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Top 10 Reasons To Build A Brand


Top 10 reasons why your business needs to build a brand. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Reasons To Build A Brand

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Top 10 Reasons To Build A Brand
It's been proven time and again that building a
strong, trusted, recognizable brand is the key to
success in any business endeavor. This is
especially true when you're working towards
building an Internet business.
You see, even though the number of people buying
online has increased exponentially in the past
few years, those people are also becoming
increasingly cautious about what they buy - and
from whom!
If you're serious about building a profitable,
sustainable business, you will need to focus on
developing a
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1. Increase Recognition
Think about some of the most successful brands in
the world. Even without displaying the company
name, people still recognize the distinctive
Coca-Cola brand logo. When your brand is easily
recognized, people are more likely to view your
business as being a professional, trusted,
credible, on-going concern.
2. Earn Customer Trust
With so many less-than-reputable sites springing
up all over the Internet, customers are
automatically wary of any website they don't
Yet if your site and your brand can instill a
sense of trust within your visitors and
customers, they're more likely to refer people to
your products. They'll visit your site repeatedly
to see what else you have to offer. And they'll
trust your product recommendations more readily,
3. Build Customer Loyalty
Loyal customers are those who are more likely to
turn into repeat customers at some point in the
future. Building a sense of loyalty in a customer
is much easier when you have a strong brand they
associate with when they're looking to make their
next purchase. Effectively, you're working to
build a kind of emotional attachment for your
brand within the minds of your customers that
will make it difficult for your competitors to
win them over at a later point.
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5. Stand Out from Your Competitors
Even the best websites can get lost among the
billions of sites on the Internet. A customer who
may have previously purchased from you can still
sometimes have difficulty finding the same
website again after a time. Yet, if your brand
is easily recognizable and unforgettable, that
customer will be able to pick out your site again
from among other competitors.
The key is to look for your unique selling point
and work this into your brand in some way. This
can be an especially effective tactic to
differentiate you from the crowd if you're
working in a highly competitive niche.
6. Create Repeat Customers
Past customers are far more likely to become
repeat customers for your products if they know
they're buying from a brand they already trust.
This allows you to up-sell or cross-sell your
other products to them with almost no resistance
at all.
7. Gain Referrals
When a person goes searching for a product online
and finds multiple options to choose from, they
usually end up asking a friend for advice on
which one will be the best choice. Existing
customers are far more likely to refer their
friends to your products and services if you have
a strong brand they associate with being
8. Justify Price Increases
When customers trust that they're always going to
receive the level of quality they've come to
expect, they simply won't mind paying a little
more. This gives you a brilliant justification
for any future price increases you have planned.
9. Reduce Marketing Costs
Launching a new product or referring an affiliate
product to a list filled with existing happy
customers allows you access to your target
audience at minimal cost. Rather than paying
large amounts of money to attract new customers,
you'll already have them right there waiting for
your next product release.
Aside from this, any advertising you do pay for
will have an increased ROI (return on investment)
as more people begin to recognize your brand as
being one that offers great value for money, or
excellent quality, or information they can rely
10. Transfer Value to New Products
The best part about building your own brand is
creating a level of perceived value for any other
products you launch. If your brand is firmly
established, customers will automatically
consider your new products to be of the same, or
similar, quality as any others they may have
purchased already as they're associated with a
brand they know and trust.
With so many positive reasons to consider
building a brand for your business, it's
difficult to understand why so many business
owners avoid this crucial step. Hopefully,
you'll begin working towards establishing your
own brand sooner rather than later. The end
results are definitely worth the effort!
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