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Social Media & SEO: How Your Pages Can Get You to the Top of Search Results (1)


SEO/SEM (search engine optimization/search engine marketing) is a complete industry of its own, and by having social media pages, you will position higher in searches. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Social Media & SEO: How Your Pages Can Get You to the Top of Search Results (1)

Social Media SEO How Your Pages Can Get You to
the Top of Search Results SEO/SEM (s earch en
gine opti mization/search en gine m arketing ) is
a c o m pl ete industry of its own, and b y
having so cial m e dia pages, y ou will position
higher in seaSrEc hOesis. c o m plex, and it
takes in a lot of algorithms, other variables
and ke ywords and the m aj ority of the m will
b e applied to y our website not to y our so
cial networks. However, there are things y ou can
do with y our so cial m e dia pages that will aid
y ou in s earch positioning. Here is what y ou
should know Facebook G o o gle (and all other
s earch engines ) has index ed Faceb o ok pages
in its s earches for a while now. Its si m ple
to spot a Faceb o ok page turn up in the top
results if a c o m pany do es not have a
website or if its Faceb o ok page is extre m
ely popular. When so m e on e is doing a s
earch, G o o gl es algorithms will cho os e a
Faceb o ok pag es categ ory, na m vanity URL and
ke ywords in y our A b out S e ction. S o if y
ou need y our Faceb o ok page to show up in
organic s earches, ensure all the fields m
entioned are filled out properly. Also guarantee
y our page is ver y active. C o m m ents, likes
and shares will absolutely i mpact the s earch
results, although the posts the m s elves do nt
add up. (posts do nt show up in s earches
). Google Having an active G o o gle page
will aid y our business turn up in s earches
(espe cially local searches and if the person s
earching is signed in on G o o gle ). T he su m
of reviews and 1s y our page has will also
influence the results. If y ou are not fa miliar
with the platfor m or dont know how to use it,
at least m a ke sure y our G o o gle Local (old
G o o gle Places ) page is clai m ed that will
put y our business on the m ap and also help
people find y ou. Check-ins When so m e on e
che cksin at y our place using Faceb o ok ,
Foursquare, Yelp or another app, they are not
only notifying their friends where they are,
they are also sending a signal to G o o
gle's algorithm s verifying y our physical lo
cation. T hat is an i mp erative sign for s earch
engines, and it aids y ou c o m e up in lo cal
organic searches. S o ensure all y ou pages are
clai m ed and inspire y our custo m ers to che c
kin. A g o od way to do that is b y putting up a
poster and developing che c kin offers to reward
y our custo m ers that won't only rouse ch e c
kins, but also i mprove loyalty. Geotagged
media Most s mart phones and tablets have a g e
otag attribute that auto matically m arks photos
and videos with the place they are taken at. If
those photos and videos are uploaded into
Instagra m, Flickr or YouTub e, they will s end s
earch engines another indicator of y our physical
position and help with search outco m
e. Reviews T he y are not only assisting
clients fix on where/what to buy, but they also c
ontrol s earch results. T he a m ount of reviews
and their rankings (the nu m b er of stars) will
i mpact which business turn ups first. S earch en
gines like assisting users find g o od business
es, so they won't list organizations with lots of
bad reviews. To work around that, ensure y ou
inquire y our custo m ers to leave y ou reviews
and respond to all reviews left for y ou. SEO
will aid y ou attain viewpoints, and so
cial m e dia will help y ou out to ho ok
up with y our pres ent custo m ers. However,
its how y our custo m ers are entertained
that will help y our business grow up. If y
ou have a g o od business, people will lo cate
y ou.
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