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Customer Relationship Management System Software


AppNET Group Developed Customer Relationship Management System software.CRM,is an essential part of modern business management.CRM concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Customer Relationship Management System Software

  • Customer Relationship Management System

AppNET Group
  • What is CRM?
  • What benefits does it provide
  • companies?
  • People and CRM ?

What is CRM?
  • CRM is an essential part of modern business
  • Customer Relationship Management concerns the
    relationship between the organization and its
  • Customers are the lifeblood of any organization
    be it a global corporation with thousands of
    employees and a multi-billion turnover, or a sole
    trader with a handful of regular customers.

business strategy that enables
  • Understand the customer
  • Retain customers through better customer
  • Attract new customer
  • Win new clients and contracts
  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease customer management costs

How CRM is Used Today....
  • Customer relationship management solutions
    provide you with the customer business data to
    help you provide services or products that your
    customers want, provide better customer service,
    cross-sell and up sell more effectively, close
    deals, retain current customers and better
    understand who your customer are.
  • Organizations frequently looking for ways to
    personalize online experiences (a process also
    referred to as mass customization) through tools
    such as help-desk software, email organizers and
    different types of enterprise applications.

The Impact of Technology on CRM
  • Technology and the Web has changed the way
    companies approaches CRM strategies because
    advances in technology have also changed consumer
    buying behavior and offers new ways for companies
    to communicate with customers and collect data
    about them.
  • With each new advance in technologyespecially
    the proliferation of self-service channels like
    the Web and smart phones, customer relationships
    is being managed electronically.
  • Many aspects of CRM relies heavily on technology
    however the strategies and processes of a good
    CRM system will collect, manage and link
    information about the customer with the goal of
    letting you market and sell services effectively.

Benefits of CRM
  • The biggest benefit most businesses realize when
    moving to a CRM system comes directly from
    having all your business data stores and
    accessed from a single location.
  • Storing all the data from all departments(e.g.
    sales, marketing, customer service and HR) in a
    central location gives management and employees
    immediate access to the most recent data when
    they need it.
  • Departments can collaborate with ease to CRM
    systems and it helps and organization to develop
    efficient automated process to improve business

It also...
  • Is a fast way to identify and handle potential
  • Tracks all points of contact between a customer
    and the company.
  • Provides all employees with product specs,
    product use information and technical assistance.
  • CRM quickly manages the scheduling of follow-up
    sales calls to assess the satisfaction of
    customers and their repurchase probabilities
    (when and how much).

CRM leads to...
  • Identifying prospects and helps them become
  • Closing sales more effectively and efficiently.
  • Allowing customers to perform business
    transactions quickly and easily.
  • Providing better service and support following a
  • Which Customer Service!!

Customer Service
  • Helps make call centres more efficient.
  • Aids in cross and up selling products.
  • Cross Selling Provide additional
  • Up Selling Upgrade existing products/services.
  • Helps sales staff close deals faster.
  • Simplifies marketing and sales processes.
  • Allows companies to discover new customers.

Customers Enquiries
Components of CRM
  • Login Form
  • Master
  • View
  • Accounts Reports
  • Setting
  • Reports

Sales report
Advantages of CRM
  • CRM offers the advantage of gaining customer
    loyalty. As stated above, loyality is less
    costly for a company and the loyal customer
    becomes a professional recommendation of the
    company and its services. Furthermore, the
    company can promote the work it has done for its
    customers in order to approach prospects. It is
    always more convincing to present a work carried
    out rather than to rely on our own theoretical
  • A good CRM associated with a good tool ensures
    companies to have a good view over the list of
    customers and prospects, to know where it stands
    with relationship management, when to contact
    them again, etc. Furthermore, an improved
    customer and prospect insight ensures a better
    and more targeted communication.
  • CRM also ensures enhanced productivity. By
    fostering customer's loyalty, the company spends
    less time acquiring new customers and saves then
    time on other projects.

Software Requirement
  • Language C, SQL, JavaScript
  • Technology 4.5 Frame work
  • IDES Visual Studio 2010

Hardware Requirement
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Disk 500GB

People and CRM
  • Successful and effective Customer Relationship
    Management people tend to display the following
    key characteristics
  • positive attitude
  • people orientation
  • organizational skills
  • analytical skills
  • customer focus (natural empathy)
  • understanding of the link between CRM and
  • On the subject of empathy Empathy is about
    understanding, not necessarily agreeing.
    Effective customer focus enables the organization
    and its staff to see both sides, and to work with
    the customer to arrive at a mutually satisfactory
    and sustainable solution. Agreement alone amounts
    to capitulation, which is neither practicable nor

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