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Tips For Wight Loss


Need to lose weight so these are nice Tips For weight loss – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips For Wight Loss

Tips For Weight Loss
3 Reasons Why Green Smoothies are great for
Weight Loss
  • Indeed, no drink or food is a surefire guarantee
    for weight loss. If the amounts of calories you
    take in are still more than what you burn, your
    efforts at weigh loss will be useless. You should
    be able to find a way to consistently burn
    calories by regularly exercising and following a
    healthy diet. Following a healthy diet means
    eating the right kinds of food and drinking
    healthy beverages such as green smoothies.

  • Green smoothies refer to blended beverages that
    contain leafy greens, veggies, healthy fats and
    fruits. Healthy fats include coconut, flax, hemp
    seeds and almonds. Examples of leafy greens are
    parsley, mint, Swiss or rainbow chard, kale and
    spinach. The ingredients actually may vary,
    depending on the individuals preference. Some
    people use all raw, fresh ingredients, while
    others use frozen fruits to create green
    smoothies with a thicker texture similar to that
    of an ice cream. However, the ideal smoothies for
    weight loss usually contain very few ingredients
    such as veggies, fruits and greens alone.

  • They are low in calories.
  • More often than not, the ingredients that are
    used to make green smoothies are a combination of
    whole foods that are low in calories. Thus, they
    are considered as ideal drinks for losing weight.
    Chips and cookies or other high-calorie snack or
    foods can be quite tempting, but drinking green
    smoothies instead of snacking on high-calorie
    foods is a wise strategy to lose weight.

  • They keep you from feeling thirsty.
  • According to experts, most people dont actually
    drink 8 glasses of H2O daily. Some people, if
    not most, like the taste of sweet carbonated
    drinks or high-calorie beverages more than the
    taste of water, so they tend to buy these drinks
    more. Aside from that, most people choose
    beverages or drinks other than plain water to
    quench their thirst. These drinks primarily
    contain lots of sugar and great amounts of
    calories that can lead to weight gain. When
    preparing your smoothie, you can always add more
    H2O into it. By doing this, you will be able to
    drink more water and this will reduce your
    cravings for sweet or high-calorie drinks.

  • They are very filling.
  • The veggies and fruits present in your green
    smoothie are not only low in calories but are
    also high in fiber. As you consistently include
    green smoothies in your daily diet, you will
    gradually lose weight. The USDA claims that
    eating more veggies and fruits can prevent
    overweight and obesity. Furthermore, based on a
    certain research review that was published in the
    2005 Nutrition journal, a diet that contains
    high fiber is important in maintaining a healthy
    weight. Because of the great amounts of water and
    fiber found in green smoothies, they are the best
    examples of drinks that are very filling. They
    will keep you from feeling hungry for long
    periods of time. For this reason, you will have
    the tendency to eat less as your cravings are
    reduced. Thus, many weight losers like to drink
    green smoothies.

5 Advantages of Green Smoothies
  • You must have heard a lot of people talk about
    green smoothies and all their health benefits.
    Why do so many people nowadays love it? What
    makes them become a popular drink these days?
    They are packed with essential ingredients needed
    for optimum health and not only that but there
    are also more advantages in drinking smoothies
    than any other drink. Here are some reasons why
    it is more beneficial to drink green smoothies
    than other beverages.

  • They are easy to prepare.
  • It only takes a few minutes to prepare a healthy
    green smoothie at home. They are also quite easy
    to prepare. As long as you have the equipment
    such as a blender, a pitcher or any container,
    there is no reason you cannot make a healthy
    smoothie for yourself. All you have to do is to
    select the kinds of veggies and fruits you like,
    and after that you can mix them well with the use
    of a blender.

  • They are easily digested.
  • Fiber-rich green smoothies are not hard to
    digest. In fact, since they are liquefied and
    blended, smoothies are quickly digested. This
    means your body does not need to put in so much
    effort to digest it so that the nutrients can be
    extracted. Green smoothies relieve and prevent

  • They are cheap.
  • Buying a glass of smoothie from any juice bar can
    cost you up to 6. However, when you make your
    own green smoothie at home, it will only cost you
    a few cents. Besides, you do not have to spend
    much on your vitamins since drinking a single
    glass of smoothie already contains lots of

  • They come in handy.  
  • After you have made your own green smoothie, you
    can keep it in a container and store it in a
    fridge. You can store it up to twenty-four hours
    or so and drink it anytime you want. You can then
    take the chilled smoothie with you wherever you
    go, be it at work, the gym, the park or on a
    train. You can store your green smoothie in a
    stainless steel or a glass container as this is
    the most recommended storage option.

  • They contain veggies that you would not eat or
    drink alone.
  • Although eating veggies is quite healthy, most
    people still prefer to eat more fruits than
    vegetables. Since vegetables are combined with
    fruits in making green smoothies, you will get to
    eat some vegetables without even tasting them.
    More often than not, the flavor of the veggies is
    somewhat masked by the fruity flavor that it is
    even hard to distinguish the veggies used in
    green smoothies. A green smoothie is not only
    good for adults but also for children. Most
    children dont like, if not hate, vegetables.
    However, they love to drink a cold glass of
    chilled smoothie. The best way to prepare green
    smoothies for kids is to use lots of fruits
    instead of veggies until they become more
    comfortable with the taste.