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Audio Conversion: Enjoying your Library in a Way that Best Suits You!


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Title: Audio Conversion: Enjoying your Library in a Way that Best Suits You!

Audio Conversion Enjoying your Library in a Way
that Best Suits You!
  • Boy do I love talk radio. Theres a couple guys I
    like in particular, some in the political realm,
    some of those late night guys too But I wont
    bore you with that. Ill stick to the point here
    and let you know about an online audio converter
    that had a dramatic effect on the quality of my
    everyday life.

  • As a big fan of talk radio, I spend a lot of my
    time listening to the stuff. Whenever I have a
    spare moment I seem to always be replaying shows
    Ive previously recorded while I was working.

  • I currently work a swing shift that either has me
    out and about from the evening through the
    mid-afternoon time or a mid-afternoon to evening
    rotation. My job doesnt allow me to listen to
    the radio while I work, so I make a point to
    record my favorite shows and listen to them

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  • My current set is pretty basic. Its just a
    computer microphone set next to my radio. While
    Im gone I have the computer record every single
    bit of radio that goes on and then I edit out the
    parts that Im not interested in.

  • As you can imagine, these files can take up quite
    a bit of space on my hard drive, especially if I
    dont have time to edit the files for a couple of
    days. Even so, my library of shows began to
    really back up after a while.

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  • Some may call me a hoarder, but say what you
    will. I like to keep a lot of these old shows.
    Theyre all very nostalgic for me and I believe
    that they can provide quite a bit of insight when
    listening to them years later.

  • Anyway, these files were taking up quite a bit of
    space on my disk. Come to find out that they were
    in a format called WAV. These were large file
    types that could easily be reduced if I had the
    right software.

  • A quick web search led me right to
    and their Audio Converter program. The site
    offered me a free trial of the thing so I went
    ahead and gave it a try.

  • I was so happy to see that I could convert my
    files easily to MP3s that took much less space on
    my disk. Now I can store many more of my shows on
    the disk with much less worry about whether or
    not I will run out of space.

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  • Thanks to this program my collection can continue
    to grow for many years to come. I am so very
    happy to find a site that allows me to try their
    software for free and even offered me customer
    support there on the site when I was having
    trouble finding some of the files I had

  • This is a truly great program and I am very happy
    to have made it a part of my radio-listening

  • For details information, visit us