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Best Gastro Hospital in Hyderabad


In now a day’s people are habituated to modern culture and they are not concentrating on their health issues. People are habituating to eat outside food and these effects by the end in age group of 30 to 35 major people are suffering from cancer, digestion problems and heart stroke they need proper medical guidance with top or best gastroenterology doctors to save their lives from these problems. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best Gastro Hospital in Hyderabad

Innovate Medical Center is part of Innovate
Health Systems (IHS) and is set up by a group of
highly qualified passionate doctors returning
from UK, USA and Australia. It is located in the
upcoming part of Hyderabad i.e Madhapur. The
center is a Multi Super Speciality set up
offering clinical consultations, Diagnostics,
pharmacy and Endoscopy services.
Some of the major specialities offering their
services are Gastroenterology Hepatology,
Nephrology, Orthopedics, ENT, Pulmonology,
Gynecology, Paediatrics, Internal (General)
Medicine, Surgery and many more. We focus a lot
on patient counseling which is of paramount
importance when dealing with chronic disabling
ailments. The center is spread across 2 floors
covering around 11,000 sft and boasts completely
hygienic and state of the art premises. The
set-up is well supported by friendly staff and
most of our patients are extremely satisfied with
the service they get. The center very well
connected to various parts of the city by road
with MMTS close by. Some of our international
patients enjoy coming by flights with its easy
connectivity to airport.
Our Doctors
Dr.KiranPeddi MRCP (UK) CCST (UK), Fellowship in
Advanced Endoscopy and IBD (Aus) Consultant
Gastroenterologist Hepatologist
Dr.Kavitha Gone M.R.C.P(UK),CCST(Nephrology)UK Con
sultant Nephrologist Transplant Physician
Hypertension Specialist
Dr SudheerNadimpalli M.D., MRCP (Glasgow,
UK) Consultant Pulmonologist (Chest Physician)
Dr.SunilDachepalli MS(Ortho),MRCS(Ed),MCh(Ortho),M
Sc(UK)TrOrth,FRCS(TraumaOrtho) Shoulder, Hip
Knee arthroscopy replacement, Sports Medicine
We currently offer speciality clinics in
Gastroenterology / Hepatology, Nephrology,
Pulmonology, Orthopaedics, Internal (General)
Medicine, surgical specilities many more.
Please see below the list of the current
available specialists in our center.
Best Gastro Hospital in Hyderabad
In now a days people are habituated to modern
culture and they are not concentrating on their
health issues. People are habituating to eat
outside food and these effects by the end in age
group of 30 to 35 major people are suffering from
cancer, digestion problems and heart stroke they
need proper medical guidance with top or best
gastroenterology doctors to save their lives from
these problems.    With experienced
gastroenterologists and quality medical equipment
to deal with gastroenterology patients, Innovate
Medical Center can be considered as the best
gastro hospital in Hyderabad.   Specialists who
deal with gastroenterology are known as
Gastroenterologists they usually care for
patients in hospitals and nursing homes and they
also treat or serve as consultants to other
physicians and may work in the research
field.   Most specialist Doctors were started
their services from Innovate Medical Center. Dr.
Kiran Peddi is consultant at gastroenterologist
and hepatologist to provide advance continually
for understanding of patients symptoms and
problems at all levels, and he is one of the few
in the country to practice Advanced Endoscopic
procedures such as ERCP and Endoscopic Ultrasound
etc. He has special expertise in the management
of inflammatory bowel diseases. He is one of the
very popular Gastroenterologists in the state.
Cardiology is the study and treatment of
disorders of the heart it is a therapeutic
strength which is included being taken care of by
all things connected with the heart and the
courses. Cardiology is a piece of inward
pharmaceutical. It is an order which incorporates
the conclusion, treatment, causes, and also
scrutinize into heart diseases and
injuries.   Cardiology extends over a suite of
arrangements that reflect a commitment to
fighting cardiovascular infection.
