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House Refurbishment and Renovation Q&A by Fresh Home Builders


Fresh Home Builders who specialize in home renovation, remodeling and building maintenance answer common questions homeowners are concerned about when starting their refurbishment or renovation project – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: House Refurbishment and Renovation Q&A by Fresh Home Builders

UK Home Renovation Questions Answers
  • Kitchen and bathroom for best ROI
  • Eco-friendly building materials for better energy
  • Home renovations popular questions that
    homeowners ask

A Quick Glimpse on Global Home Improvement
Product Sales Market
It is estimated that in 2013 total global home
improvement product sales market rose 4.2 to
171 billion and are expected to increase by 6.5
in 2014 to 182 billion.
Source HIRI/IHS Global Insight
Kitchen And Bathroom Are Among Popular Home
Renovation Projects In United Kingdom
In UK, in last 3 years, new kitchen is the most
popular home renovation project and the most
planned home improvement in coming years new
research shows. New bathroom was second most
popular at 41 followed by new boiler and central
heating at 31.
Kitchen 59 Bathroom 41
Source PropertyWire
Did you know that energy saving improvements add
14 to the average property's worth?
New research has shown that using eco-friendly
building materials to make energy saving
improvements to your property in England could
increase it's value by 14 on average and in some
other parts of the country by up to 38.
Source PropertyWire
House Refurbishment Questions and Answers
Homeowners must answer several important
questions before they begin construction projects
on their homes. These questions are
Why home renovation may be the right choice for
homeowner over new construction?
Many homeowners prefer to renovate rather than
undertake a new construction project for several
important reasons. They may be sentimental toward
their home or simply concerned about their
budget. This project can range from repainting
the walls, laying new flooring, or replacing
outdated appliances with newer models.
What's the best place to start refurbishment
project for best ROI and what costs are involved?
The costs of a renovation can vary. People who
want to lay new flooring should assume that they
will be paying for their material by the square
meter rather than a lump sum for the entire
floor. Supplies like paint brushes, tape, and
hand tools also must be factored into the overall
cost of the project. The best places to start a
house refurbishment project may be the bathroom,
kitchen, dining, and living areas of the home. If
the owner wants to sell the house, these key
areas are guaranteed to catch a potential buyers
eye first.
What is the best season for house refurbishment
and how to ensure your project adheres to
Renovation projects can be done anytime during
the year but people wanting to stay on budget can
find the lowest prices and the widest selection
of supplies during the spring and summer months
times of the year when people usually work on the
insides and outsides of their homes.
General contractors in the U.K. are required by
law to obtain the proper licensing from
government authorities such as the Health
Safety Executive. Regardless, homeowners may do
well to have the final results of their projects
professionally inspected, particularly if the
contractors are new to the business or have had
to make numerous restarts or repairs during the
What is home over-improvement and how it affects
your property?
Renovation projects that cost more than the owner
could hope to recoup if the house sold is
referred to as home over-improvement.
Over-improvement can be avoided by keeping the
project affordable and by avoiding the temptation
to buy top-of-the-line products and extra
accessories for the home.
How will an ongoing home refurbishment project
alter a home owner's day-to-day routine?
Even a simple refurbishment project will alter
homeowners' everyday lives. They will have to
adjust daily routines such as avoiding touching
walls that are currently being repainted, staying
out of rooms that have equipment like saws and
drills in them, and even putting up with noise
from hammering, drilling, and sawing for hours on
end. People can expect reduced privacy as workers
go in and out of rooms and require access to
their houses. They also may be unable to get to
personal possessions stored in their closets,
garages, and other locations that are being
worked on presently.
Move out temporarily or stay put while
refurbishment project is underway?
Indeed, homeowners may wonder if they should even
stay in their homes while the project is ongoing.
If they can tolerate the temporary interruption
of their lives, they would do well to stay put
while the work is ongoing. However, if they
decide to leave temporarily, they could stay for
a few days at a local hotel or bed and breakfast.
They could also stay with friends or family
members until the work is done.
How to be well prepared for unexpected costs
discovered during and after renovation project?
Going over planned budget is something homeowners
should consider and have modest contingency fund
set aside for such situation. As the work begins,
they should be prepared to pay not only for the
materials being used in the project, but also for
other hidden costs that may not be evident when
they first plan their refurbishment. Contractors,
for example, will charge customers for labor
costs and any extra materials, therefore it's
important to have all costs involved outlined in
written agreement. Homeowners also will be
expected to pay for a professional inspection
after the project is completed.
What is the role of the architect and how
important is consultation with him
before commencing the renovation project?
Devising a professional plan of action is vital
when homeowners want to stay within their budget
and ensure their project's total success. Rather
than take on this plan alone, they can work with
an architect who can secure the building permits,
estimate the refurbishment's costs, and also
obtain a final completion certificate once the
work has been done according to his satisfaction.
Architects additionally work as liaisons between
local authorities and their clients to secure an
inspection once the work has finished. They can
help clients abide by the local codes for such
About Fresh Home
  • Fresh Home is a regional construction company
    operating in central, west and north parts of
    London serving clients in both private and public
    sectors undertaking new build, property
    maintenance and refurbishment schemes. Their
    extensive range of schemes embraces all sectors
    within the industry commercial, residential,
    leisure, industrial and general works. Health and
    safety along with client care are paramount to
    their success.
  • With over 8 years of building experience in
    London, specializing in major building
    renovations and house refurbishments, employing
    qualified and reliable tradesmen with guaranteed
    attention to detail, you know youre dealing with
    the experts.