Groovy and Grails Online Training | Online Groovy and Grails Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India, Singapore. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Groovy and Grails Online Training | Online Groovy and Grails Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India, Singapore.


Hyderabadsys provides complete knowledge regarding all core concepts and it gives enough confidence about GROOVY AND GRAILS . Grails is one of the latest programming languages that serve the purpose of Rapid Application Development. The inspiration for development of this language was drawn from Ruby on Rails. Grails works on Java's Virtual Machine also known as JVM. This language depends on Groovy which is again compatible with the JVM. The popularity of Grails is sky rocketing. Grails is one of the quickest growing web frameworks for Rapid Application Development (RAD). groovy and grails Online Training Contact us: INDIA : +91 9030400777 USA : +1-347-606-2716 EMAIL : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Groovy and Grails Online Training | Online Groovy and Grails Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India, Singapore.

  • Hyderabadsys Online Training Institute ensuring
    accomplished carrier in IT Industry. Hyderabadsys
    provides best online training for all software
    tools and technologies. We offer real time
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    warehousing, oracle and sap modules. Also, we
    provide project support to all IT Technologies.

  • Contact us
  • India91 9030400777   
  • USA 1-347-606-2716
  •  Email

  • We are providing GROOVY AND GRAILS Training
    based on specific needs of the learners
    especially we will give innovative one to one
    Classes which has great opportunities in the
    present IT market. We also provides Class room
    course to contend with todays competitive IT
    world. Learners can grasp the technology-subject
    from our highly experienced certified trainers
    which will be helping the students to work in
    real time projects. Learners can choose either
    regular course or fast track classes or weekend 
    Training classes. Its proud to be we are one of
    the top leading GROOVY AND GRAILSonline training
    provider from India. We are into this field with
    passion and dedication we are in to online
    trainings from many years. Our team of well
    experienced GROOVY AND GRAILStrainers with vast
    real time IT experience in online trainings is
    dedicated towards providing quality training.

  • GROOVY AND GRAILS is an object-relational
    mapping (ORM) library for the Java language,
    providing a framework for mapping an
    object-oriented domain model to a traditional
    relational database. GROOVY AND GRAILS solves
    object-relational impedance mismatch problems by
    replacing direct persistence-related database
    accesses with high-level object handling
    functions. GROOVY AND GRAILS's primary feature is
    mapping from Java classes to database tables and
    from Java data types to SQL data types. GROOVY
    AND GRAILS also provides data query and retrieval
    facilities. GROOVY AND GRAILS generates the SQL
    calls and attempts to relieve the developer from
    manual result set handling and object conversion
    and keep the application portable to all
    supported SQL databases with little performance

  • Enterprises today require agile platform for
    rapid development of applications with ready
    assurance to quality of services, compliance to
    architecture and design standards. Two key things
    influence our ability to be agile. First, its
    the attitude of everyone involved. Second its
    the languages, framework, and tools we use to get
    our work done. 
  • Groovy is an object-oriented programming
    language for the Java platform. It is a dynamic
    language with features similar to those of
    Python, Ruby, Perl, and Smalltalk. It can be used
    as a scripting language for the Java Platform. It
    is dynamically compiled to Java Virtual Machine
    (JVM) byte code and interoperates with other Java
    code and libraries.

  • is an agile and dynamic language for the Java
    Virtual Machine
  • builds upon the strengths of Java but
    has additional power features inspired by
    languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk
  • makes modern programming features available to
    Java developers with almost-zero learning curve
  • supports Domain-Specific Languages and other
    compact syntax so your code becomes easy to read
    and maintain
  • makes writing shell and build scripts easy with
    its powerful processing primitives, OO abilities
    and an Ant DSL
  • increases developer productivity by reducing
    scaffolding code when developing web, GUI,
    database or console applications
  • simplifies testing by supporting unit testing and
    mocking out-of-the-box
  • seamlessly integrates with all existing Java
    classes and libraries
  • compiles straight to Java byte code so you can
    use it anywhere you can use Java

About us
  • Hyderabadsys is one of the leading IT Online
    Coaching in Hyderabad, India. We do not only
    believe in training our trainees We believe in
    real time knowledge and experience so that
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  •     Hyderabadsys trains over 2000 students per
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    Hyderabadsys headquarters in Hyderabad, We
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    you. We have the best faculties who are highly
    proficient skilled professionals in market and
    also certified in their subjects and have gained
    expertise with years of experience in software
    training field.In our virtual classroom, students
    will raise their queries and have discussions
    with alternative participants similarly. The
    student feels as in an real class room.
  •     We have best rated software system coaching
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    because the main objective.

  • Architecture
  • Groovy uses a Java-like syntax which is
    dynamically compiled to Java byte code therefore
    Groovy can seamlessly work together with Java
    code and Java libraries. Groovy with Java make
    Groovy very powerful. When an application needs
    functionality that cant be achieved with the
    existing Groovy libraries, the developer can
    still write Java code to achieve the goal and
    vice versa Java code can be converted to Groovy

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