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Overview of Cheat at Texas Holdem


How to Cheat at Texas Holdem – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Overview of Cheat at Texas Holdem

Overview of Cheat at Texas Holdem
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How to Cheat at Texas Holdem
  • You remember. Or... perhaps you don't. Before
    2002, most people had never even heard of Texas
    Holdem, much less had any interest in playing.
    Even though the World Series of Poker tournament
    had been going on for over thirty years, it was
    not until the 2002 broadcast of the World Series
    of Poker (and the introduction of the "hole cam"
    to American television) that the public took
    notice. Now, only a few years later, Texas
    Hold'em has taken the world by storm as one of
    the most popular forms of gambling with a deck of
    cards. Convinced that they could learn to play
    like the pros on TV, players have swarmed live
    and online poker rooms to take their shot at easy
    money....and why shouldn't they? To the average
    person, Texas Hold'em seems easy to play (fold,
    call, raise), easy to follow (clockwise action),
    and, well, fair. No matter how tall, how
    athletic, how good looking, or even how
    experienced the player is, he (or she) can sit
    down at the table with the same odds of receiving
    the best hand as the next player. After all, we
    all receive the same cards, right? How hard could
    it be...
  • I assume that if you are taking time to read this
    article, you have earned some stripes playing the
    game. This also means that you know that poker is
    not easy, and that it takes years of study,
    experience, and development to understand your
    game. In recent years, countless volumes of odds
    and strategies have been written to aid the
    honest player. This, in some ways, has created a
    field of tougher competitors. But as in any form
    of gambling that can be influenced by skill, one
    encounters the gifted, the suckers, and
    everything in between.
  • Texas Holdem is a game that draws huge pots, is
    widely played by the public, and is founded upon
    strategic deception. Recognizing this, it is not
    surprising that there are many players willing to
    trade ethics for profits. Because Texas Hold'em
    is played in many different types of venues
    (casinos, poker rooms, private homes, online),
    the scope of opportunities for illicit play is
    very broad. Texas Hold'em play can be divided
    into three main categories

  • 1) Casual Private Games Games regulated by the
    players themselves. If there is not a hired
    dealer, the shuffling and dealing is rotated
    amongst the players.
  • 2) Organized Games Games regulated by a hired
    dealer, such as those found in high end private
    games, poker rooms, and casinos.
  • 3) Online Games Games regulated by an online
    company, and played over the internet via

  • Let's take a brief look at each...
  • Private Games The casual private game is an
    interesting venue. The regulations are often
    relatively lax, and the game is organized around
    mutual trust of those present. In this
    environment, the average person feels comfortable
    allowing his opponents to shuffle and deal.
    However, Texas Hold'em is an ideal game for the
    cardsharp (one who uses his sleight-of-hand
    abilities to know or influence the outcome of the
    game). Not only is it a game built around
    multiple phases of play (providing ample
    opportunities for cheating to occur), but its
    players anticipate the possibility of unlikely
    outcomes, and enjoy Texas Hold'em because of how
    exciting and unpredictable the game can be.
    Combine this with the likelihood that the private
    game is illegal in the first place, and you can
    understand how an individual might start to see
    opportunities for profit that are worth a little
  • The nature of using a deck of cards can be quite
    elusive in itself. When gambling at billiards,
    people have a better chance of telling when they
    are outmatched and should quit the game (unless
    matched against a talented hustler). The same is
    not true when a deck of cards is the source of
    the action. A mediocre poker player relies on the
    fact that he has the same chance to receive the
    best hand as anyone else at the table. Therefore,
    it is very difficult for him to understand his
    disadvantage when against a better player, as he
    tends to feel that Lady Luck is the deciding
    factor. This is the major reason why billiards
    pros can have a hard time finding action, while
    poker pros have lines of suckers waiting to take
    a shot. Know that when a mechanic (i.e.,
    sleight-of-hand expert) sits down at your card
    table, Lady Luck is his best friend. A player
    that does not know he has been swindled will
    quickly hold onto the excuse of an unlucky night.
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