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Clarity, the Master Key to Success


Everyone you know wants it. Men, women, young and the old.  For more Information Visit : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Clarity, the Master Key to Success

Clarity, the Master Key to Success
  • Everyone you know wants it.Men, women, young and
    the old. 

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Success You want it Everyone you know wants
it. Men, women, young and the old. Weak and the
able, rich and poor, everyone wishes for success.
However, few believe they have it, most never
even recognize it. People are seeking it at the
workplace, at home and in society. They chase it
at the gym, with friends and with strangers.
They wish to have it on their own, with the help
of a coach, with the help of their teams, maybe
with their family. Success for self, success
for others, for everyone.
Now you have it, Now you dont
Success is a badge you wish to earn, that
approval from society, a certificate of your
worth. An identity to cling to, a name you can
answer to, a joy to justify. 
When you believe you have it, your head is held
high. Your eyes shine, you have a spring in
your step, a song in your heart, a smile on your
face and ideas in your mind.
You feel unstoppable, incredible, on top of the
world. And when you believe you dont, you feel
the weight of the world, alone, tired,
lost Does this sound familiar? Does it have to
be this way?
Know it, before you chase it
In a world overflowing with judgments, be
selective in looking outward for validation.
Yes, opinions matter. 
Opinion gives you perspective, helps you improve
however, treat it as just that, an opinion, dont
let it dictate every step of your life. Begin by
understanding what success means to you and then
go after it.
Be specific, be realistic, observe your smaller
successes before aiming for bigger ones.
Acknowledge them, learn from them and keep
Success can come from starting something small,
something simple, something new, improving just a
little bit every day.  It can even come from
picking up useful lessons, working with a coach,
experiencing something interesting.
Overcoming a challenge, helping someone heal, the
list is endless Success in the simplest of
terms is a sense of achievement and
So stop waiting for approvals, look within,
identify and appreciate success that already
exists and then build on it.
Look beyond the glitter
What does success look like to you? A powerful
CEO, that famous rock star, your favorite sports
icon, the ruling cinema queen?
What about the kind teachers who educated
you. The hard working maid who tirelessly cleans
your home. The caring doctor who brings you
relief, knowledgeable writers who inspire
That techie whiz kid, that child prodigy, the
energetic new entrepreneur Who else do you
believe is a picture of success? What can you
learn from them?
Gather many perspectives, broaden your horizon,
open up to new ways of looking at things. Points
to Ponder Is success to you fame, fortune, both?
Is it your title, your pay slip, a bigger car, a
swanky new home, larger bank balance? Is it more
confidence, ability to speak up for yourself,
courage, greater peace of mind?
Is it fun, freedom, control? Is it meaning,
purpose and a sense of fulfillment in life? Is
it having more answers? Is it having it all?
Think, get clear and then pursue. Flaming
enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and
persistence, is the quality that most frequently
makes for success. Dale Carnegie
Questions that can help you gain clarity
1.What must happen for you to believe you are
successful? 2.When do you think that will happen?
3.What must you do to make it happen? 4.When
will you begin? 5.Who can help you? For More
Such Updates Visit http//