How To Avoid The Problem Of Constipation Naturally At Home? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Avoid The Problem Of Constipation Naturally At Home?


This power point presentation describes about how to avoid the problem of constipation naturally at home. You can find more details about Arozyme capsule at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Avoid The Problem Of Constipation Naturally At Home?

How To Avoid The Problem Of Constipation
Naturally At Home?
Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • If I say that constipation is one of the built-in
    problems of people today, I do not think you or
    anybody else will disagree to that because it
    simply is not a fact that anybody can disagree
  • This has become the truth of the peoples life in
    the recent times.
  • What is constipation?

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Constipation, also known as dyschezia or
    costiveness refers to the hard to pass and
    equally infrequent bowel movements.
  • People might consider it a normal problem but
    severe constipation, which may lead to fecal
    impaction and obstipation, that is, the failure
    in passing gas or stool, may even be life
    threatening at times.

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Constipation is not a problem to be ignored or
    considered casually.
  • This is the most basic cause of the painful
  • Reasons of constipation If I say that the major
    reason of constipation is the lifestyle we follow
    these days, then I do not think I would be wrong

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Peoples lives are extremely busy in todays era.
  • We do not have time enough to take care of
    ourselves properly.
  • This has increased to such an extent that eating
    food properly or sometimes eating food at all is
    considered a waste of time and thus ignored
    almost each and every time.

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • These disturbed eating habits are one of the
    reasons of constipation.
  • Categorizing and exploring the causes further, we
    get to know that causes of constipation can be
    basically divided into three groups, namely,
    primary, secondary and congenital.
  • Out of all these the most commonly encountered
    problems are primary which are not life

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Side effects of a medication or the underlying
    medical condition are the major two causes that
    are included in primary.
  • These are different from irritable bowel syndrome
    since it is nowhere associated with the abdominal
  • How to avoid constipation?

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Many medications, nowadays, are available for the
    treatment of constipation. But it is best to
    prefer natural ways to cure such an issue.
  • Arozyme capsules come as a life savior in these
  • This is an effective herbal remedy for the
    treatment of acidity which improves digestion
    naturally while controlling the excess acid
    production naturally.

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • It would be nothing wrong in calling these
    capsules a perfect combination of botanicals and
    herbs which is meant to cure the problem of
    acidity (or hyperacidity) and constipation.
  • Not just constipation, these capsules are said to
    be a perfect remedy for flatulence, hemorrhoids,
    colic and indigestion, which are all related to
    constipation in one way or the other.

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Not just the capsule is effective in curing these
    problems it is also highly capable of
    strengthening the digestive system to an extent
    that these problems stay miles away.
  • The ingredients of the capsule include Ferula
    Foetida (a general herb use in the making of
    Indian food in order to facilitate digestion),
    Ptychotis Ajowan , mint, Gummifera Linn and many
    such absolutely magical, wonderful.

Constipation Herbal Treatment
  • Arozyme capsules, taken two capsules a day (one
    after the breakfast and another after dinner)
    along with plain water cures the problem of
    acidity and constipation within a span of 2 to 3
    months completely.
  • The high efficiency and the fact that Arozyme
    capsules are devoid of any chemicals and thus any
    side effects makes it the ideal solution for

Constipation Herbal Treatment
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