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Easy DIY Shower Leak Repair Tips


A leaking shower is not only irritating and inconvenient. It is also expensive because it may result to high water and electricity bills. Not only that, it also heightens the risk of damage on your property. Learn how to stop that leak by watching this presentation that features a step-by-step DIY shower leak repair guide. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Easy DIY Shower Leak Repair Tips

Easy DIY Shower Leak Repair Tips
A leaking shower is not only irritating. It is
also expensive.
Call 1-877-7-4LEAKS
Continuous dripping will waste gallons of water
every day. The leak wont only raise your water
bill but will also make use of your water heater,
thus resulting to high electricity or gas
Call 1-877-7-4LEAKS
Aside from your expenses, a leaking shower may
also cause damage to your property. If the water
dribbles onto the wall, it may promote the growth
of mold, cause dry rot and other related issues.
Call 1-877-7-4LEAKS
If you are currently experiencing this problem,
follow this easy-to-follow DIY guide to put a
stop to that leak immediately!
  • It is possible that the handle is not properly
    shut off. Make sure that it is turned as far as
    it should go in the off position. If this doesnt
    resolve the issue, move on to the next step.

  • Turn off the water supply valves before doing any
    kind of repair on your shower. If you are not
    sure where the fixtures valve is located, just
    turn the main line off.

  • When youre sure that no water will come out of
    the tap, remove the faucet handle by prying off
    the decorative cap with your knife. Detach the
    screw thats located right under the cap with
    your screwdriver.

  • If the faucet handles screw wont budge, you can
    warm it up with your hair dryer or you may also
    use a handle puller.

  • Detach the old cartridge thats going to be
    exposed once you remove the faucets handle. Use
    a cartridge puller to complete this task. Install
    a new cartridge.

  • Once done, remove the shower faucet with the use
    of your reliable wrench or a pair of pliers. Let
    the water drain out of the tap.

  • In some cases, a worn out rubber gasket is the
    culprit. Install a new gasket and guarantee that
    youll position it properly in place. It should
    not move while its inside the tap.

  • Get your wrench and re-attach the showers
    faucet. Secure it but never over tighten it.

  • Turn the water supply valve on and test if the
    leak is gone. If the problem persists, call a

Follow this shower leak repair guide to stop the
drip ASAP. Should you need a professional
Annapolis plumber, dont hesitate to call
Plumbers 911 Washington DC! You may also visit
our website to schedule a service appointment.
Call 1-877-7-4LEAKS or 1-877-745-3257.
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