21 ways to feel abundant – even if you have $0 in your bank account right now - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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21 ways to feel abundant – even if you have $0 in your bank account right now


21 ways to feel abundant – even if you have $0 in your bank account right now. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 21 ways to feel abundant – even if you have $0 in your bank account right now

21 Ways To Feel Abundant Even If You Dont Have
Money In Your Bank Account
Why do you want an abundance mindset?
  • Get out of fight or flight
  • Create happier feelings in your body

When youre on your death bed, do you want to
have been miserable?
NO! You want to cultivate an awesome life for
Several types of mindsets
  • Scarcity Mindset
  • Abundance Mindset
  • In between the two

Scarcity Mindset
Is always about trying to cling onto what you
have because youre scared youll lose it, then
youre thinking a bit small mindedly and
definitely not feeling free in your life. Its
very short-term - which doesnt create long term
abundance often feels contracting and upsetting.
Abundance Mindset
When you ask yourself the right questions, you
get the right answers. If you want to think. how
can I make it inevitable that Ill have more
abundance?, you need to be in the mindset of
someone who has it.
Look into abundance mindset as a way to start
shifting your consciousness and attracting more
awesome into your life. Look at it as different
than law of attraction type of person at least
not in the way most people talk about it. The
importance of visualizing what you want, you also
need to do the work to get there, a lot of people
leave that out. When you put yourself in the
mindset of abundance, you start to naturally
think like an abundant person.
Ways You Can Feel More Abundant In Your Life
1 Reframe Your Complaints
If you feel your thoughts shifting to something
like, my car is such a gas guzzler, reframe it
as, I am very grateful to have a car at all.
2 Create Gratitudes
I heard that Oprah used to make a list of 5
things she was grateful for every single day. I
think its a great practice. every day, think of 5
things you appreciate - even if its as basic as
having a roof over your head. A lot of people
dont have that, so this is definitely a blessing.
3 Get Rid Of Stuff
I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it can be
very freeing to just let go of things that no
longer serve you not only does it often feel
better to have a cleaner, more streamlined space,
but it helps you realize that you have more than
enough, with or without specific material things.
It also makes space for even better things to
show up.
4 Do Something That Feels Indulgent
You dont have to spend money to feel indulgent.
You can slowly eat fresh strawberries with
whipped cream, or take a long bubble bath, light
a candle that smells incredible, make a delicious
mug of tea and put some cinnamon sticks in it,
5 Turn Off The News
The news is the most negative, energy-zapping
thing I can think of. All it does is deliver you
terrible news that makes you feel horrible about
yourself. You hear about murders, robberies,
kidnappings I know that people say how will I
know whats going on in the world without it,
but the reality is, the proportion of murders in
the world is a lot less than what the news would
have you think. Youre not getting real,
proportional news anyway. I like
6 Share What You Have
Share some of your knowledge with people who can
use it, or give time to people in need. This
helps you realize that you have some amazing
things that other people could really benefit
7 Look To See How You Can Make Everything A
If you operate from the mindset that there
doesnt have to be a loser in certain situations,
its amazing what will open up to you. The
stories you tell yourself make up your reality.
Make your story that there are ALWAYS win-wins,
and if one isnt immediately obvious to you, you
just need to look harder.
8 Believe That Everythings Happening For Your
Highest Good
If you have that belief, you start to
automatically look for the benefits in
everything, and you feel more protected and
blessed by the universe.
9 Ask Yourself
How can I feel more abundant in this moment? -
you have the answers.
10 Dont Compare Yourself To What Other People
In this world of social media, its so easy for
people to make it look like they have the perfect
lives. nobody has a perfect life. Besides, were
all here for different reasons. please - get
validation from YOURSELF. When you try to compare
yourself to other people, youre in a
constant-lose situation. You can never have
someone elses life because its theirs. Play
games you can win.
11 Dont Look For Short Term Wins
None of this how can i make 30k by next month
if you havent made that much before thats a
short term play that doesnt have you thinking
for long term - and its a big mistake.
12 Learn Something Completely New
When you start learning about brand new things,
you start to realize just how vast the world is,
and how there is so much more than our limited
consciousness can share with us. Go take a
flower-making class, or a beer making class, or
anything you havent done yet, and enjoy learning
about completely new awareness.
13 Do A Morning Routine
I am a huge proponent of Hal Elrods Miracle
Morning book. Listen to my interview with him. He
talks about all different things you can do every
morning to set yourself up with such a
spectacular mindset and feel great throughout the
14 Write Out Everything That Would Happen To
You In Your Ideal Day Of Abundance
What it would be like to wake up, go throughout
the day, who you would see, what it would feel
like, taste like, etc and VISUALIZE it.
15 PLAY!!
A lot of we get in scarcity when were taking
ourselves too seriously. Go listen to Becca
Piastrellis podcast - she has lots of awesome
16 Write Thank You Cards Or Emails
Write to people and tell them how much you
appreciate things youve done for them. It will
make you feel great to think about how people
will feel when they read your card, which will
make you feel great, and then youll also be
realizing you have a lot to thank people for.
17 Leave Reviews
Reviews are SOOO helpful to people - podcasters,
authors, people who have courses and when you
leave positive ones, you can know that your
opinion and your help is really helping someone
else a lot. You can feel like youre making a
really big difference, which helps realize how
powerful you are.
18 Go Out Into Nature
A lot of us are stuck on computers all day. Go
into nature and realize the beauty we have at our
fingertips, all the time.
19 Set A Goal To Do Something That Makes You
Feel Abundant
Check out my book, rachelrofe.com/goalbook. Set a
goal that would make you feel abundant and then
make it happen. The book has a lot of the details.
20 Share How Youre Feeling With Other People
It feels AWESOME to be able to speak your shame,
and when you get support, youll realize that
youre not in this alone.
21 Listen To Positive Music That Makes You
Feel Great
Do you know how you can remember lyrics to songs
you havent listened to in years? Lyrics in music
are incredibly powerful. Instead of training your
brain to remember lyrics that arent so
beneficial, listen to songs that remind you how
amazing you are. Go on Spotify and do a search
for positive playlists. theres a lot out there.
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