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How to keep your car smelling Fresh


| Keep your car smelling fresh with these tips. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to keep your car smelling Fresh

Keep Your
Everyone loves that new car smell, but after a
while our vehicles usually start collecting
various foul odors. Bad car smells have a number
of causes, and keeping these odors out of your
vehicle requires a variety of common-sense
tactics. Below well take a look at ways to keep
your car smelling like newor at least not like a
toxic waste dump.
  • All those foul car smells tend to get absorbed in
    the seats and other fabrics of the cabin.
    Vacuuming these areas can go a long way toward
    getting rid of the odor problem.
  • Fitting an upholstery attachment on the vacuum
    will help you get into those hard-to-reach spaces.

  • A lot of people are in the habit of lighting up
    cigarettes in the car, but its an undeniable
    fact that smoke lingers inside the vehicle.
    Cigarette smoke has a way of getting into the
    various interior components of your automobile.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the upholstery will help
    eliminate unpleasant cigarette stench.
  • Another strategy is to spray a deodorizer into
    the intake valve of the air conditionerthis is
    another area where smoke tends to collect.

Some drivers notice a gasoline odor inside the
car right after they turn on the air conditioner.
This could indicate a gas leakwhich can cause
problems more serious than just bad odor. The
leak may come from any one of several placesthe
muffler, the fuel injector, and the fuel pressure
regulator are some common culprits. In any
event, this problem should be fixed, preferably
by a mechanic.
  • Dogs and cats just love taking a ride in the car,
    but animal fur often leaves behind an unpleasant
    smell. The problem gets magnified if the animals
    fur is wet.
  • Consider using plastic kennels when traveling
    with the petsthat will keep fur off the seats.
  • In the meantime, existing pet smells can be dealt
    with by using fabric cleaner.

Some people try various perfumes, sprays, and/or
dangling air fresheners to mask bad smells. But
there are several problems with this
approach. These scents only cover up the smells.
Its a temporary solution at best. These scents
can be even more offensive than the problem
theyre supposed to treat.
Many drivers keep extra oil, gasoline, engine
coolant, and other automotive fluids stored in
containers that tend to be left in the trunk for
extended periods of time. If these containers
leak, the smell will likely find its way into the
cabin of the vehicle. Try to keep these
containers tightly sealed. In the case of a
spill, you may have to clean the trunk thoroughly
to get the odor out.
How many times have you rushed to your car
because you suddenly found yourself being rained
on? People tend not to realize that the moisture
they bring into the car doesnt just instantly
evaporateit seeps into the seats and flooring.
This is one cause of malodorous mold in cars.
After a rainy day like this, try to ensure that
your cars interior is properly dried.
Valugard Odor Terminator is an easy-to-use
unscented formula that can eliminate car odors in
no time. Instead of merely covering up odors,
this formula works by chemically altering the
microbes that cause bad car smells. The user
simply sprays a mist all over the cars interior
as well as inside the heating and air
conditioning vents. The formula can also be
added to extractor solutions.
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Bad car smells have a number of causes, and
keeping these odors out of your vehicle requires
a variety of common-sense tactics. Learn the best
ways to keep your car smelling fresh.