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IVB7 encoding software detects the hardware unit and directly encodes the video and audio to webcast it through GoriaTech StreamingServer to be viewed through your Video Channel portal. For details visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Live Video Streaming

IVB7 State of the Art Video Streaming
Solution www.
A Brief Introduction of IVB7
  • IVB7 is a Streaming Band-Width Service Provider
    providing dedicated streaming CDNs (Dedicated
    Streaming Server)
  • IVB7 also provides Professional IVB7 Video
    Streaming Software license that has been
    developed by IVB7
  • IVB7 provides License for its own state of the
    art Video Player developed by IVB7
  • IVB7 provides new Innovative Live Video
    Web-portal integrated on cloud Streaming CDN
  • IVB7 Manufactures Innovative HD AV Video
    Streaming Equipments along with Video Receivers
    on cutting edge technology

A Brief Introduction of IVB7
  • IVB7 Provides Equipments with Total solution on
    Webcasting, Webinar, Web TV, Video Conferencing
    Internet video Transmitting Receivers for -
    Corporate, Educational Institutions, Training
    Centers, Business Establishments, Entrepreneurs,
    videographers, Event Managers, Web-Developers,
    Religious Organizations, TV Channels, etc.

Requirements for Webcasting
  • One PC or Laptop with Windows7 Operating System
  • One Video Camera Connected to the system
  • Streaming Software for streaming
  • Streaming CDN ( Streaming Server) that will
    support unlimited simultaneous viewers
  • Streaming Video Player that will show the live
  • Website embedded with live Video player

Webcasting Vs other Video Streaming
Other Types Video Streaming
Video Streaming of Webcasting
  • Webcasting is Broadcasting on the Web
  • In Webcast, the internet speed used for
    broadcast is provided by streaming CDN for its
  • Streaming CDN in Webcast is similar to FM
    transmitter - It is one way video web
  • In Ivb7 Webcast the minimum upload Internet
    Speed required is just 80 to 90 kbps.
  • In Webcast the Internet speed required to
    Webcast will not multiply based on the no.of
  • Webcast is used for broadcasting to more than one
    on the web - Its Applications are used in
    private Training, virtual class room, IPTV,
    Mobile TV etc.
  • Other types of Streaming Include Video
    Telephone, Skype, Google Talk, Surveillance ,
    video encoders, and decoders
  • All the above dont use Streaming CDN.
  • All the above work similar to telephone and
  • In all the above the minimum internet speed
    required to show their video will be 500kbps to
    1 mbps
  • In all the above the internet speed required
    will directly multiply based on the no. of
  • All the above is used in applications for one to
    one video streaming. Like Video Phone, and
    CCTV for surveillance by one or two using the
    local internet.

IVB7 Streaming Process on Cloud
Webcasting of 50 Places
  • 50 webcasting IVB7 CDN Server Accounts are
    provided along with 50 laptops with webcam, IVB7
    Streaming Software, Video Player to webcast
    from 50 places.
  • It will also be provided with Emergency Text
    Messaging Software to webcast Emergency Text in
    case of any problems that will directly stream
    from the CDN once it starts.
  • Operation details for operating the laptop and
    software will be provided to all the 50 operators
    who will operate the laptop and webcast.

Viewing of 50 places by Officials
  • All 50 Places can be viewed in 8 to 10 webpages.
  • All 50 places can be simultaneously viewed by any
    no. of officials with username and password
  • It would be live recorded in the hard disk of the
    laptop and also in the CDN Server.

Test Run
  • We will Test Run all 50 places on the Previous
  • If Required even two days prior to day to the day
    of election.

SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
  • IVB7 has developed all its products on
    emerging Technology also on cloud.
  • IVB7 has developed on the Technology that is
    implemented tested by all the top IT Giants
    Microsoft, Google, etc. in the world today.
  • IVB7 All Developed and Manufactured Under one
  • IVB7 has its own Streaming CDN on Cloud . with
    each of the servers connected to 10,000 Mbps Line
    at various places.
  • IVB7 has developed its own Professional
    Streaming software.
  • IVb7 has developed its own Live Video Player
    for video Streaming.
  • IVB7 has also manufactured its own designed
    streaming hardware specifically for Webcasting
    and it is presently used by thousands all over
    India few all over the world for Webcasting,
    Webinar video conferencing.

SWOT Analysis
  • Weaknesses
  • No Weaknesses

SWOT Analysis
  • Opportunities
  • It would show itself on technology front as the
  • It would stream in very low internet speed. Any
    no. of officials can simultaneously view it from
    any part of India with ease again with
    available internet even on a cell phone.
  • Plenty of additional facilities is provided
    along with the whole project.

SWOT Analysis
  • Threats
  • Webcasting will require Internet of least 70 to
    80 kbps. If internet is totally not available
    then it will be only possible to record on hard
    disk. ( Remedy To have different Data Cards
    of various service providers that would cost
  • If few of the 50 no of persons who handle the
    laptop dont handle the laptop properly
    ( Remedy To have more no.of IVB7 Resources to
    check and take on those persons on Remote
    Desktop operate for them this will solve
    having more IVb7 resources that would also
    cost more as per the quote provided for IVB7
  • Less Coverage Area with WebCam.
  • (Remedy Using External ceiling Mount or
    Wall Mount Video Camera will solve this problem.
    Again the Cost will escalate as per the optional
    Cost provided in the Quote)

  • Broadcast Your Live Program in High Quality.
  • Call Us at 919841088886 to book your slot.
  • CDTECH Innovations Private Limited
  • 95,Pantheon Road,
  • Egmore,
  • Chennai 600008
  • Phone 044-28193174

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