-to-day business operations with few swipes
away. Now the BIG question is that which platform
would be better for your business or which
platform will draw a larger circle for your
contacts and reach.
The Choice is between Android and Windows!!! If
you closely observe Android is in the market and
has been the leader being largest player since
2008. BUT, Windows is growing slowly and steadily
since its launched the Windows phone in October
2010. It is obvious that there is confusion when
the question is to select correct development
platform. Your choice will take you to the
pinnacle or to disaster. A wrong choice can ruin
your whole efforts in terms of money as well as
manpower. Windows had a big jolt recently when it
had to write off over 900 inventory for its
Surface tablets and the future of Windows 8
Mobile almost trembled. On the other hand,
Windows Store has reached 160,000 apps recently.
And to its credit it is the third platform to
reach six digit figures. This achievement has
given Windows platform a breather with high
energy shot in its arm. Android is widely used
and it is the Operation System with the largest
user base, but that is also disadvantageous as
Google Play Store is over crowded with
applications available in the market. So getting
better business deals through Android App may be
a bit difficult for a new entrant. For Windows
platform there is ample space at the top as fewer
applications are on the market place reducing the
Following pointers may help you take the right
decision of selecting the correct platform for
your mobile App
Scope of your Application The App scope plays an
important role to decide your application
platform. The scope includes App features, use of
Native controls and Functionality. As compared to
Android apps, Windows Phone apps are remarkable
for revenue generating apps under the native
environment. Windows platform has more secure
environment and would be an excellent choice
especially if your App is Business (Payment)
Image Source
Application Size The application size varies
between Windows Phone and Android applications,
though they have the same features and
functionality. The windows phone will
automatically detect the device resolution and
resize the images. In contrast, you need to
upload different images for different device
resolutions on an Android App, thus the app size
will increase For example, if you are planning
for a gaming app with lot many graphic images,
then your Android App size will be more when
compared with windows App. To develop this type
of application in Windows platform decreases the
App size drastically without affecting the
Developer Preference Windows Phone App
development is easy and quick to develop and in
terms of features, Windows periodically comes up
with new features and updates. Secondly an
existing .NET developer can easily study the
Windows Phone SDKs and quickly learn application
development. Windows Phone has .NET C as the
base platform which is more powerful and
intuitive compared to Java/Eclipse for Android.
Windows Phone App Development provides more
stable and secure development while in Android we
have to use Test-n-Study methodology, thus
consuming more time for stabilizing an
application post development.
Competitive Apps in Market Number of available
Smartphone applications with similar
functionality also plays a major role to succeed
in the store. So before starting any app
development find out your competitor and its
platform availability. Till end 2013, the number
of applications on Google Play Store was ONE
million and the Windows Store had only 160K. So
there is less competition in Windows compared to
Android, as a result you have higher opportunity
to be visible and generate more revenue for your
business. Selecting a Platform for development
is always the most difficult question, but after
discussing the points above, we hope it would be
easy for you to select a proper development
platform between Windows and Android platform for
your application. If you have a Unique Concept
and better development team then you can go ahead
with the Windows App development, though it is
not much popular than Android OS.
Some Essential Windows Phone Apps developed
by Semaphore Software
Universal Converter
Universal Converter is a Metrics to Imperial
(vice versa) Converter in 6 languages English,
Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Arabic. The
App converts Temperature, Distance, Weight,
Angle, Bits and Bytes, Electric current, Energy,
Force, Fuel, Power, Speed, Area, Time, Frequency,
Pressure Currency. Also this application can
calculate Volume, Velocity and Density by
providing required data and result will display
in converted units. Find more about Universal
Converter on Windows Phone Store.
AutoGas application helps the users to locate
nearest CNG or LPG gas stations in India. User
can Search a CNG or LPG gas station using GPS in
a State or City that user is planning to visit.
The app has features such as Quick search by
selecting a State, City or a particular Provider,
Set radius to search gas station within that
radius, Add to favorite for quick view, get
driving directions to a CNG /LPG station. User
can also send suggestions for any new station
which is not available in our database. Find more
about Autogas on Windows Phone Store.
City Guide
All City Guide applications provides you with
detailed information regarding various spheres
such as Weather, Metro, Must Visit, Hotels,
Emergency, Night Life / Restaurants, Translator,
Lingo Help etc. The applications cover 20
well-known cities across India. It is an offline
application with most of the information
built-in. Find more about City Guides Apps on
Windows Phone Store.
MyNiño is a multi-platform application that helps
one to track their Childs location and also get
call and SMS details (incoming and outgoing) on
parents device. The application is cross
platform friendly, i.e., Parent and Child
Applications can be installed on same or
different platforms. Parent can set Geofence for
childs phone by setting a radius and receive
notifications if the child device moves beyond
set Geofence. Find more about MyNiño on Windows
Phone Store.
Apart from mentioned Windows apps Semaphore
software has developed applications with varied
ideas and concepts including enterprise mobile
apps for different platforms. Want to know more
about our Enterprise Mobile Apps Development?
Please get in touch with us!!
Created by Mobile App Developer info_at_silvertouch
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