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery intends to enhance the stylish
appearance of an individual, while plastic
surgery may incorporate this, or simply the
recreation. Reconstructive plastic surgery plans
to enhance capacity nonetheless, it might
likewise include attempting to surmised typical
appearance, however that is not its essential
capacity. Reconstructive plastic surgery is
regularly alluded as essentially reconstructive
Dermatology is the science that is concerned with
the analysis and treatment of sicknesses of the
skin, hair and nails. Dermatology includes study,
examination, and judgment of typical and issue,
ailments, diseases, restorative and maturing
states of the skin, fat, hair, nails and oral and
genital films, and the administration of these by
distinctive examinations and treatments,
including however not constrained to
dermatohistopathology, topical and systemic
drugs, dermatologic surgery and dermatologic
corrective surgery, immunotherapy, phototherapy,
laser treatment, radiotherapy and photodynamic
Diabetes Endocrinology
Diabetes and Endocrinology department at Innovate
Medical Center has experienced diabetologists and
endocrinologists and also fine quality equipment
for treating patients who require treatment for
diabetes and diseases related to
hormones. Diabetes, is a term used for a medical
condition, where a patient suffers from high
blood glucose, patients suffering from diabetes
suffers from increasing in thirst, weight gain,
fatigue, cuts, tingling in limbs and hunger.
Diabetic Foot Surgery
Today more than thousands of people are suffer
from diabeties across our country Diabetes can
affect nerves in the foot and prevent you from
feeling injuries, it is important to keep a
diabetic foot healthy. They need primary guidance
from general physician and to consult best
Endocrinologists for proper guidelines to control
ENT Head Neck Surgery
In Present situation, many people suffering from
diseases of the ears, nose, sinuses, mouth, and
throat, as well as structures of the neck and
face and. People need proper medical guidance
with top or Best Doctors ENT Physicians to solve
from these problems. ENT Doctors is mainly treat
people who suffer with problems and disorders of
the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related areas of
the head and neck, Specialists who deals with ENT
Problems are known as Otolaryngology. They deals
diagnose problems and treat people who suffering
from diseases of the ears, nose, sinuses, mouth,
and throat, as well as structures of the neck and
General Medicine
In Present situation, many people are habituated
to boozing, smoking and drugs and they are not
concentrating on their health issues which affect
their internal organs for their body parts and
leads to major diseases. People need proper
medical guidance with top or Best Doctors in
General Medicine to save their lives from these
problems. General Medicine or Internal medicine
is mainly used for diagnosis problems and
treatment for adult patients, Physicians who
deals with General Medicine are known as
Internists. They deals with the patients suffer
from full range of adult medical illness, with
responsibility mainly for acute emergencies and
ongoing care.
Gynecology Obstetrics
Obstetrics deals among the medical speciality
concerned with treatment of conditions including
the care of pregnant patients. Gynaecology deals
only to the reproductive concern of women. Nearly
every modern Gynecologist is also
Obstetricians. Obstetrics and gynaecology
constitute the supervision of the pregnant lady,
to manage her diseases. A gynaecology expert
deals with mammograms and Pap test, cervical, or
vaginal infections, fertility problems, tubal
ligations and hysterectomies. Confirms the
pregnancy and then move to the obstetrician. A
obstetrics specialist deals among Pregnancy,
post-natal concern and delivery. Performs normal
ultrasounds frequently in the first term, to
verify healthy of the fetus, recognize any
difficulties and find out gestational period.
Nephrology Hypertension
Nephrology and Hypertension deals among the
medical speciality concerned with treatment of
patients with kidney issues and blood
pressure. Many nephrologists and hypertension
experts work nearly with different specialists,
including cardiologists, endocrinologists, drug
specialists, nurses and dietitians to convey
excellent practical consideration to patients who
experience the ill effects of issues including
the kidneys, uncontrolled hypertension.
Orthopaedic deals among the medical speciality
concerned with treatment of conditions including
bones, joints, and muscles etc. An orthopaedic
surgeon deals with particular injuries of the
musculoskeletal system.
Pediatrics Neonatology
Pediatric deals among the medical speciality
concerned with the care of seriously ill newborn
and premature infants. Neonatology is a sub
speciality of pediatric. A Neonatologist contain
the special training to grip the most difficult
and high-risk situations.
