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Tatva Leadership - Leadership Training Mumbai


Tatva Leadership offer best Leadership Training in Mumbai. We also provided team bonding, skill building, Mentoring Skills. We partner organizations in Developing Leadership Talent by enabling leaders to be authentic and apply practical wisdom to achieve breakthrough result. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tatva Leadership - Leadership Training Mumbai

Leadership training in Mumbai 
Leadership Training
We facilitate the process of enabling individuals
to first connect with their core / essence (Tatvã
in Sanskrit) and then using wisdom, compassion
and humility to inspire others to achieve
breakthrough results.
We Offering
Leadership Development
Generational Diversity
Theater Based Corporate Training
Train the Trainer
Developing Leader from Within
Leadership Development Program Pune
Team Bonding
Skill Building
Women Leadership Development
Management Development
Inclusive Culture
Executive Coaching Pune
Diversity Inclusion
LeaderShip Development
  • We offer leadership development for
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Women Leaders
  • Our leadership programs focus on enabling leaders
    to become more visionary and strategic, think and
    act as whole beings, be conduits to support
    people to tap their own power and make choices
    based on passion and authenticity.
  • The journey of leadership begins with the journey
    of discovering ones own self by continuously
    seeking within.

Developing Leader from Within
  • Inspirational leaders spend a larger portion of
    their time helping team members discover /
    re-visit the deeper source of inspiration within
    themselves. When people discover their talents,
    skills and hidden resources, they are inspired to
    build new competencies and take on new
  • Indicative contents
  • Leaders role in developing people and its
  • Attitudes which make a difference
    Appreciation, Recognition, Trust
  • Learning to Let go
  • Engagement and Enrolment strategies
  • People Development Methodologies Coaching,
    Counseling, Mentoring
  • Situational Leadership Model

Team Bonding
  • Indicative contents
  • Bonding and appreciating diversity
  • Co-creating a shared Vision and Values
  • Interpersonal Team Dynamics
  • Understanding cross-functional roles and
  • Bonding and enjoying each others company
  • Ensuring trust and togetherness within the
    team becomes every leaders challenge and an
    opportunity. The focus of this program is to
    create a shared understanding that various
    talents available within the team can be
    leveraged for individual and organizational gains.

Management Development
  • Management Development has become critical in
    todays environment. Companies that align
    management development to their business and
    strategic plans are more successful than those
    that leave people to manage by themselves. When
    we support managers during their transition
    from managing self to managing others, we enhance
    their productivity and lay the foundation for
    talent development. 
  • The focus of this programe is to equip the
    manager with the knowledge, skills and attitudes
    required to ensure smooth execution, both in
    terms of people and process management.

Generational Diversity
  • Creating Generational Networks in the
  • Leverage existing relationships across
  • Value the power of diversity
  • Be willing to experience new ways of networking
  • Be an active listener
  •  Awareness Workshops  On differences and
    strengths of Traditionalist
  • Baby Boomers
  • Gen X
  • Gen Y
  • Gen Y2K
  •  Institutionalizing Mentoring Process  Setting
    up Mentoring Program for Organizations
  • Integrating it with the Management Priorities

Train the trainer
  • While learning and development initiatives with
    outsourced experts is one way of building
    competencies, research has shown that Internal
    Trainers are far more impactful in building the
    learning culture in any organization.
  • Every organization has a number of passionate
    individuals who have a natural flair for being
    coaches, trainers and facilitators
  • The advantage internal facilitators have is the
    ability of aligning theoretical concepts with
    actual organizational issues / challenges /
    success stories. This makes learning more
    practical and tangible. The other big advantage
    of training Internal Trainers is that it is
    economically a more viable option.

Skill Building
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills (Basic)
  • Creativity Innovation
  • Coaching Skills
  • Problem solving decision making
  • Execution skills
  • Time management
  • Conflict management
  • Giving receiving feedback
  • Interviewing skills
  • Performance review discussion
  • Setting goals

Inclusive Culture
  • The larger objective of cultural diversity is on
    Building a culture which is open to embracing
    diversity of all kinds. We approach this as a
    change management initiative. We propose a three
    phase approach 
  • Phase I Preparation
  • Phase II - Designing Initiatives   
  • Phase III - Sustainability 

Executive Coaching Mumbai
  • Executive Coaching is modeled on the leadership
    practice of bringing out the best performance by
    getting people to think deeper and sharper rather
    than providing them the answers and constant
  • The salient features of our Coaching process are
  • Wholistic Head, Heart and Spirit integration
    and alignment
  • Reflection Introspection and seeking within
    for unleashing potential for the future
  • Individual and Private
  • Measures tangible results linked with business

Thread Based Corporate Treaning
  • A wholesome experience as it works at the
    intellectual, conscious subconscious levels
    Independent evaluation of life events and choices
    versus prescriptive approach in traditional
    training environments
  • Theatre based corporate training method provides
    a safe, anonymous environment allowing for
  • Subtle representation of facts versus stark
    representation in role plays
  • Theatre based corporate training is an exciting
    involving process which stimulates alternate
    points of view
  • Impact of a decision is showcased immediately
  • Everyone is a critic and everyone is a solution
  • Theatre based corporate training is highly
    economical in terms of cost time

Leadership Development Program Pune
  • The organizations of today have moved away from
    the hierarchical model and have been replaced by
    learning organizations'. Organizations now
    contain people driven by knowledge and the
    top-down approach does not work. People are no
    more motivated by short term gains an money, but
    the ability to make a difference.
  • Tatvãs Leadership training and development in
    Mumbai prepares potential leaders for future
    opportunities and challenges. This has led to the
    rise of a new type of leadership authenticity.
  • Our leadership training and development programs
    focus on enabling leaders to become more
    visionary and strategic thinkers and act as whole
    beings to be conduits to support people to tap
    their own power and make choices based on passion
    and authenticity.

Women Leadership Development
  • Grooming women for Leadership roles is a major
    thrust area for most organizations. While a fair
    amount of work has happened in the awareness and
    sensitization phases, the current reality is
    that, sizable exits at the middle management and
    aspiration deficits at the senior management
    level have been causing a major challenge on
    having a good GM/ VP level mix. This in turn
    affects the diversity environment in the
  • Grooming Women for Leadership Positions
  • We have put together an organizational level
    long term intervention to address this issue.

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