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How to Develop Your Employer Brand


| Employer branding can increase the quality of employees, help inspire them to become more productive, and open opportunities to the company that might not have been open before. In short, employment branding addresses many of the costly issues facing businesses today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Develop Your Employer Brand

How To Develop Your
Recruit Top Talent
  • Recruiting top talent is less challenging when
    youve spent time and utilized appropriate
    resources in building a strong employer brand.
    Your employer brand needs to send the message
    that you provide a unique and desirable work
    experience that cant be found at another
    employer in the market.

What Is Employer Brand?
  • Employer brand is the image of your organization
    as a great place to work, with the goal of talent
    attraction, engagement, and retention of existing
    talent. Successful employer branding increases
    the number and quality of applicants, reduces the
    turnover rate among top performers, and increases
    workforce productivity.

Questions To AskYourself
  • Thoughtful consideration of your current brand
    will reveal necessary improvements and shape your
    approach to employer branding.
  • What is the challenge at hand? Do you struggle to
    attract candidates with the right skill set? Do
    you have trouble holding on to exemplary
  • What type of candidate do you want to attract?
  • What tools are candidates using to search for
    jobs and potential employers?
  • What are candidates looking for in a potential
  • What is the candidates experience when applying
    for a position with your company?
  • Why would a candidate want to work for your
    company? What is the current culture? What is the
    desired culture?

  • Listen to the voices of current employees.
    Knowing what an employee tells friends and
    family, or whether they would recommend someone
    for an open position, will reveal worlds about
    the current culture.
  • Ideally, the message will be positive, and you
    can embrace the brand by further promoting it
    throughout the company. If its not, ask what
    needs to change to make it the brand you want.
  • If you claim change is imminent, make it happen
    and prove that it is a work in progress.
    Credibility is easily lost on false promises and

  • Exemplary and experienced workers possess
    critical workplace intelligence that senior
    managers would never be able to provide. Review
    compensation and benefits packages, pay attention
    to employees personal needs, bolster engagement,
    and outline challenging, clear career paths to
    keep talent.
  • High turnover is a sign that something is wrong
    in an organization and negatively impacts the
    bottom line. Retaining an employee is more cost
    effective than hiring and training a new one.
    Find out why people are leaving and use that
    information to make the most impactful changes.

  • Social media presence is important for both the
    presentation of the employer and what employees
    share on social media.
  • Updating a profile page to make sure its
    engaging and accurate is an easy and fast way to
    improve employer brand. If you arent interested
    in reading your own profile and it doesnt
    rekindle your excitement about working for your
    employer, it will also leave something to be
    desired for top talent.
  • You will also ultimately want employees to be so
    excited about their work that they willingly
    share positive stories on social media.

  • Encouraging employees to act as if they are
    entrepreneurs challenges them to think outside of
    the box, and people are most satisfied when they
    feel challenged.
  • Feeling the creative freedom to perform a role in
    a new way or to expand on an existing idea is one
    of the most rewarding experiences for employees.
    This type of effort should be rewarded.

  • Perhaps, most importantly, keeping employees
    happy is critical to maintaining employer brand.
    Employees should feel integral and valuable and
    know their efforts are appreciated. Circling back
    to social media, a dissatisfied employee venting
    online can render your branding progress useless.

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