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How to clean wood and care for Wooden Furniture


A guide on caring for wooden furniture, including wax and polishing as well as ways to keep your furniture clean. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to clean wood and care for Wooden Furniture

How to Clean Wood and Care for Wooden Furniture
  • When purchasing any kind of furniture, it is
    always helpful to know how to give each piece the
    best possible care whether it is made out of
    wood, leather or metal as well as various other
    materials. The basis of this article is to give
    you tips and tricks on how to clean wood and care
    for wooden furniture such as Oak, Pine and Timber.

Before you learn how to clean wood and look after
your wooden furniture it is important to know
about the wood you are cleaning and to look to
see if the furniture had any special instructions
about how to clean and care for it, such as
products to avoid using on it.
Using Polish
How to Clean Wood Wooden Furniture Care
  • Wax Polish is a very popular method and is
    readily available. However, this is not essential
    and should only be used if used correctly.
    Firstly, only wax polish should be used no spray
    or silicone polishes and you must use the same
    wax polish every time or you risk ruining your
    wooden furniture.
  • Secondly is the actual application of polish. You
    should only apply wax polish once over a year, or
    at the most twice. You should wipe down the item
    with a damp cloth and apply a small amount of
    polish using a duster, brush or cloth. After
    applying the polish, dont wait too long to wipe
    the surface with a clean brush or cloth as it may
    be harder to polish off and could leave marks.

An example of polishing wood with a cloth
Image Courtesy of Planet Forward who also show an
eco-friendly way to make your own wax polish,
helping to save you money and the environment.
  • Although Polishing is helpful yet not essential,
    it is very important that you at least dust and
    clean your furniture, preferably once a week. It
    can be dusted with an average cloth and then
    cleaned with a cloth that has been in warm water
    and a small amount of dish soap. However, be
    careful not to drench the cloth, it should be
    damp/moist but not soaking. Finally any tight
    gaps or crevices use an old toothbrush or
    paintbrush to get into these harder areas.

General Care
  • Other things to think about include keeping
    furniture out of direct sunlight whenever
    possible to avoid any fading or long lasting
    damage and to use fabrics, coasters and cloths
    when placing anything upon your furniture. These
    can also add some charm and colour to your home
    as well as protecting your furniture from plates,
    ornaments, drinks or vases leaving a mark.
  • Finally, be careful with certain objects around
    your wood furniture and try to avoid heat,
    chemicals and sharp objects. This can include,
    hot drinks, alcohol, solvents, plastic and you
    should always lift items instead of sliding them
    along wooden furniture.

Table showing coasters and napkins protecting the
The above table is the Lulworth Extending Dining
Table also available with multiple chair options.
It shows how you can use coasters, plates and
napkins to protect your oak tops.
  • We hope you enjoyed this piece on how to clean
    wood and wooden furniture care as well as picking
    up a few handy tips. Keep your eyes on this blog
    in the near future for similar guides on how to
    clean and care for leather, metal and glass
  • However, if there is any other information you
    would like on furniture care in the meantime, or
    any specific issues you may have e.g. a certain
    stain then please dont hesitate to ask us via a
    comment below or alternatively through our
    Twitter Account.
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