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Can Fun Games Online be good for your Children?


If you are unsure whether online fun games are good for your children, then you’re at right place. Here you’ll find detailed information on interactive educational games online. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Can Fun Games Online be good for your Children?

Can Fun Online Games be good for Children?
  • 15.9 Billion- is the amount spent by parents on
    games in 2010
  • 50 Billion Hours- is the time collectively spent
    on the online game World of Warcraft. This equals
    to 5.7 million years
  • 52 - Is the percentage of parents who believe
    that video games can play a positive role in
    their childs life
  • 93 - Is the percentage of parents who pay
    attention to the content in the games that their
    children play
  • Source
  • The Wall Street Journal and The Entertainment
    Software Association
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  • University of California, San Diego reported in
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  • The Entertainment Software Association- 2013
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  • Common Fears Misconceptions Associated with
    Playing Video Games
  • Aggression Although aggression among children
    addicted to video games isnt ruled out, studies
    have proved that this is found among those who
    are left un-monitored or play excessively
  • Social Isolation Children who play continuously
    may withdraw from society and remain glued to
    their games. This again can be controlled by
    regulating the time spent on video games or by
    drawing their attention to fun and interactive
    educational online games
  • Confusion Between Reality and Fantasy Games may
    encourage children to live in a make-believe
    world. But the right games can help parents teach
    children about real world problems like smoking,
    alcoholism, drug addiction, social media
    addiction, etc.

  • Benefits of Playing Fun Online Games
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and spatial skills
  • Teaches resource planning, strategising,
    anticipating problems, quick thinking, etc.
  • Teaches multitasking
  • Develops math and reading skills especially among
    children with learning problems
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases Social Activity- Games are one of the
    biggest conversation starters for children

  • Challenge of keeping students motivated and
    engaged whilst teaching can addressed through
    video games
  • Games offer stealth learning opportunities
    Prevents boredom and monotony witnessed through
    text book teaching
  • Animated, interactive and story based Promotes
    student participation
  • Collaborative Effort Children whove mastered a
    game can encourage and teach peers
  • Instigate learning Games can help make children
    feel theyre playing rather than learning a set
    curriculum. This can be especially helpful when
    teaching history, mythology, ancient literature,

  • How to Protect Children from Adverse Effects of
    Online Games
  • Check the content of the game and its target age
  • Educate about the dangers of playing online games
    with strangers on Facebook or other sites
  • Set time limits even if the games are beneficial
    for your children
  • Encourage children to play in groups

  • Different Types of Games
  • 3D Virtual World Games Games based on imaginary
    or real world
  • Web based online games Games designed for short
    time duration. Less opportunity for interaction
    with strangers
  • Online PC games Games can be downloaded and then
    played. Performance often dependent upon graphics
    card quality.
  • Console based games games played by connecting
    to a console like Xbox, Playstation, etc.

  • Fun Interactive Games Offered by You Vs The World
  • School Program Curriculum designed for a
    globalised world. Teaches about pastoral care,
    basic subjects such as history, geography,
    science and math
  • Parent Child Program Parents can teach
    children social skills and educate them about the
    dangers of negative peer influence through the
    childs game playing
  • Story Based Games Players have to help
    characters in the games to win by overcoming
    inhibiting traits such as laziness, peer
    pressure, etc.

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