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Grant Writing - Myths


- Our grant writer Brisbane is very experienced in debunking the myths of grant writing for non profit organisations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Grant Writing - Myths

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Grant Writing - Myths
  • Our grant writer Brisbane is very experienced in
    debunking the myths of grant writing for non
    profit organisations. There are many myths around
    that really need to be addressed to set those
    running non profits straight and to reinforce
    that a good quality grant writer is worth their
    weight in gold.

Myth 1 Government cuts mean there are no grant
opportunities available
  • Plain wrong yes Government cuts have been
    savage recently at both the State and Federal
    Government levels and yes loads of organisations
    have had their recurrent funding cut and yes some
    funding programs have been cancelled or disbanded
    but there still are Government funding
    opportunities at a Local, State or Federal level,
    there still are opportunities through commercial
    entities and there certainly are opportunities
    available through Trusts and Foundations.

Myth 2 Competition is too fierce for the
available funding so why bother
  • Wrong again competition is fierce BUT if you
    develop great projects that attract the attention
    of funders then funding is very achievable.

Myth 3 Only large non profits are successful in
winning grant funding
  • Large non profits generally are likely to have
    more success with larger funding amounts but this
    is purely because generally they have more larger
    projects which need funding. Small non profits
    should certainly consider small, medium and large
    funding opportunities any opportunities at all.
    If your organisation and project tick ALL the
    boxes as outlined in the grant guidelines then an
    application should certainly be considered.

Myth 4 no programs fund wages or cover
operational costs
  • The number of funding programs that fund wages or
    ongoing is certainly not extensive but there are
    opportunities to include administration costs
    in some grant opportunities and this is where you
    can include wages/operational costs.

Myth 5 Winning grant funding will ensure our
organisation will survive
  • This is clearly the thought process of some
    organisations. Grant funding is generally tied to
    a project and must be spent on that project and
    nothing else. So normally winning funding wontbe
    the panacea for a struggling organisation.

Myth 6 grant writing is too hard
  • Grant writing is not easy but it isnt rocket
    science either. There are courses available that
    can assist to train the inexperienced but the one
    real secret of grant writing is read the
    guidelines, read the guidelines and then read the

Myth 7 we never know when grants are closing
  • This is very easy to debunk. An hour of research
    will identify a heap of potential funding
    opportunities you can access and if you plot
    these on a calendar giving you a months notice
    before closing date problem solved. Also there
    are lots of grant databases out there you can
    sign up to which have information about all sorts
    of grants. This can be a very cost effective way
    of finding out about what grants are available
    and when the grant programs close.

Myth 8 you need to know someone in the know to
win grants
  • While this is a myth it obviously can help your
    case if you do know someone with influence. But
    thousands of organisations every month with grant
    funding across Australia and have no inside help.

Myth 9 once you receive grant funding you can
spend the money on something else if you want
  • WRONG! If you receive grant funding it MUST be
    spent exactly as you outlined in your grant
    application. If you identify that you need to
    change and purchase something different you must
    identify this in writing to the relevant funding
    program and get approval back in writing BEFORE
    you spend money on the new item.

Myth 10 grant writers are too expensive
  • Wrong quality grant writers can give a great
    return on investment. Our grant writer Brisbane
    is highly skilled and we can develop a cost
    structure to meet the budget of any organisation
    no matter how small they are.

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