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Can I have Child Support Deducted From My Ex-Spouses Paycheck In Queens?


The Queens Divorce Lawyers Zelenitz, Shapiro, & D'Agostino explain that through the Support Collections Unit in New York, you can have child support taken directly from an individual's paycheck. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Can I have Child Support Deducted From My Ex-Spouses Paycheck In Queens?

Child Support
  • Fall Out from Divorce

Fall Out from Divorce
Divorces are a significant part of the community
which the figures are shocking. There are a lot
of reasons which are linked to the accelerating
rate of the issue. The association of marriage
that was previously considered to last for ones
whole life is currently sometimes survived to be
for couple of hours. But, the divorce process
that normally follows isn't an exciting procedure
for many since there is tidal of emotions and
have an effect on the parties involved in the
worst way. It is even more terrible in case there
are little ones involved as the fall out of a
marriage strike them the hardest.
Fall Out from Divorce
Besides sentimental impact from the divorce
process, there are also elements such as monetary
matters which take a strike. Once a child comes
into the world generally two people are going to
look after them however divorces usually lead
them to divide and thus, making it an option. The
mother or father who gets primary child custody
is often seen to be the monetary and sentimental
assistance but it can make the procedure tougher
as caring for a child after dealing with a
divorce by an individual is never simple. So,
courts choose the perfect path and rule out the
path to be taken that has been usually seen as
the other parent has got to bear part of the
responsibility. The court chooses what each
parent should invest for the child care support
dependant on the situations.
Fall Out from Divorce
In the State of New York, USA, there are plenty
of married couples who go through divorce and
child support process. Though there are
documentation and court orders approved, not all
is attained. There are lots of cases where it's
been seen that the party responsible for paying
child care are unable to maintain their side of
the deal. There are usually a few issues such as
not enough agreement to time specs for payment or
perhaps no payment at all. Different regulators
have different ways of controlling these types of
Fall Out from Divorce
In Queens, New York, USA, there is a Support
Collections Unit that handles these types of
issues. One common question asked is In Queens,
Ny, Do I Have To Hang on For A Check Or Can I
Have Child Support Taken off From My Ex-Spouses
Paycheck? and the answer is yes. The Support
Collections Unit can prepare it to be taken off
from the claimed partys salary should there be
repetitive mistakes with payment or any other
issues. These are problems to take care of and
make choices and so, professional experts such as
Queens Divorce Attorney and Queens Divorce
Attorney should be called for support.
Fall Out from Divorce
Children are usually thought to be the bond tying
countless marital relationships yet if they can't
do it any longer the next smart choice is
divorce. This idea is even determined as an
unhealthy environment with violence and pressure
because of incompatibility more intense. Thus,
the judgement of whether a condition is worse if
divorce process takes place between the concerned
parties or not is almost impossible to decide.
Fall Out from Divorce
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