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Can E Cigarette be a Better Alternative


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Title: Can E Cigarette be a Better Alternative

Can E Cigarette be a Better Alternative
  • Smoking is not approved well by the common
    people. People have various types of opinions
    about smoking. Everyday various types of ways and
    means of smoking are being discovered.

  • E cigarette is one of the wonderful inventions of
    cigarettes which help smoker to quit smoking and
    also fulfill the demand of smoking causing very
    little harms. E cigarettes are in the market for
    about three years.

  • It is a clever medium which has some positive
    sides for the human body. Now in this period, it
    has become very popular device of smoking. It has
    the taste of tobacco as like as the normal
    cigarettes but does not bear the dangerous
    elements for the health like them.

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  • E cigarettes contain no tobacco and harmful
    elements for the human body so that they are not
    banned in the public places. You can take them in
    the car, market, bus, office and some other local

  • You can also take it beside your children because
    it causes no harmful effects to your children
    even it is not banned in the school of your

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  • According to an acceptable research, it is said
    that almost 1.3 million people in Britain are now
    taking E cigarettes. If it is full of dangerous
    elements, it has never been accepted by a big
    amount of people it has never been acceptable in
    the school of your children.

  • A Chinese chemist in 2003 invented the E
    cigarette. Now it has a big market in Britain and
    USA. This cigarette has been accepted in many
    developed countries and the countries which are
    very conscious about health.

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  • Many researches show that E cigarette causes very
    less effect on the human body than the normal
    cigarette. Many famous and knowledgeable
    professors and scientists say positive words
    about this cigarette.

  • Professor John Britton from the Royal College of
    Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group has said 'if
    all smokers in Britain stopped using cigarettes
    and started on e-cigarettes, wed save 5 million
    deaths in people who are alive today.

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  • E cigarette is a better alternative. There are
    some electric cigarettes which does not contain
    vapor and contain liquid nicotine, they are a
    little bit unsafe.

  • But there is no clear document that nicotine
    causes cancer rather it causes high blood
    pressure, heart diseases, brain diseases and some
    other diseases and the positive word for the
    liquid nicotine is that it causes a very little
    harms compared to the nicotine used in the normal

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  • E cigarette is also applicable to the pregnant
    women. It is quite safe whereas normal cigarette
    causes great harms to the mother and the baby. It
    has also many flavors such as menthol and
    research says that these flavors have no harmful
    effects on the human body.

  • It also helps the people from the financial
    aspect. Normal cigarettes need more money than
    the E cigarettes. Generally students are using
    this cigarette more. It helps the students to
    study for a long time without feeling sleepy
    though it has a bad effect but less than the
    normal cigarettes.

  • This cigarette has not been banned yet by the
    health departments of any developed countries and
    the countries which are very conscious about the
    health. Scientists are working to remove the bad
    sides of the E cigarettes.  

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