Pediatric Surgery Urology
Pediatric surgery is treatment for the problems
that are facing childrens to young age people. A
Doctor who deals Pediatric surgery problems are
called as Paediatrician. He dont care about
diseases in adults, because of the many changes
are takes due to harmonic changes in the body and
maturity after getting a certain age. Thats why
they are concerned about the people who are
having age up to 21 only.   Urology is a branch
of medicine for the people who are facing
problems in the urinary tract system of male and
females, they can serve treatments for the male
reproductive organs. An urologist is a medical
doctor who specializes in urinary system and
treating diseases of the reproductive organs of
males.   Paediatrician and urologist are very
useful to provide best treatments for the all
patients who are troubling with the health
disorders. In these days, there are so many
people are not taking care about the health of
their childrens due to lack of time and
pressures. Thats why Pediatric surgery will make
you happy with your childs better health.
Psychiatry is a Medical speciality who leads with
study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of
mental health and emotional problems. Psychiatry
understands the relationships between emotional
illness and medical illness. To analyze the
current circumstance of healthcare for depression
in the world, as per the psychiatrists
assumption, and how it has advanced in the course
of the most recent years, comparatively with the
results reported in past investigations of our
group. Psychiatry is a physician, who also deals
with affective, behavioural, cognitive and
perceptual abnormalities. Psychiatrist at
Innovate medical center, multispecialty doctors
who leads with above procedure. The presence of
depressive disorder in healthcare is substantial
its going high for concealed epidemiology in the
recent years.
Pulmonology is a medical specialist who leads the
respiratory tract. Pulmonology is also known as
chest medicine. The person who leads with
pulmonology is a subspecialty. A Pulmonology is a
medical doctor who applies this specialized
knowledge to treat patients with blood
conditions. They are often called as Internist.
As a result of the mixture of clinical issues
experienced, information of interior
pharmaceutical and different strengths is needed
so as to get confirmation.
Reproductive Medicine Infertility
Infertility is condition where a couple wanting
children but unable to get a pregnancy even after
a sexual relation over a year without birth
control or six months in certain circumstances.
There may be one or more factors causing the
pregnancy to occur or continue. This problem may
be due to female, male or both in few cases.
Fortunately there are many therapies and
medicines which help in overcoming infertility
and fulfil your dreams of having a child.   Here
are some of the causes for infertility among men
and women   In men 1)            Problems with
the delivery of sperm. 2)            Overexposure
to certain chemicals and toxins. 3)           
Abnormal sperm production or function. 4)         
   Damage related to cancer and its
treatment.   In woman 1)            Fallopian
tube damage or blockage. 2)            Ovulation
disorders. 3)            Uterine or cervical
abnormalities. 4)            Pelvic
adhesions. 5)            Primary ovarian
insufficiency. 6)            Endometriosis. 7)    
        Uterine or cervical abnormalities.   Getti
ng right treatment is the most crucial part in
dealing with infertility as it will help you in
getting pregnancy and fulfil your dreams.
Choosing a right doctor and hospital which is
well equipped is also plays a major role.
Surgical Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine dealing
with digestive system i.e., from mouth to anus
along the alimentary canal and its diseases or
disorders. Surgical gastroenterology provides the
state-of-the art care for the patients who
suffering from gastroenterology problems which
need surgical approach. We offer laparoscopic
surgeries with minimal invasive techniques with
our dedicated and focused care for patients in
our clinics.
Urology Andrology
Urologists are the doctors or specialists who
deal with surgical and diseases related to male
and female urinary tract system, like lower
urinary tract symptoms in women, urinary tract
infections in teens and adults, urinary system
disorders, etc. Andrologists are the doctors or
specialists who deal with surgical needs and
diseases related to male reproductive
organs. Urologists deals with different types of
surgical procedures like vasectomy, hydrocoele,
prostate, kidney or bladder cancer removal,
kidney stones removal, reconstruction of the
bladder, reconstruction of the urethra, etc.
Urologists at Innovate Medical Center are
experienced in dealing the with the above
procedures. Andrologists deals with surgical
procedures related to male reproductive system
like infertility, prostate cancer, testicular
cancer, etc, Andrologists at Innovate Medical
Center are experienced in dealing the with the
above Andrology related surgical procedures. In
the present scenario, many hospitals which treat
patients seeking urology and andrology related
treatment have less experienced doctors and also
less qualitative equipment, hence patients seek
hospitals which have experienced urologists and
andrologists and also quality equipment.