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ISO 22000 and Food Safety Management System


Learn about ISO 22000 designed and developed by International Organization for Standardization and food safety management system. This presentation cover topic introduction of iso 22000, requirements, benefits and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ISO 22000 and Food Safety Management System

Learn About
ISO 22000 and Food Safety Management System
What is Food Safety System?
The Food Safety Management System provides a
preventative approach to identify, prevent and
reduce food-borne hazards. This is to minimize
the risk of food poisoning and to make food safe
for consumption. A well designed FSMS with
appropriate control measures can help food
establishments comply with food hygiene
regulations and ensure that food prepared for
sale is hygienic and safe for consumers.
Food Safety Management System
What is ISO 220002005
ISO 220002005 is an international standard that
provides requirements for organization of Food
Safety Management System. Its a part of a family
of standards printed by the International
Organization for Standardization typically said
conjointly because the ISO 2000 series. There
area unit variety of standards that organizations
within the food business might get to meet so as
to supply assurance on food safety matters.
Additionally, owing to the multiplied world
demand for safer food, there continues to be a
spread of alternative initiatives which may end
in a big duplication of effort for organizations,
and conjointly in associated multiplied prices.
It clearly is sensible to possess only 1 standard
that is internationally recognized. As a result,
the coalition for standardization has developed
the ISO 220002005 Food Safety Management Systems
Food Safety Management System
Specifies Requirements of ISO 220002005
  • Plan, implement, operate, maintain and update a
    food safety management system aimed toward
    providing product that, in line with their meant
    use, area unit safe for the buyer.
  • Demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory
    and restrictive food safety needs.
  • Evaluate and assess client needs and demonstrate
    conformity with those reciprocally united client
    needs that relate to food safety, so as to
    reinforce client satisfaction.
  • Effectively communicate food questions of safety
    to their suppliers, customers and relevant
    interested parties within the organic phenomenon
  • Ensure that the organization conforms to its
    expressed food safety policy.
  • Demonstrate such conformity to relevant
    interested parties.
  • Seek certification or registration of its food
    safety management system by Associate in Nursing
    external organization, or create a
    self-assessment or self-declaration of conformity
    to ISO 22000

Food Safety Management System
Elements of ISO 22000
  • System management through integration of
    processes and persons responsible for food safety
  • Interactive communication with suppliers,
    customers, consumers and public authorities
  • HACCP and preventive programmers as the
    pre-requisites for certification
  • Validation and verification through suitable
    record-keeping procedures

Food Safety Management System
Planning and Realization of Safe Products
  • All relevant info required to conduct the hazard
    analysis shall be collected, maintained, updated
    and documented.
  • The food safety team shall conduct a hazard
    analysis to work out that hazards got to be
  • A mixture of management measures shall be place
    in situ and managed through pre requisite
    programmers and/or by HACCP plans.
  • Traceability systems can got to be enforced to
    change the identification of product lots/batches
    back through to raw materials and delivery
    records within the event that recall or
    withdrawal is secured.
  • There shall be procedures in situ to handle
    doubtless unsafe merchandise, withdrawals,

Food Safety Management System
What is ISO 22000 Documents Requirements
  • The ISO 22000 food safety system total
    documentation package includes all editable
    documents in word and fast transfer from our
    internet site as listed below and it's ready by
    our experienced food safety advisor for ISO
    22000. Our free sample DEMO offers list of all
    the documents needed for ISO 22000 food safety
    system and it's smart guide for implementation of
    ISO 22000 food safety system.
  • ISO 22000 2005 food safety procedures to
    satisfy ISO 22000 requirements
  • ISO 22000 and HACCP Food safety Manual and
    sample food safety policy and macro level system
    for the way to implement ISO 22000 needs in
    additional than fifty pages
  • Set of quite twenty five sample customary
    operational procedures and work directions
  • Set of normal forms and HACCP food safety record
  • A question bank of audit list queries as per
    HACCP and ISO22000-2005 standard

Food Safety Management System
ISO 220002005 Benefits Everyone
  • Ensuring safe food
  • Reducing food borne diseases
  • Better quality and safer jobs in the food
  • Better utilization of resources
  • More efficient validation and documentation of
  • Techniques, methods and procedures
  • Increased profits
  • Increased potential for economic growth and

Food Safety Management System
To get more information about effective ISO 22000
certification requirements and implementation of
Food safety management system visit this blog
Food Safety Management System