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Pediatric Denitstry Los Gatos CA - Dental Office Los Gatos CA


Dr. Negari offers all types of Pediatric Dentistry in Preventive Care like Brushing, Sealants, Regular Dental Check up and More in Los Gatos, California. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pediatric Denitstry Los Gatos CA - Dental Office Los Gatos CA

Pediatric Dentistry Los Gatos CA Dr. Negari
Preventive CareBrushing All children need to
brush their teeth at least two times a day, at
night before bedtime, and in the morning after
breakfast. By disturbing and removing the plaque
formation twice a day, parents can minimize or
eliminate their children's potential for decay.
For younger children a parent should brush their
teeth using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. As
the child gets older and you see they have the
dexterity and patience to properly take care of
their teeth, you may give over the task. But do
periodically monitor their care. Toothpaste
should be approved by the American Dental
Association. Toothbrushes should be the proper
size, smaller is better than bigger, and always
use a soft nylon brush in a circular manner. This
will prevent toothbrush abrasion, excessive wear
of the enamel at the gum line. Also a toothbrush
should be replaced when it is worn, bristles
splayed, or after more serious colds, infection,
Strep throat, etc.Infants - Gum pads and teeth
should be wiped off with a gauze or
washcloth.Toddlers - Parents should brush their
teeth twice a day with a very small amount of
toothpaste. Toothpaste has quite a bit of
fluoride in it. If the child is allowed to
swallow it, this can cause white or brown spots
to occur on the developing permanent teeth. Use
toothpaste sparingly with young children.
3-6 year olds - Let them brush, supervise them,
and do the final brushing to make sure all
surfaces of the teeth are cleaned. Also you need
to floss their teeth as they get older as the
posterior teeth get closer and tighter over time.
Make sure they can rinse their mouth so
toothpaste doesn't get swallowed.6 and older -
Continue supervision until you are sure they can
brush and floss properly.Your dentist may
recommend the use of disclosing agents which help
reveal the presence of plaque on teeth. Swishing
with these agents before and after brushing will
disclose the missed areas and motivate your
child.Fluoride Treatment What is
fluoride? The fluoride ion comes from the
element fluorine. Fluoride, either applied
topically to erupted teeth, or ingested orally
(called systemic fluoride) during tooth
development, helps to prevent tooth decay,
strengthen tooth enamel, and reduce the harmful
effects of plaque. Fluoride also makes the entire
tooth structure more resistant to decay and
promotes remineralization, which aids in
repairing early decay before the damage is even
Where is fluoride found?Topical Fluoride is
found in products containing strong
concentrations of fluoride (i.e., toothpastes,
mouth rinses), fluoridated varnishes and/or gels
either topically applied by a dentist or other
oral health professional, or prescribed as an
at-home regimen (particularly for persons with a
high risk of dental caries). Systemic Fluoride
can be ingested through public and private water
supplies, soft drinks, teas, as dietary
supplements, some bottled water supplies. Once
ingested, systemic fluoride is absorbed via the
gastrointestinal tract and distributed and
deposited throughout the body via the blood
supply. What health risks are associated with
fluoride uses?In general, fluoride consumption
is safe. Health risks associated with
Fluoridation usually are limited to misuse and
over concentration. To avoid misuse and over
concentration Avoid drinking overly fluoridated
water - results of this may cause teeth to become
discolored, and may cause the enamel of the teeth
to look spotted, pitted, or stained (a condition
known as dental fluorosis). Avoid swallowing
toothpaste and other dental hygiene
products. Call the local water department and/or
the health department to evaluate the fluoride
level in your local drinking reservoir. Children
are especially vulnerable to dental fluorosis as
their developing teeth are more sensitive to
higher fluoride levels. Consult a pediatric
dentist or other oral health care professional if
you notice changes in the condition of your
child's teeth.

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