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Easiest Way to Promote Your Brand


See how to make popular your brand, small business, products, company etc. T-Shirt brand marketing is now one of the viral & most effective way to promote any brand. Mail us : stareongroup@gmail.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Easiest Way to Promote Your Brand

Easiest Way to Promote Your BRAND
by Stareon Group Email stareongroup_at_gmail.com
Marketing, branding, raising brand awareness -
its not easy but it is essential to any new brand
in any business, t-shirts or otherwise.   1)
Believe In Your Brand Not so much as a tip I
guess but if you don't believe in it then no one
else will. As a result of this all subsequent
marketing or branding efforts won't be given 100
commitment as you don't believe in them - or,
that's how I roll anyway.100 belief will yield
100 conviction, determination and application -
all vital traits for brand marketing. It will
take time and effort to build your brand, be
ready to sweat.   2)Consistency In everything
you do try have a common trend or a link between
designs. In slogans, colour choice, logos and
images try make it easy for people to recognize
them as coming from one source, one brand.
Further to using the above consistently use them
constantly...anything that you "put out there"
ensure that it has something that links it back
to you, be it web address, logo, slogan, image,
whatever - make sure that if people see it they
recognize it and importantly associate it with
your brand.   3) Suspense and Intrigue Build up a
bit of mystique or intrigue about your brand.
Don't just show your cards from day one but
gradually give nuggets of enticing info that
arouses curiosity in whoever may view it. We,
humans, are curious creatures and are generally
drawn to things that we don't know about, that
intrigue us, that leave us wondering a bit. For
example, Smirnoff Vodka (oh, how we love it) ran
a campaign for Smirnoff Mule which just featured
a plush looking velvet stage curtain on
billboards. WiMax also ran a suspense rousing
campaign that honed it on their target market
4) Catchy and Memorable You want to make it easy
for the viewer/reader to remember your brand. Use
alliteration when writing slogans etc as this
rattles around in our inner ear for a bit. Think
of all successful brand names/slogans, they
rattle around a bit. Prime example would be Coca
Cola (um, with some Smirnoff win). Another way
to make things memorable is to make them
shocking, get a response from whoever views it,
motivate them into looking twice, taking a gasp
or ideally, compel them to view your t-shirt
designs. Also, the brain has 3 main sections
which and a combination of food, sex and danger
seem to spark a response from each region. 5)
Stick ability You want your brand to stick around
don't you? to be able to persist? Try think big
in every aspect of your branding or marketing and
invest time in creating things that won't be
instantly dated due to surroundings or other.
Think of other avenues you can venture down in a
bid to expand your brand - hats, scarves, boxer
shorts?   6) Be Remarkable As Seth Godin says be
the purple cow, be a bit different, be something
remarkable. Its not to dissimilar to being catchy
but instead of going for the majority within a
society be remarkable to a few who truly relate
to your brand, get your brand and you could quite
possibly be good buddies with. These people will
help you find niches or possibly even create
niches for you by getting all of their friends to
like your brand. Brand zealots are a rare
commodity and should be appreciated and thanked.
Ultimately, you want to the purple cow to a few -
watch this video. 8) Persistence Marketing and
forming your brands identity and persona will
take time. There is no overnight solution (not
that I have discovered anyway although I'd love
to find one) for building your brands reputation
so be persistent. Never miss an opportunity to
market your brand but don't overkill it. It goes
back to my very first point really, you have to
keep applying yourself and promoting and pushing
your brand - if you don't do it no one else will.
7) Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) Word of mouth
marketing is getting people talking about you.
Think of what you pass on to your friends? "oh,
there is a deal here" or "I got this for free
from..." or "you should see this brand, so cool"
and 9 times out of 10 you'll act on it, or at
least consider it more because it was told to you
by a friend. Some stat I heard stated that there
is an 89 conversion rate on word of mouth market
versus 12 on standard marketing. So, use
competitions and freebies to stimulate some chit
chat amongst friends. Another key element of WOMM
is managing customer expectations. Customers
inherently have an expectation of what they are
going to get based on price, what you've said and
what they've heard from friends. If you meet
their expectations you get a pass grade and
nothing really happy. If you fall below what they
expect then you will have more than likely lost a
customer. If however you exceed their
expectations they will talk about you, they'll be
happy with the product they have received from
you and will be compelled to talk about you. How
do you try to exceed your customers expectations?
   9) Responsive Ideally what you want is to get
the WOMM machine revved up and in high gear. You
then have to be responsive to what gets said. How
can you use what is said to further your
marketing campaign or branding efforts? What
opportunities are to be had by getting in touch
with people who mention your brand? What if
someone says a negative thing about your brand?
Be responsive and thank those who like your brand
and give them something to talk about. When
receiving negative comments deal with them
quickly and in a nice manner - turn the negative
into a positive.   Source TShirtStrategy Blog
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