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Pain Management Tampa FL


Find Spine Pain Management, Orthopedic Injury Doctors in Clearwater Tampa FL. Lee Ann Brown specializes in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Pain Management. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pain Management Tampa FL

Welcome to SpinePain Orthopedic Injury Center
  • If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain
    and you are not finding relief else where,
    contact the SpinePain Orthopedic Injury Center
    at 727-210-2225 to make an appointment to meet
    with us.
  • Our SpinePain Orthopedic Injury Center team
    reviews each case, verifying which non-operative
    approach is the best route for each patient.
    Popular traditional treatments like Epidurals may
    be paired with totally new methods of treatment.
    The end goal is always relieving the acute pain
    and working toward clear management of ongoing
    pain levels.

SpinePain Patient Services
  • Discogram
  • A discogram can show if a disc has begun to
    rupture and if it has tears in the tough outer
    ring (the annulus). By injecting dye into the
    disc to increase pressure it can be determined if
    this is the area causing the pain.

Trigger Point Injections Trigger Point Injection
procedure used to treat painful areas of muscle
that contain knots of muscle that form when
muscles do not relax. Many times, such knots can
be felt under the skin, and in some instances may
irritate the nerves around them and cause
referred pain.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. A small vial
of a patients blood is spun in a Centrifuge to
separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other
components. The concentrated platelets are
injected at the site of the patient's injury. The
growth factors that platelets secrete spur tissue
SpinePain Patient Services
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • A spinal cord stimulator is a device that uses
    pulsed electrical signals to the spinal cord to
    control pain. Spinal cord stimulation consists of
    stimulating electrodes, implanted in the epidural
    space, an electrical pulse generator, implanted
    in the lower gluteal region. Spinal cord
    stimulation has notable analgesic properties and
    can be used for complex regional pain syndrome
    and other neuropathies.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) RFA, or rhizotomy,
is used to treat severe chronic pain. Radio
frequency waves are used to produce heat on
specifically identified nerves surrounding the
facet joints on either side of the lumbar spine.
By generating heat around the nerve, its ability
to transmit pain signals to the brain is
destroyed, thus ablating the nerve.
Electrodiagnosis Electrodiagnostic tests assess
the neuropsychological function of peripheral
nerves. It is a method of obtaining information
by passively recording the electrical activity of
body parts, or by measuring their response to
external electrical stimulus.
SpinePain Patient Services
  • Medial Branch Blocks
  • Medial branch nerves are very small nerve
    branches that carry pain messages from the facet
    joints and the muscles around the joints. This
    procedure is a non-surgical treatment that
    relieves pain from a specific facet joint using

Our Physicians
  • Lee Ann Brown, D.O.
  • Lee Ann Brown, D.O. is board certified in both
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain
    Management. She specializes in the accurate
    diagnosis and effective treatment of pain through
    a variety of non-surgical techniques including,
    electro diagnostics, therapeutic exercises, spine
    and joint injections, assistive devices,
    medication and other rehabilitation therapies.
  • " Most painful injuries and disorders can be
    treated without the use of surgery.
  • (Lee Ann Brown)
  • After obtaining her medical degree at West
    Virginia School Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Brown
    completed her residency in Physical Medicine and
    Rehabilitation at Northwestern University. Dr.
    Brown was granted the prestigious William
    Randolph Hearst Fellowship Award at Northwestern
    Rehabilitation Institute in Chicago.
  • Dr. Brown uses the latest in technology and
    advanced treatments in order to restore the
    maximum movement and functionality to her
    patients. She treats and manages chronic pain
    without the risk, expense and recovery time
    associated with surgical intervention.

Our Physicians
  • Gloydian Cruz, MD
  • Gloydian Cruz, MD is Board Certified in Physical
    Medicine and Rehabilitation. A graduate of Ponce
    School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, Dr. Cruz
    completed her residency training in Physical
    Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of
    Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
  • She recently completed her fellowship in
    Interventional Spine at Lags Spine and Sports in
    California where she specialized in
    fluoroscopy-guided spine procedures and
    ultrasound-guided peripheral joint injections.
    Dr. Cruz also performs Electromyography and Nerve
    Conduction Studies (EMG/NCS) to formulate
    individualized patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Dr. Cruz is dedicated to the practice of Physical
    Medicine and Rehabilitation with an emphasis in
    pain management. She believes in a
    multidisciplinary approach to treat pain in order
    to help patients enhance and restore functional
    abilities, independence, and quality of life.

Our Physicians
  • George A. Panagakos, MD
  • George A. Panagakos, MD, obtained his medical
    degree from Medical College of Wisconsin and
    completed his residency training at Emory
    University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is double
    board certified in both pain management and
  • Dr. Panagakos has served as Chairman of the
    Department of Anesthesiology and Director of Pain
    Management Services at Morton Plant Mease
    Countryside and Dunedin Hospitals. He has
    successfully treated patients in the Tampa Bay
    Area for over 20 years and has been featured on
    local news channels discussing the latest
    interventional pain management treatment

  • Primary Office Contacts Email
  • Tampa
  • 4700 North Habana Avenue, Suite 505,
  • Tampa, FL 33614
  • Phone 813-875-2225
  • Fax 813-875-2240

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