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social media los angeles


Choosebsg offers site outline, web showcasing, site design improvement (Seo), social media and systems administration, Search Engine Marketing (Sem) for Long Beach California, Orange County and Los Angeles. Visit Us: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: social media los angeles

ChooseBSG offers website design, web marketing,
search engine optimization (SEO), social media
and networking, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for
Long Beach California, Orange County and Los
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The Most Hunted the Most Wanted Way of
Social media are web sites to use internet to
make connection with family, friends and
relative. Social media site are not necessarily
only for meeting with new people but its also a
source of marketing of new brands, sharing
information, and new ideas, and gaining
knowledge. Researchers have shown that about 25
new customers are magnetized through theses
social media. The most renowned social media web
sites are face book, Twitter You Tube etc
Marketing programs have become 63 more effective
after using social media. The owner of Small
business, or the business which were on their
initial stages or start ups, or those business
who have constrain of time and resource are
coming towards social media site to get promoted.
As well as larger companies are coming to use
this marketing strategy to boost up their
Social media is way of interaction which is
internet based. Through this mean of interaction
people just cannot communicate with each other
but also can share information, videos, pictures,
audios free of cost. Some of most popular social
media websites are Face book, twitter, YouTube,
Blogger Wikipedia etc.
Internet and these social media web sites has
changed the life styles of people like now they
can do online buying, researches, sharing new
happing on different sites and can get updated.
It has also allowed common man till large
organizations to interact with a large amount of
people at the same time.
The history of theses social media starts from
1996 in united states, the first dial-up
technology was introduced by a company named
CompuServe and remained a major player till mid
1990s. The first e-mail was delivered in 1971,
and in 1978 a bulletin board system was invented
by two Chicago students, through which people can
inform, and share information through postings.
Then in 1984 second largest online service
providers were appeared by the name prodigy
online service. But then they sold their dial up
connection to World Wide Web.
Then in after many inventions and creations and
recreations, inventions and struggles in 1998
Google opens as a major internet search engine
which is still known to be the largest internet
search engine. Then in 2001 Wikipedia came which
is known to be a great online encyclopedia
worldwide. Face book another social media
networking web site was launched in 2004.and then
in 2012 more and more people were connected to
the internet.
It is estimated that the users of internet would
be double in 2015. Finally in 2015 the social
medias like YouTube are the topped one billon
monthly users with four billion views per day.
Face book users have reached to 1.11 billion.
Twitter had 500 million registered users etc.
Importance of Social media
Billions of people around the globe use Social
media to share information, having
interactions and making connections. Basically
on a personal or individual level Social media
allows us to communicate with our friends and
family, learn and share new and innovative things
and information and to be entertained. And on
professional level it helps to build up your
professional knowledge by connecting with
professionals in your industry and at a company
level you can get feedback through your customers
and audience.
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And evaluate your product and services through
using these social media even you can strengthen
your relationship with your customers too through
giving them quick responses against their
complaints and suggestions. Social media
companies are also a source of free advertising
so why not to take advantage of it!!...
We can also make brand awareness and create brand
image into the minds of our customers before
launching of that product too through social
media. And can get feedback and responses from
our target customers too.
Significance for small business
Today small businesses are using Social media
to promote their products and services. Then
there are two things which we have to manage side
by side. Social media engagement Servicing
engagement Social media engagement deals
with the brand management and awareness and
connections with the customers while servicing
engagement deals with troubleshooting problems.
Social media engagement deals with the brand
management and awareness and connections with the
customers while servicing engagement deals with
troubleshooting problems.
1. Branding
Social media can be very help full to make or
break the identity of any brand. And this is
extremely important for small business to make
their good brand image for successive promotion
of their brands.
2. Word of mouth Social media
Good word mouth is very important to make a
positive image in to the market. As through
Social media people are connected with each
other so more than 80 of online marking is based
upon Social media.
3. Reputation Management
Social media, make you aware of your market
position that what other people and sites are
saying about your brand and company. You can fix
those problems if needed. You can make forms like
FAQ (frequently asked questions) on these social
medias so that you can sort out the queries more
gently, and polity to earn the trust of the
customers. And you can find out what strategy,
product or service works or what does not.
Importance Of Social Media For Large Business
Larger companies are also using Social media
to promote their brand like smaller business.
This is shown by a research that companies have
increased using blogs by 5, twitter is using for
the purpose of corporate browsing. In 2011 the
use of face book is increased up to 8.
With the growing activities, Social media sites
provide a way of keeping in touch with friends,
relatives and business associates. Social media
sites also allows organizations to bust up there
business through Social media campaigns, feed
backs, suggestions, etc.
Its also a great source for larger ad smaller
business to create brand image, its cost and time
effective, and marketer can target there market
more accurately and they can also know about what
there costumers demand is, what their customers
actually wants in their products or services.
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